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This is truly a powerful way to think and be....I AM PURE DESIRE!! It is so powerful that you should be careful as I have gotten really good at being desirable around the women I find desirable!! It is extremely powerful!!

Before going out (or whatever) stand in the mirror and imagine being the center of attention while telling yourself how good it feels to be desired.......



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How has this been going for you? And how have you been??
How has it been going?
I am going to try this. Love it.

It reminds me of a favorite Louise L. Hay affirmation:
I am beautiful and everybody loves me. I am always treated well.

Could you please expound on your statement that you are trying to become your desire.

Thanks! Looking forward to having fun with this.
Hello WildThing. Thanks for stopping by! Great Question!!! For me it's my way of 'becoming that which I desire'. Most people can say that they would like to be desired, but they don't feel 'desirable' even though they visualize people or a certain person finding them desirable. I have been practicing this for years, but I am still relatively new to the idea and truth that my "feelings" are the fuel to my intentions. It my sound old but, if I don't "feel" sexy.....then why would anyone else?? If I desire women to find me desirable then I must "BECOME A PERSON TO BE DESIRED"!!! This is just a powerful way to practice it consistently once or twice a day because most people take two showers or groom themselves twice a day.....WHAT BETTER TIME TO 'PAY ATTENTION' TO HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR BODY, MIND, MENTAL STATE, AND EMOTIONS WHILE IMAGINING YOURSELF AS THE SEXIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!?!.... I mean think about it....we all know people who aren't 'physically' attractive, but exude huge amounts of confidence and 'sex appeal' that makes them 'more' attractive than people who possess natural or manufactured good looks alone. I hope this explains 'my take' on it which seems to work for me.....and believe it will for you as well......thanks again. Add me as a friend and keep me posted on your success with this. HAVE FUN!!!

God's love and Blessings to you!!!

THE MYSTERY... Just a few posts i've read and from a very low frequency...your energy, your love, your passion just ran through the screen through me. THANK YOU!!! I feel i can get up again and be hopeful..be okay and happy... and back to being confident and sexy...and "pure desire"...not to get anyone or anything, just to feel goood......everything else i leave in Universe hands... 

thank you mystery

It is a nice tip, but I choose rahter for the affirmation, "I am love". Why? When you say that you are pure desire, you attract people who have desire for you. But that is something different than love.

Try it if you want a good relationship, say "i am love"........

Soooo true.......That's if you're looking for that "type" of relationship!!! This is for people like me to begin training themselves to feel good about themselves 'first'. I mean I think alot of people know how to love and appreciate others that they find desirable or feel deserve it.....but not too many people are training themselves to 'feel' that way about themselves and develope the 'self confidence' & acceptance that is not only needed but essential to being attractive. I mean we all attract people that we think are attractive everyday....but because most people don't 'feel' like they too are attractive 'do not' engage them. And therefore, we miss out on potential 'love affairs' and good relationships.......great point though and I hope it is continuing to work for you!!! keep me posted!!!

I send you love and bliss!!!
I LOVE YOUR ENERGY, mystery! I can feel it just by reading your post.

I feel like I want to take you home lol
but if u r constantly led down by those whom you love you tend to loose your self worth,what should we do about it?

Hello Manica V, 


I can feel your heart.....but the issue remains the same sweetheart. The question is.....do you let 'yourself' down? Do you put more stock in the opinions of others about you than your own about you? Does your happiness depend on how others interact with you? And if so....then I bet it then depends on whether or not they interact with you they way you want them to, right? We have to coem to grips that everything happens based on our perceptions of life.....ourselves in the life we now have.....and the possibilities of how we can be in our lives with all of the love, joy, peace and demonstration for greater good that we can imagine!! AND THAT INCLUDES ATTRACTING SOMEONE TO LOVE YOU FOR YOU AS THE YOU YOU DESIRE TO BE!!! If we are magnets.....then what comes is a direct results of who we are.....and what falls away is no longer magnetized to us'.


I am about to send you some power pods to assist you to your other email that i know will assist with your 'mindset' sweetheart. In the mean time....read through these entire posts......its not about everyone around you......its about 'you'. How mushc do you love you and the love of God waiting to be fully expressed inside of you? How much do you appreciate the unique and wonderfully powerful person you are? How much love, gratitude and appreciation do you purposely fill yourself up with and consciously give away to others without judgement and condition everyday? How much do you enjoy life and the things 'you' love doing everyday with the people who have the same interests?? 


It could be easily argued that no one has let you down......but radther just resonded to what you 'expected' sweetheart. You are ok.....you are fine.....all is as it should be. Greater good is on the way to you.....just stick with this and you'll see how wonderful God really is when you show a lil trust and faith in the process.


Check your email in a bit....

Sent in Love and Respect

The Mystery Within......

Hello All!
I tried this because I was not feeling good about myself and did not feel anything close to desirable ...... and it worked :) Lol..................Tried it a second time and it worked even better :) lots of positive attention, kind words & gestures from those know and strangers. Amazing !!!!! I also add I am Love.

Thanks Mystery...............


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