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What glimmers from YOUR treasure of artistry, eh?  Give us a peek!


Not the whole candle flame -- just Flickerings :-)


I'll start with the following . . .



-- 20 --




BEFORE THEM, and all around them, space ignited.

            First one, then another, then upwards of a dozen silent, blinding detonations occurred in close proximity, without warning, and now blossomed with horrifying swiftness.

            “Red alert!  Evasive!  Shields to maximum!  NOW!” the captain yelled.  “Did we just trigger some kind of minefield, Chang?”

            “Cap’n Diller, I have no idea, sir!” the bewildered Scannerman cried as big engines moaned up the scale.  “They just appeared out of nowhere!  No detectable origin!”

            “Get us out of here, Rasmussen!” the captain rapped, a bit calmer, but not much so.

            “There is no ‘out’, Captain!” the pilot yelled back.  “They’re expanding rapidly – from all directions – converging on us!”

            “Sir, by the readings, there’s no known device that can produce this level of heat, light, and radiation,” Chang informed him.  “Completely off the charts.”

            “What the fuck are these things?” Diller demanded.  “Where’d they come from?”

            “It’s as if they came from another dimension, sir,” Chang said.  “Instruments detected nothing – then suddenly they were just there.”

            “Inter-dimensional bombing . . . that’s supposed to be impossible,” Diller murmured, deflating in his chair as a chilling realization struck him.  “We’re not gonna make it, are we?”




            “Does the term ‘overkill’ resonate with you on any level, Vorax?” the commander said icily, hissing and clicking in disgust.  “You said you had targeted a fleet.  Some fleet that was!”

            In the deep purple glow of the bridge, his companion countered, “Reflections happen.  This remains experimental technology.   What’s relevant is that we now know it works.”

            “Yes . . . I’ll grant you that.  We know it works.  Lord Braxis will be pleased.  Now, let us go find a genuine cluster of these slugs to broil, shall we?”

            “Indeed, Commander!  I will continue fine-tuning the detection probes.”

            “Do that.  I will instruct the others to proceed as planned.  Keep me informed of your progress in modulation, so I may relay that data.”




            “We’re at max drive, sir,” said Rasmussen.  “There’s an opening – but you’re right.  We’ll never get there.”

            Even as the Clock Of Life ticked down to Zero, Diller remained the highly-trained professional and, consequently, the pragmatic survivor.  He came to a decision.

            “Divert all drive power to the shroud.”


            “Now, Mister!”

            “Aye, sir, drive engines off line, all power to shielding.”

            “We can’t escape them, so we might as well harden our shell,” Diller explained.  “It’s the only chance we’ve got.  Time to impact?”

            “About thirteen seconds,” the pilot said, then sighed, almost in relief.  “Looks like we’re thoroughly fucked.”

            “Without even a kiss goodnight,” Chang added.  “What a bitch!”

            “Ras, launch a comm drone containing all we’ve recorded.  Maybe someone else can make sense of this.”

            “Sir, no drone’s gonna get through that!”

            “Do it anyway.”  The deadpan of both expression and tone said, That’s my final word, and my final command.

            “Roger that.  Drone’s away, Captain.  Seven seconds to impact.”

            Diller acknowledged, but beyond that could not think of anything to say that would be meaningful.  Their destruction seemed imminent.  So he kept still and watched as the high-intensity detonations converged upon them.  Unwilling to fear his own death, he stared them down with jaws clamped, anticipating perhaps a brief blast of intense heat, or some awful tingling sensation as his body disintegrated.

            “Ho-lee mother of . . . !” Chang suddenly exclaimed, leaning forward to magnify the scanner image.  “What the hell is that?”

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Replies to This Discussion

I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They have very clear personalities!

Thanks, Amanda, glad you liked it.  I'll add a few more "peeks" into my universe later on, but I want to give others a chance to post their own artistic offerings, whatever they may be.


Do you have anything to share with us?  Pop it in here and let's have a look :-)

Rascal the opening sentence is brilliant! 

You manage to draw the reader into the story at once and that is so important in writing. Also the dialogue is really well done and has an authentic feel about it that is difficult for a lot of people to achieve. Like Amanda says the personalities are very clear and there is a good amount of tension and drama. 

I really like it a lot! :-)

I'll share the picture I've been doing over the last few days a bit later today. I've got to get the ipad out and take a quick snap of it this afternoon,when the light is better.

Ok so here's the watercolor picture I've been painting over the past few days. I've still got to work on it a bit; make the letters clearer and work on the world part of it etc. But it's nearly finished. It's kind of a vision board only I haven't put myself in it. I copied a model from a magazine instead so probably she'll receive all the things I wanted instead of me! lol. I wanted to stick some butterflies over it like a collage but I don't think there's enough room. I'll work on the butterfly idea with my next picture. :-)


That's great, Salome!  Mashing the LIKE button :-)


Got a little more work to wrap up today, but I'll be back later . . .

Thanks for your input, Salome, I was hoping I'd hit all those "markers" as it were :-)


It's only the very opening of a chapter -- designed, of course, to make the reader want MORE!


Now for a closer look at your painting . . .

Yes that's it exactly,Rascal: when I read it you really drew me into the story and I was keen to know what was going to happen next!! 

 You have a wonderful talent,my friend. Can't wait to read the next part!! :-)

I hope you don't mind me posting it, but I just LOVE it!  I captured it in my Photo gallery --


-- so it's MINE!  ALL MINE!  LOL!


The first impression I get is this dreamy, trance-like lady, and those big words LIVE THE DREAM . . . which get my eyes darting about, finding the slightly smaller phrases . . . LOVE . . . INNER PEACE . . . CREATIVITY FLOWS . . . which lead me to look for the smaller detail, and I find all the "little" words and phrases and so on.


I think it's brilliant.  It occurs to me that, if I were able to reduce it to a VERY small scale, I might find that the entire thing was made up of various combinations of those words and phrases, considering the techie-age we live in.


But you said it's a hand-painted water-color, so that's unlikely :-)


I really like it, though, and if you're not "finished" with it yet, I can't wait to see what comes next . . .


. . . and I will promptly claim THAT ONE as "mine" too :-)  Then I can tell people, when you become rich and famous, "I personally KNOW the lady who painted THIS -- and I have two of the ORIGINAL versions!"


Ohh, I am SO-O-O bad, yes I am -- but it's Friday afternoon, and I'm having FUN :-)

Oh thank you so much Rascal. That's really sweet of you. You've made my day! Have a lovely and creative weekend! :-))

And you've made mine too!  PLEASE grace us with more of your artwork.


You're very talented -- far beyond your own vast UNDER-estimations!


I just want to grab you and rattle you and shake you and yell at you how GOOD you are -- but that would probably only frighten you, so I won't :-)


Seriously, though -- STOP underestimating yourself!  I believe you have GREAT potential, and if you just keep creating the things you LOVE to create . . . YOU CAN'T GO WRONG!



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