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We have all experienced emotional pain in our lives and it is the emotional pain that holds us back and stops us progressing forward into our new lives that we so badly want. I can teach you how to find that Inner new YOU!

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Needing help with getting off of pain medications. 1 Reply

Started by WeeBGB. Last reply by WeeBGB Jun 5, 2011.

Your Past lives. Statistical Proof

Started by Konstantin Apr 8, 2011.

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Comment by Cookie on August 12, 2012 at 8:22pm

Moving on and getting over my kids growing up.  Yes, I know, they need to grow up and move on - they have and we talk - but it has been a rough weekend moving my younger child's stuff ready for the military to pick it up.  He gave me the most problems and is now married and doing well.  Don't even know where
i'm going with this.  Actually, It seems that I have had a hard time moving on and enjoying the moment - I need to move on from the past.  Had a horrible marriage etc.,, now married someone who is wonderful yet every once in a while I get down and think of all the coulda's and the shoulda's and, "this time last year (two years whatever) we doing blah blah..."  I want to move on and be healed!  I've manifested a few things with family, money etcc., and I know where the source is.... Okay, this is long and I'm sorry, but input would be appreciated please :)  Thank you!

Comment by KaValentine on August 11, 2008 at 11:16pm
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Comment by Kirra on June 5, 2008 at 7:21pm
Heartfelt thanks and gratitiude to you Kat for your uplifting words of encouragement. Whats that old sahying 'the depth of your pain is the depth of your joy!'. Yeah I know all this stuff, I think it is that , I am starting to feel, after years of learning to survive emotionally, there is so much more that has happened, and I have always been able to keep my head above water, but I have this desire to fly, arms fully stretched out and embrace waht comes in that flight....I am keen to do the excercises you have suggested, so watch this space, I shall update as I go along.....
Once again, it feels like I have found a safe place to be....

ka pai to rangi
thanks to the heavens.....

Comment by Spirit Guide teachings. on June 5, 2008 at 6:43am
Dearest Kirra, the pain you have suffered in your life has made you who you are now. Everything that has caused you pain has been a lesson, for we never learn anything from joy. Pain is our teacher and we must learn the lesson and let go.
As a child I suffered much abuse and disowned my family. I have learnt now that I can still love my family and forgive them, but to have them in my life is toxic!!
Your a beautiful human being and the reason I know that is because your here for one, and we are all beautiful.
I would suggest that you see yourself for the warrior that you really are, you have survived your life and now it is time to start living.
You cannot bring the LOA into your mind if you are still stuck with how horrible you feel.
I would suggest (and this does work) that you so the excersise I have put up on letting go of your feelings. You cannot change the past, but you can change how you feel about it.
Many people ask me how they should LET GO? It really is as easy as just letting go.
Make a firm choice to let go of all that holds you back, write about it, get it out of your mind and promise yourself new safe words to use when you are triggered by old memories that hurt.
In time (just a few weeks) you will be able to use 'magic' words to bring you back from bad memories. Only then will you have free mind space to bring into play the LOA.
There is an order to healing, and no step can be jumped over, it is a process, no short cuts will ever do it.
Use all you have learnt in your life to heal yourself now, make the choice to do it for you are worthy and wonderful, smart and intellegent.
There is only ONE you and you are just as important as all the other wonderful people in the world.
Your soul chose your life path for you so that you could learn. Your soul is not daft or stupid, but kind and loving. Inside your soul you know all the answers.
Meditation is always the key to getting to know you, the core of who you are.
Your ego is the part of you that stores and keeps memories. I suggest reading Ekhart Tolle, The Power of Now or more so A New Earth. This will help you understand the ego and how to deal with it. I have known this book to be the begining of the soul healing for many people.
Your soul is perfect in every way and no matter what you think about YOU, you have magic to perform in your life time. It is never to late, you never to old or too hurt. You can perform magic, because you soul chose for you to do magic in your life and others. Magic or miracles whatever you want to call it. You can do what ever you want to do, your limitations are only in your mind. Choose to be the warrior in your life and not the passenger to what others think you should do or believe.
I am here if you need help.
Love always
Kat x
Comment by Kirra on June 4, 2008 at 11:30pm
Any words or direction would be gratefully welcomed....I seem to be hitting the same brick wall over the years, I realise that maybe it is that I sabotage any love that comes my way, let me enlighten you in the shortest way possible. At age 29 I came out to the world as a gay woman. I was married with two beautiful children and a loving wonderful husband...my childhood was one of family violence and fear yet love and protection from my many beautiful siblings. I am number 11 in a family of 15. My coming out meant that as a practising Jehovah Witness I was no longer welcome in the fold so I was disfellowshipped, ostracised, even from members of my family. My relationship from my mother died on that day and has not been renewed since, I am now 46. My children have grown to be stunning galant beautiful adults who are surrounded by people who love them and respect them, they are 24 and 26 now.
I have had many streams of counselling, ventured into many lifestreams to find answers and still an empty void fills my soul in ways unimaginable. My phylosophy to be honest to myself somehow was at a great cost, not only to myself but to my children, since they chose to live with me later in life, their grandparent and their father ostracised them as well.
I guess your wondering why I am posting this comment.
I watche dthe secret, read the book, read quantum success, and others, and it all make perfect sense to me, and I have just started on Doreen Virtues books and cards, such delightful gifts from the angel...! They all make me feel so good and warm and freeing, but it doesn't stay around long. Something inside me feels undeserving and unworthy, and you know what,.... I know beeter...my question is this.....how do you visualise..past the hurt. I can visualise and fell the here and now, and then it just vanish's....and then I just want to cry....I love what I am learning, and my son, beautiful man, share so much of this wisdom with me, as he too is on the same journey, my daughter who is such a skeptic, says 'mama, you just gotta believe you already have it and feel it......' and she has achieved and being gifted so much.
I want to shift the hurt, cause it always come back to that, ..........
any takers?????
Comment by WeeBGB on April 27, 2008 at 12:17pm
Love this!!! I've been doing some Soul Healing of my own lately and am finding out a lot about myself! Pretty awesome stuff! :O)

I've been listening to the Holosync CD's, plus I have a very enlightened friend who has helped me tremendously with some of my recent "revelations". I am always interested in finding ways to make myself the best I can be, so that's why I'm here! :O)

Blessings to you!
WeeBGB :O)

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