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Hi everyone. I'm sort of in a writing mood, so I figured I would share what I've been doing to attract my life partner.


There is no one in particular, who is the object of my desire. I don't want to date any of my friends or coworkers. I haven't seen a stranger on the street that piques my interest, nor do I want an ex back. The person I want, I probably don't know yet.


I have a "type" and my life partner's face has been formulating in my mind lately. Everyday, the picture has becoming clearer and clearer. This man isn't a "most prized bachelor", but he is my prized bachelor (soon to be taken by yours truly). Each day, this man's image gets clearer and not only his face, but his scent, the way his hair feels, the sound of his voice, his laugh, mannerisms, personality traits, likes and dislikes, hobbies, whether he likes dogs... right down to every detail. 


I have been having the feeling of already having him in my life. I actually feel like there is someone waiting for me to get off work (besides my girlfriends, that is). If I hear talk about weddings, I begin to listen as mine (could be) coming up shortly. I almost caught myself about to say, "I'm so glad I'm not in the dating pool right now". But I stopped myself. Had I continued that sentence, the response probably would have been, "why? Did you meet someone we don't know about?" That's when I would stammer, "well... you see... I'm into this thing called Powerful Intentions..." and would giving a 20 minute lecture. 

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I'm not a fan of giving those "lectures". I try to keep it concise! So I think of getting married to the person that's right for me and I always have. Does that mean I skip the other visualizations that are supposed to come "before"? -J.

Hi JJ,
I think the visualizations are important. Now, there are probably many ways to go about achieving your goal. I find that different people choose different things. Some people use meditations with mantras, some people write each night in a journal, some listen to CD's with affirmations or watch tons of You Tube videos. It's all a matter of doing what makes you happy. 


I'm also a writer, so I love the idea of visualizing a "day in the life" with the love of my life. I also made a visualization board, because I like to make art and collages. Other people would rather use more scientific approaches (like using switch words or studying Reiki). It's all up to you. But doing something is important to achieving your goal.


I also don't think we need to go overboard with these things either. I read about a woman who used almost every method there is out there and it was all consuming for her. She spent way too much time writing in journals, meditating, visualizing studying the different solutions like Reiki and EFT. She was not going about her everyday business to achieve her goals. We need to do the necessary things in life to achieve our goals. 

Hey, this sounds absolutely brilliant, you're an inspiration and clearly on the right path, keep us posted, you might start seeing people who look like the image you have in your mind come up !

I think you're right to keep this to yourself though, anyone's negative attitude might effect your mind set so it's best to stay on top of things and keep on the same vibration you're on now.. good luck, I hope your man shows up soon !

Thanks for your reply, Anna. I plan on keeping everyone posted from the moment I meet "the one". The things I'm doing (visualizing, thinking of scenarios and feeling it) come pretty natural to me. I've always been a natural daydreamer. I had to get myself back into the mode of daydreaming, because it was something I "outgrew" as I got older. I stopped watching tons of TV and dwelling on what's on the news and made a conscious effort to dwell on the things I love (like The Power says to do).
Me too !! I know what you mean, I avoid the news as much as I possibly can ! Good idea. The Power is a wonderful book.

I'm in the middle of reading The Power too. There's so much more to attracting as I can see in the areas of love being an element to help us attract the things we want in life.

I love Hummers. I always wanted one. I have a neighbor that has TWO parked in his driveway. Every morning I would see those Hummers. I decided to just say what nice Hummers this guy has (I assume one of them belongs to his wife). So today, I actually looked to see the Hummers and marvelled at their beauty. 


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