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The quantum sound SHREEM BRZEE is the ultimate money magnet - it carries deep within it the power and potential of pure gold. Just like how an oak seed has the potential to grow into a large oak tree, and thereafter multiply into a forest of oak trees, the sound SHREEM BRZEE once implanted into your consciousness and very soul, will turn you into a pure money magnet that attracts wealth and prosperity to yourself.


Enlightened master Dr Pillai (Baba) teaches that SHREEM BRZEEis the ultimate and most powerfulquantum sound to attract money, wealth, prosperity, abundance, joy and material happiness to you.


SHREEM is the seed sound for Lakshmi, the archetype who gives money and prosperity.


BRZEE is a sound that was revealed to Dr Pillai by an ascended master known as Visvamitra who meditated on this sound on a different plane for 1500 years. BRZEE is an ultimate sound which can attract untold wealth and riches to you.


BRZEE will also bring more Divine Light into your soul.


Goddess Lakshmi is the aspect of the Divine that gives you money blessings and material miracles.



 Lets give it a try

together divine love kIm

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I find it makes me smile for now.  I will try it with buying a lottery ticket and see what happens.  How do you chant it?  eg all the time etc

I use SHREEM BRZEE just like other switch words.  

For example.  Take the Switchword, REACH.  This

switch has hardllly ever failed.  I say REACH at times 

when I do not recall where I placed a book, keys,

clothes...you name it.  I expect REACH to work and it


With SHREEM BRZEE I treat it the same way.  When

I say SHREEM BRZEE I say it with compassion,

love, gratitude and a belief that when I say the words

that they do work just as REACH works and 


Also, I like saying SHREEM BRZEE.  I actually feel

good when I say it.  I started out saying SHREEM

BRZEE at least one-hundred times or more a day

just to get my best pal, my subconscious mind,

accustomed to  SHREEM BRZEE and now I am 

sitting back saying, thinking SHREEM BRZEE and

allowing this new Switchword to take root and grow,

and of course work just like REACH does and a 

host of oither Switchwords and Switchphrases do.



SHREEM BRZEE to you too, yes I like it I sing it.  Last night I said it before I went to sleep.  Earlier today I left to go out, just out I was headed on way, then turn back and thought hmmm I will go the other way, on my way to the other way, I walked into a little shop that sells organic stuff and thought perhaps I can offer my service as a reflexology, healer, later in the year if possible, the owner said yes, when can you start, I thought wow, Shreem Brzee.  Thank you.

Shreem Brzee brought light to my path.

Thank you.

Awesome Shannon and Cheiro,

I like to sing it too

and I combine it with Om Mandne Padme Om

which is the teachings of the buddha all rolled up into one mantra

and I have had some lovely things from it

I love that mantra

That goes to show us that money does

come in the form of a professional gain.

Good for you!

I think that money comes us everyday, I learn to thank the universe for it, I saw when I saved it, like oversaved, it slipped away. So when  we can handle  alot of it we will get it.

Our Universe knows

Hi Kimmy:

Do you recommend writing switchwords on your glass of water.  I know about LOVE.  Do you think that writing COUNT-HOLE would have the same benefit.



We do it all the time...taste how the Switchwords sometimes actually change the flavor of the water.




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