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I've been getting into Seth's teachings a lot lately, but tonight I ran a search on my computer for a document about Seth and a dictionary entry came up:

Seth |seθ| (also Set) Egyptian Mythology
an evil god who murdered his brother Osiris and wounded Osiris's son Horus. Seth is represented as having the head of an animal with a long pointed snout.

This really freaked me out and I wasn't expecting it.  Why would Seth choose such a name?  Is he really this evil god?

Edited to add:  Okay, I looked up information on the deity with this name (which is usually spelled Set).  It turns out that he wasn't originally considered an evil god at all, but was demonized by followers of Horus with an agenda.

Still, why would this channeled Seth choose that name and say that it's who he's trying to become (or something along those lines)?  Was he thinking of the god?

I don't know what to think.  I want to trust him, but I'm still worried.

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What do you see to worry about? Does anything Seth says resonate as coming from an "evil" source?

Don't attach significance to a similarity in the sound or spelling of a name that first of all is quite common, and second of all was mutually agreed upon between Jane and the Seth energy.

If you're into the Seth material like you say, you already understand that names mean nothing, so why obsess over it?
Ok, think of how many 'Seth's' their are out there. The name Seth is also in the 'bible'.

Word of advice, when you google things, remember your getting alot of information, some true some not true.

Does Seth seem to be teaching anything evil? Anything that will hurt or harm others?

Well put, Joe :-)


The best advice regarding "advice" that I've ever seen comes from Buddha, and I quote this frequently because it resonates as a sound philosophy:


"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, nor who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."


As this applies to names and labels and identification tags and so forth . . . you are free to assign any definition you wish to any particular moniker.  But remember that how you define a thing determines what meaning it has for you, and that in turn determines what effect you get from it.


So if you identify a particular name as having a Negative connotation, a Negative experience of it is what you're bound to get :-)


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