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Without sparing too many details or boring you to death, I just broke up with a romantic partner who I thought was the one and very special to me because his best friend dislikes me and made me feel bad. He pretty much sided with his best friend and told me to accept his friends in his own words, and I was shocked. I didn't talked to him for a few days, hoping he would at least apologize for that, but he didn't, so I gave up on him. Maybe I could have done it differently, but it's too late. I'm surprisingly not that sad or tore up about it, but I am still angry at him and hope he stays out of my life for a good while until I am healed from the emotional burns. What's really sad, is that I spent 8 whole months doing affirmations, visualizing, meditation, watching videos and movies about love and soul mates, the whole nine yards, and that brought him to me, only for us to break up after just a few months later at the hands of his selfish friend. I am at a loss for words, honestly. He was just driftwood and I know I deserve someone better. That may sound a tad arrogant, but I don't care; he hurt me, his friend hurt me, and I don't deserve that because I tried my best in that relationship and it all went to waste. Over it! Good riddance!

I can't be the only one who's suffered this, though. Have you ever manifested a partner only to find out it was a very bad manifestation overall? How do you cope and deal with it? I'm scared of using LOA for love, now...

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No, I had a similar experience. My previous boyfriend had died of cancer and it took me quiet awhile to both get over his death and come to terms with why he and I met. So, I spent a few months visualizing my new, ideal partner. About 3 months later (and over a year after my previous boyfriend had passed), this amazing guy came into my life. We started dating and it was just this really intense connection. We knew what each other was thinking, we could feel what each other was feeling, etc.. We had similar interests, backgrounds, everything. I knew that this was the guy for me. I felt like this was a gift from my boyfriend that had passed, that he'd sent this amazing guy my way. Well, about 6 mos into our relationship, everything fell apart. It was like a curse had been placed upon us. Like you, it was in part due to a female friend of his who possibly said something about me (she was married with kids, but the impression I got was that she was very possessive of him and didn't want him to be with anyone). Whatever was the case, he left and it didn't matter what I tried to do to get him back, including loa, RS, you name it, I tried it. All to no avail. I've spent the last two years in utter hell, feeling like a huge part of my soul has been torn from me. My heart has been completely broken to the point that I am damaged.

What is worse, is that after he left, I gave him space, I tried to work things out and each time I saw him, he just treated me worse and worse. He started to resent me and told me that I was just after him for his money, that I wanted to be taken care of, that I needed to get a real job, all this stuff that didn't even sound like him. It was like he was possessed. Nothing I did or said could break the hold that was on him. The last time I saw him, he told me I made him sick. This was in reference to the fact that I don't need to work if I don't want to. I do what I want, when I want. The vehemence in his voice was so thick with acid, it was just beyond belief. I never did anything to this man to deserve the treatment I got. I never took anything from him, I didn't need his money or support. I was with him because I really wanted to be with him. He treated me like I was practice, like a passing thought. Both of us are old enough that we've both had several relationships and we don't need to practice or date a bunch of people.

Now, I am just completely heartbroken. There is such a thing as dying of a broken heart. I went through all the counseling, all the bs. None of that made a difference. I no longer have faith in anything or anyone. I am glad that you were able to get over and it be done with it. I don't cope anymore, I am done trying to cope, trying to make myself feel better and tell myself lies like "it's him not me." wtf. I do drink a whole lot more, I guess. 

Ouch! Sorry to hear this! trying doing some EFT or meditation...I am dealing with some issues also..questioning things regarding a friend who I feel was sent through LOA...I should have said...I want...and then add at the end, with not alot of complications!



I have a friend who I feel came into my life through LOA..however its very complicated.  I also feel i lean on this friend for comfort within myself..If i don't hear from this friend for a couple days, I question myself.  I think, if I mean anything,,it only takes a short time to send a message.  I also feel this person as driftwood, to help get me through yet a very difficult time in my life.. I keep going over in my mind the quote..people come into our lives for a reasn, season or lifetime...I feel there is a reason for sure.  Maybe to teach us something. I feel this person has entered to definitely help me in alot of areas..I have learnt alot, however its still is painful sometimes.  I keep telling myself that its not all about me, stop doubting and being fearful or you will sabatoge what has been brought to you...However what I did manifest is what I wanted, I feel its all I need, however its not how my heart feels.  So next time, I will manifest but with the additional statement, not with complications! At this point I feel meditation and EFT helps alot.


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