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Just some questions.  Tell me what you think.

Has anyone ever experienced a strong telepathic connection with their soulmate?  Have you experienced it even before you met your soulmate?  Do you have a strong telepathic connection with your soulmate?

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not before
but yes !! after meeting....:))
we can exchange our thoughts in thoughts
kind of visualise what the other would be wanting and what he should know

Very good answer.

Yes we do have it. And it happened before we were together. It happened like this - we first met in summer of 2011. But at that time I had a boyfriend. And I didn't see him as a boyfriend material, just a friend. The second time we met again, it was in autumn, he had a girlfriend. So we were just friends and again, I saw him the same. We lived in different cites but had a mutual friend that is close to both of us. So I graduated form university and moved to the same city that he lived in. And after a month or so we met again through the same mutual friend and then we both were free. Then I felt that I like him more than just a friend and we started connecting. When I was thinking about moving to other city and what would my love life would be, I instantly thought of him but I haven't felt anything for him romantically at that time. So this was weird. And when we started connecting, he confessed that he had feelings for me for a long time, a year or so. And now that we are together for over 3 months, we constantly think of the same things at the same time. So I guess we are telepathic :))

Very very nice :))

For me, I haven't met my soulmate yet, but now I am sure she is out their.  I know that this really sounds, kinda weird but I was at work the other day and felt her love and warmth in my mind, it was almost like she was reaching out to me.  It's pretty hard to describe, but it was like I could sense her and feel her mind through mine.  :))


I have.  Actually, he and I broke up just before Christmas.  There was and still is such a strong telepathic connection.  I feel what he feels and scare him a bit when I begin talking about what he is thinking or what he is worried about.  I can hear him loud and clear in my heart and mind, as if he is standing next to me.   That is why this breakup is so difficult for me.  Though he is working to block me, his thoughts still come through clear as a bell.  Sometimes, I will send him a text about what his worries are and let hi know he is thinking too loud.  It feels unnatural to be apart from him.  He is my soulmate, and patience is not one of my virtues, especially because of this connection we have.  One can see it and feel it in this picture. 


Ok, now that I have spent four years of my life having this telepathic connection to my love that broke my heart...HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP????????

Aw! Sorry to hear that. I saw your photo. You two look like you "go" together. I'm hoping he'll see you two are soul mates. Perhaps his wariness is due to fear. Maybe he's never experienced this before and it "freaks him out". Does he know anything about LOA?

i have experienced too that strong telepathic connection, with 3 women, including my current partner. as i don't want that connection, i tried many things but the only that worked is the "grounding technique" as explained by Tolemac (Ross) in the main forum. i found the basic technique very useful, as there is an advanced one, but for this purpose i only use the basic. i hope it helps. 

I've had a ton of energetic connections with my ex. Every time I have gotten very emotional over my ex. He does something, like contacts me in some way, or deletes me from FB. Stuff like that. EVERY time. I am wondering what I should tell him next to see what he does. Its almost kind of cool. He keeps running away, but he ends up doing something at a distance back to me.

I think I've only had this twice with a guy:


With my ex hubby, the first time we went to Egypt there was this one time there in this one place we started sort of finishing each other's sentences which we've never done before or since.


I used to sometimes get a bit like this with good female friends & once i sort of put a thought into a colleague's head - we were experimenting with it - but that was in my home country & I've only had it once where I live now and that was..


With my latest ex boyfriend, just this one time I think when he called me - he would rarely call, he prefers texting & texted me about 30 plus times maybe 60 I dunno & only called about 4.  Sure, sometimes I'd get a text at lunch but there were big gaps but ONE DAY my cellphone rang and it was a number I didn't know but I had this FEELING it was HIM - even though he rarely called and it wasn't from his cellphone number.  Such a strong feeling, even though part of me said, how COULD you KNOW that? that when he said "Hi it's (name)"  I almost said "Yeah, I know."

Because I DID.  I dreamed of him quite a few times too, well maybe six to ten times but it's the most often I've dreamed of the same person. 


But i can't remember for sure if I've had other instances.

Once I had that with my best female friend years ago like I could almost feel her physical pain. 


I remember now

I vizualised electricity type of lightening bolts coming through my arm, out my hands and fingers & to a different ex boyfriend's leg or wherever he had pain and he said it felt like currents of electricity, I was massaging him but did NOT TELL him what I was visualizing.


But it seems rare now, outside of my original country, just that one time in Egypt & the time I KNEW that guy was the one calling me.  And I remember these guys were following me in their car I was driving & I thought I want you they kept following, smiling & so on & at one stage I thought OK that's enough now, stop it.  And they did & went away! 


I wish I knew how to do this sort of thing consistently - WOW!!! Maybe I need to practice it more??


I just remembered that when I was little at one stage my cousin would put on music & we would

think what it reminded us of & when we compared it was the same thing!



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