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I have three message on the subject:

Seth-Jane Roberts quotes on using the Pendulum


(Session 40.) I would like to make a brief note about Ruburt's [Jane's] attempts with the pendulum. On serious matters involving your present time, what is going on at any particular moment, the pendulum can be counted upon as giving valid information from the subconscious. For other matters a light stage of hypnosis is necessary at this time, and a very careful phrasing of questions. The pendulum is responsive to unconscious muscular speech and does give answers from the subconscious. We are involved in something much deeper. Ruburt's subconscious on its own is simply not capable of arriving at the knowledge that you are getting in our sessions.

(Session 59.) Ruburt is quite free to use the pendulum. This involves something that has nothing to do with me, but is a fairly reliable method of reaching the subconscious. As a rule the answers are dependable, and this is all I will say.

(Session 152.) The pendulum is an excellent manner for reaching the personal layers of the subconscious. Unless a trance state is adopted, it is much less effective as a manner of reaching those layers that lie, so to speak, beneath the personal subconscious. For practical purposes it is excellent policy to check often with the personal subconscious through use of the pendulum.

(Session 152.) When you purchased attire, testing it out first with the pendulum would actually be very effective. The pendulum ideally would be held above the garment in question. The point would be to discover the reaction of the subconscious. Believe it or not, the personal subconscious is extremely sensitive to color, and to certain vibrations given off by color and by fabrics. It responds to the clothing you wear, to the clothing worn by others with whom you come in contact. This applies particularly to color; and also it responds strongly in a positive or negative manner to natural fabrics, such as wools and cottons.

("Can you tell us good colors for Jane and me?) I was going to suggest, for practice, that you yourselves find out from the pendulum. I would like you to become familiar with the experience of conversing with this portion of your own personality. I would like you to become intimately aware of this not-silent partner. This experience will be most beneficial. It will enable your present personalities to operate in a much more enjoyable esthetic, psychic and practically efficient manner. As you realize, I have little to do with the personal layer of Ruburt's subconscious. It is merely something through which I pass.

(Session 152.) There are many small beneficial ways to use the pendulum, if you work with it seriously. It may be held over certain foods to see if you may be allergic to them. These are indeed questions that I could answer for you, but again, I prefer that you establish this intimate working relationship with your own personal subconscious. The experience itself will be of great value. Later you will not need the pendulum. The habit of communication will then operate without it. All the information, for example, that I gave you earlier, very much earlier, concerning say your refrigerator, and the unsuitability of its location at that time, such details could have been received through the pendulum. There are also for example, times of the month when you are both more actively inclined toward various activities, and less inclined toward others. Such periods can be discovered through the pendulum.

(Session 152.) The ego thwarts the subconscious often out of mere perversity, to prove its superiority. You might also ask the pendulum, or the subconscious through the pendulum, about the times of the month, if any, when you may be more open to psychic phenomena. But here, check with me concerning the answers that you receive. Such easy communication with the subconscious will also allow the subconscious to be more flexible, in allowing various information through to the ego from the deeper layers of the whole self As a further benefit there will be increased joy, and a feeling of oneness with the self, and with reality in general.

(Session 155.) Ruburt may trust the pendulum, although care should be taken as far as predictions are concerned, though with training the pendulum will give valid answers to predictions. . .

The pendulum can be used to check predictions, although such a study will involve long-term experimentation. Any material proof of this sort is extremely difficult, since oftentimes you pick up a generalized picture of coming events, so to speak, and the words that you use are so literal that they cannot convey the whole picture sufficiently enough so that validity can be proven, in your terms. By all means continue.

(Session 156.) Your experiments with the pendulum are quite helpful to you, in that the subconscious is allowed, through its own action, to make itself more readily available. Your own conscious awareness is increased because you are then aware of inner actions with which the conscious mind had not been familiar. Here we have a coming together of actions, a joining and an immersion of one action within another: the action of the subconscious in answering questions put to it by the conscious mind, (use brain rather than mind), and the acceptance, which is itself action on the part of consciousness, of the answers received.

(Session 157.) It is not advantageous for you to work with the pendulum over a half-hour per day. A daily routine involving a half-hour's work with the pendulum will do you good.

Further work with it at this time turns to an introversion with the personal subconscious, and an over involvement with it as far as overall focus is concerned. The half-hour is sufficient and beneficial. A deeper involvement however at this time serves to focus your energies in a bunch, so to speak, in the personal subconscious, blocking creative energies that come from deeper layers of the inner self The half-hour however will allow you, in a smooth manner, to communicate with this important area of the self in a way that will not block other energies, and that will be beneficial.

(Session 157.) You have indeed been trying too hard with the pendulum, which sets up its own kind of resistance. At your present stage of development with the pendulum you get a reaction that could be compared to a closed circuit, where the energy is directed into the past, into the personal subconscious too abruptly, and too intensified, and is not yet allowed the release of discovering full causes, which would then release not only that energy, but the energy that has in the past gone into the formation of various physical ills. At a later time, you see, the difficulty will automatically be passed, there will be a freer flow of energy, and a quicker release of it. Even in your desire to discover such original causes of physical ills, a part of you sets up resistances, new ones, which take additional energy. The half-hour schedule will allow for a disciplined, smooth and automatic self-discovery which will not drain your energies. You have indeed additional energy at your command, but the focus in the personal subconscious prevents you from using it. You will find that your condition is now improving and will continue to do so. And all of this also involves a practical lesson in the nature of action. Enough cannot be said along these lines regarding the nature of your expectations, for according to the manner in which you expect your reality to behave, in that manner shall it be.

(Session 619.) 

{Robert Butts wrote:} (10:01.  ...I now described an effect that had started to bother me after the session had begun; it's a good little example of the way beliefs can work. No sooner had Seth come through than I became aware of an unaccustomed tightness in my writing hand—a tension that interfered with the automatic formation of the letters and words. I kept the notes going by making an extra effort, but I found it quite distracting to keep thinking about the mechanics of writing while trying to concentrate upon what Seth was saying. The difficulty persisted through the delivery and into break. (I told Jane I'd thought of using the pendulum after the session to get at the cause of the hand phenomenon, since I didn't want to interrupt book dictation by asking Seth about it. [Rob notes here: Briefly for those who have asked me: The pendulum is a very old method. I use it, with excellent results, to obtain ideomotor—"subconscious"—responses about knowledge that lies just outside my usual consciousness. I hold a small heavy object suspended by a thread so that it's free to move. By mentally asking questions, I obtain "yes" or "no" answers according to whether the pendulum swings back and forth, or from side to side.] ....

[Seth] resume at 10:20.) Now: This is your information. First of all, it is within your conscious mind. The pendulum would be a method of allowing you to view conscious material that is not structured to recognized beliefs. I want you to understand that, for the reader does not have the benefit of my talking to him personally in this way. The belief is conscious. You are well aware of it, but you are not aware of those that cling to it. The belief is that you do not communicate well with your mother….

[Note from a reader in 2013: "Where Seth says, "First of all, it is within your conscious mind" Seth refers to Rob's comment, "...about knowledge that lies just outside my usual consciousness..."  Rob was referring to the BELIEFS because that's what Rob wanted to know, what belief was causing him the hand problem,  and Seth clarified here, in his own words, that those beliefs are conscious.  :)

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From the "DELETED SESSION" - Re: Pendulum


Seth-Jane Roberts:

[Robert Butts wrote:]...(Yesterday at the dentist's I learned through X-ray that I have two bad teeth on the lower right jaw that must be taken out. This after the pendulum had insisted many times over the past few weeks that the teeth were perfectly all right. At the same time, they've bothered me fairly often. My pendulum told me often that the teeth were responding to my negative projections that the two volumes of "Unknown" weren't going to make much of an impression in the mundane world no matter what we said or did. (In view of the massive contradiction here, I asked that Seth explain tonight what happened. I also wanted to do some pendulum work with Jane, and wanted to understand the situation before we started with her. I still had faith in the pendulum, since I've obtained many good results.

Now (rather loudly:) the pendulum.

The pendulum can be used effectively under certain conditions. It allows some communication between the conscious and the "unconscious" portions of the self. It allows a certain kind of black-or-white, yes-or-no communication, with a little leeway toward a "maybe" now and then.


It does not allow of course for a full range of communication. It responds to the questions as they are asked, but it responds even more to the unspoken to questions or feelings beneath. For one thing, dependable overall use of the pendulum would ideally entail some moments each day, so that rapport could be established under even circumstances, without the pressure, say, of wanting to know about a problem or a symptom. Ideally, you should relax yourself as much as possible first--a light trance, for example, gives much more dependable results -- but the mind should be stilled. You should go into a kind of neutral drive.

The pendulum has been used for a variety of purposes in various cultures -- where, however, diviners from childhood have been trained to use such an instrument. When your mind is confused, and when you are quite concerned over a given problem, then you do not dip down far enough, say, into the psychic level.

You did not want the teeth to be bad--natural enough. The level you reached was one that responded to that fear, that perhaps the teeth were bad. You say that of course you wanted to know the truth--but the pendulum responded to the part of you that was afraid, by trying to soothe your fears, as for example a mother might say "No, do not worry, everything will be all right," while on the other hand she might be making rapid calculations as to what should be done, but first she will soothe the child. Had you been more relaxed when using the pendulum, "it" would not have needed to soothe your fears, and would have realized that you were quite capable of learning the answer. The fact is that a yes answer--at that point-- would not have particularly helped you--a fact known to the unconscious, of course. When using the pendulum, it is a good idea to mentally place a distance between your conscious mind and the pendulum, in which fears are allowed to dissolve, so that body and mind are smooth-enough. As far as the teeth are concerned, you are, as you said, surrounded by a sea of beliefs, so that the teeth are considered not long-lasting. If you can think of your body as existing primarily in Framework 2, that might help you separate yourselves from negative beliefs connected with Framework 1, for by such a mental change of view you take the body out of that context.

(9:45.) Addressing a question to yourself, writing it down after relaxing as earlier specified, can often bring excellent results. You write down, then, whatever comes to mind without questioning it. It may be a straight-forward answer -- or a poem or a phrase that at first seems to make no sense. Here, however, you are allowing the subconscious a greater range of expression; or you can ask for such writing to give further background on a yes- or-no pendulum answer. It does take some time to understand why the pendulum answers as it does, but it will be responding not only to your question but to the greater framework and the emotional circumstances connected with it. It is very difficult, when you are honestly concerned, to then be unconcerned as you work with the pendulum--and yet, for the best results you must attain the state of mind in which you let the answers flow, unconcerned as to whether the answer is yes or no. Otherwise your very concern affects the results, of course, and the pendulum will "treat" your fear first. In the case of the teeth in particular, the pendulum's answer was not "devious." Had there been considerable danger for example, that danger would have overridden other circumstances in your case. Sometimes, however, fear is so great that the unconscious begins soothing processes, for the healing process depends upon them. Do you understand the difference? ("Yes.)

...(10:04.) Give us a moment.... It will help also if once a day you mentally place your existence in Framework 2. Simply state that you do so--but the reminder will serve as excellent suggestion, and put a mental distance between you and the world's beliefs. There will be some acceleration in the popularity of our books in the next few years-but more than that, you should both be ready to gain a greater understanding of Framework 2 and of the Codicils, which are highly important. It takes some considerable psychological footwork, and yet the direction of your lives is now leading toward certain developments that were inherent from the beginning. This has to do with cycles of learning and understanding, in which maturity is highly important.

Ruburt's follow-up of the experiences in Politics will continue. But he needed the time between.I am pleased with his progress physically, and with his determination. You are both finishing one cycle and beginning another, which will be most satisfying and creative. In like circumstances with the pendulum, you might ask it: "Are you saying this to calm my fears?" (10:10) Give me a moment.... You will have breakthroughs in all areas of your private and joint concerns. I would like you to try to feel the energy of Framework 2 in your daily lives, by reminding yourselves of its existence rather frequently-and again, by looking for hints and clues of its existence, for when you do they appear. When you do not, it can seem as if you are locked in Framework 1. Look to all events then, and for their interweaving quality. Do you have a question? ('I guess not.') Then I bid you a fond good evening-- ("Thank you, Seth.") --and do not be bothered by your pendulum-itis.

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Subject: Seth on the Pendulum

- communication between the ego and the subconscious 

[Robert Butts wrote:] (Last Saturday afternoon she [Jane] lost a package downtown while shopping. At home that evening she questioned her subconscious with the old pendulum technique and learned that she had left the package in the dressing room of a certain store.)


"We find a situation here this morning in which Ruburt achieved excellent communication with his own personal subconscious, spoke with it, giving it credit for being as important to the whole personality as the ego."

"He spoke to his subconscious therefore as a partner and an equal which indeed it is. It was because of this approach, among other things, that the results achieved were so successful. Nor after stating his case did he then badger the subconscious."

"The personal subconscious and the ego are indeed equal partners in the formation of any given present personality. Ruburt's results are evidence that his training is bearing fruit. Once such a relationship is set up between the ego and the subconscious, then communication in general between the two will always improve. The subconscious, even the personal subconscious, is much freer from the moment point than is the ego, and it can inform the ego of important developments which can be of great help."

"This sort of communication also comes close to action in a fairly pure state. There is also another result of such relative ease of communication between the ego and the subconscious, in that the subconscious, which is listened to and taken into consideration by the ego, will have relatively little need to make its wishes known in other, perhaps less pleasant ways. Illnesses.. and.. various.. minor.. and.. major.. physical.. symptoms.. are.. often.. caused.. as the subconscious tries to speak out, in an effort to make itself heard by the unheeding conscious mind. If the conscious mind consults the subconscious such nagging or explosive efforts will not be needed."

"The pendulum is an excellent manner for reaching the personal layers of the subconscious. Unless a trance state is adopted, it is much less effective as a manner of reaching those layers that lie, so to speak, beneath the personal subconscious. For practical purposes it is excellent policy to check often with the personal subconscious through the use of the pendulum."

"As a humorous sideline here, I might add, only halfway in jest, the following suggestion."

"When you purchase attire, testing it first with the pendulum would actually be very effective. The pendulum ideally would be held above the garment in question. The point would be to discover the reaction of the subconscious. Believe it or not the personal subconscious is extremely sensitive to color and to certain vibrations given off by color and by fabrics. It responds to the clothing you wear, to the clothing worn by other with whom you come into contact."

....."the easier the communication between the ego and the personal subconscious the greater the strength, abilities, potentialities and value fulfillment of the present personality as a whole."

Seth-Jane Roberts -- The Early Sessions Book 4, pgs 18 & 19

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