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I just did a meditation to seek out my twin flame, and it felt very strange but not alarming so. I was lying down while I did it, but my heart was beating so loud but it felt nice at the same time, almost like seeing a loved one from afar. I also had a vision of someone... he had an aura around him; it was purple, then navy, then somewhat bluish but ultimately it looked indigo. Very deep bluish tones, it was very beautiful. I'm wondering, what does this mean? Could it mean that my twin flame/soul mate have a very blue aura around him? Does it mean he is sad? What can I do about these visions?

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jamie, I need to tell you smth but I am NOT sure you will like it


and your TWIN FLAME is a woman ( whether you prefer boys or not)

twin flame is ONLY between man and woman for the sole reason of ENERGY

energy is different in men and women - the union of this energy is called the twin flame

day/night, up/down, yin/yan so on

the world is DUAL. Twin flame express that duality

twin flame represents the other half of your Soul ( Souls are in Spiritual Group and when one Soul divides, the resulting 2 souls are called twin flames)

yes, this is the highest possible love BUT it is NOT necessarily sexual

furthermore, very rarely twin flames UNITE on Earth ... meaning, when you are reincarnated here, your twin flame is protecting you from the Divine and vise versa

if your twin flame is here, then ( by my assumption) you are here to finish something together ... you have a major goal together

in terms of soulmates, you also have plenty on Earth

it is NOT only one ( which is great because if you two split up, you can find great love in someone else)

yes, soulmate relationship can be between boys/boys, girls/girls, boys/girls

so, if you seek your twin flame, I believe she is reincarnated also :)

yes, she has the potential to become your lover if you choose so

blue colors represent seeing the world as a bad place

this person is NOT in a good state mentally, if the major color is blue

which is quite explainable in this case, as when twin flames reincarnate together, both have a LOT of lessons to fulfill on Earth; so maybe that is why she is suffering

if she is your twin flame and she is suffering, please, please, send her TONS of love ... She needs it ... She is the other part of you, so it will be a blessing if you two find yourselves :)



karolina, are you positive my twin is a woman? Because if she is, it's no problem to me, because I read that sometimes twin flame connections are not always romantic, it can just be two best friends, you know? :)

If there's anything more painful on Earth, it's splitting up with a soulmate. I strongly believed I dated one back in 2007 and we dated around a year and almost a half. We split in 2009. He was a very troubled person deep down, full of anger and pain due to his parents separation, poor upbringing, seeing his family members drinking and doing drugs, and his mother was abusive. Because of this, he brings himself down and surrounds himself with negative things, with negative friends who tell him what his limitations are. I thought, foolishly, that my love would help him see the light and change to become a better person with potential... Unfortunately, his friends, family, and other girls who envied our relationship, won their side and he cast me aside after we broke up. I was not perfect at the time, and had some issues myself, but my love for him was never false. We shared a bond but he didn't truly accepted it 100%, you know? The other people made sure we stayed apart, and not only that, but become enemies instead of being friends. We have not spoken in years now. He "apologized" but I never truly felt it was genuine.

I'm ready for another great love, but with a wholesome person this time. He doesn't need to be absolutely perfect... He just needs to fit with me as I fit with him. I'll send my love to my twin flame, wherever she is. Thank you for the explanation.

PS- You also said that twin flames are always opposite in sex... I'm a woman, my avatar is a picture of one of my favorite musician, LOL!

oh, sorry, I though this was YOUR picture :)

I don't know who is he but  he is handsome :)

since you are a girl, your TWIN FLAME is a BOY :)

I though you were a boy, looking to date a boy :)( because of the pic)

so, now, when you are meditating, are you looking for a soulmate or for a twin flame?

because if one time you say "soulmate" and then "twin flame" those are different things and the vibrations you send gets  mixed up.

First of all, you need to be sure that your twin flame is reincarnated ...It is possible he isn't.

Also, if you want to meet your twin flame  and to have a relationship with him, then you have to be READY for the highest possible love to come to your life; all of your fears have to be released

however, that man should ALSO be ready for such love.

if you yourself are a wholesome person vibrationally, then your twin flame ( if here) will appear in your life somehow; he, however, might NOT be ready for a relationship with you, and can appear only as a friend in the beginning. It is NOT necessarily true that you two will see each other and will fall in love instantly; but there definately will be a pull. You will feel it.

good luck! :)





karolina, I did the meditation again and this time, I saw pieces of images of a place. It was a beautiful, vast countryside sort of place, with flowers, hills, and open clear blue skies. There was the sun shining brightly down on me, and I could feel the twin flame next to me or near me. His aura changed colors since last time I did it... Now it's more of an orangey-red tone, with a tiny yellow center but mostly red and orange to it. Did he suddenly became happy for some reason? :D Gee, I really hope so! I also, for some reason, saw flames, but they weren't the threatening kind... more like, a romantic, seductive type of flame, like you would see on a candle stick or in a fireplace to keep yourself nice and warm. What does this mean?

I know the picture above shows a woman but... pretend it's a guy. This image is pretty much the gist of my meditation today. Flames, orange-red aura, warmth...

I did another meditation last night. I remember seeing a city this time. I remember asking myself silently during the meditation, "What city is this? Where am I? Is this New York? Is it?" and I remember seeing him in front of me. But then something unexpected happened... he started to look at me all sad and worried and said, "Help me. Please help me." Mind you, I wasn't doing this on my own... the images and sounds just came to me naturally... and then I see the words written by him and it read, "Help me, Jamie. I need you. I love you. I need your help, please help me, etc." I remember feeling my body turning stiff, as if only my mind was active at that time. I remember him pulling away from me and him mouthing the words, "I love you, Jamie. Just find me soon, okay?" I remember getting out of that meditation feeling helpless.

I'm worried, to say the least. I'm going to keep recording my meditations until I can get his name and where he resides currently. I mean, I know I'm not making this up because, who in their right mind would want to see and hear their loved ones calling out for help in despair like that? I didn't liked what I saw last night... I hope to reach him soon in the real world!


Something about this just doesn't feel right. Are you setting up any kind of protection circle before you do these meditations? I am concerned that maybe this is something messing with you just because it can and you are open to it.

What do you mean, Sunflower? I'm not hurt when I do it or even after it. But I can understand your concern... How do I make a protection circle?


I'm not a religious person by nature, but there are several ways to make a protection circle. The easiest way is before you start the mediation, is to visualize a white light completely surrounding you. State that only good and benevolent energies are allowed into this circle. Another way is to visualize the white light around you and say a prayer to your favorite Saint/God/deity/etc... The prayer to St. Michael is a pretty common one. Basically you are asking for protection against any negative energies by setting up a barrier that allows only positive energies to enter your space.

Hope that helps! I am very intrigued by your meditation logs. Good luck and be safe!

Sunflower, the video I put is the one I use for meditation. She says to imagine myself with a bright, healing and protective white light already, so do not worry for my safety. :D I do believe my soul mate is feeling sad and alone and hope that the more I put my visualizing, meditation and keeping my heart open at all times, that he and I will reunite and we'll be able to love/protect each other. I'll keep in mind about praying during the meditation, though. Thank you very much!


Yep, I listened to the video. It does sound like she has a protection mechanism embedded into the mediation.

You're welcome!

I'll update again tonight after I do the meditation... I'm so excited of what I'll hear and see next!


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