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The choices we make create our reality through the magic that is each of us. We choose what we believe; we choose how we see the world; we choose how to respond to the world. Choices are made through questions that lead us to conclusions.

So what I would like to do is start creating a long list of questions that help us to choose our reality through our personal magic.

So what are some of your most burning questions about life?

What are some of the questions that have helped you to create a magical reality?

What questions have you been asked by children that have resulted in a mystical journey of self discovery?

No matter what the question, we want to hear it. Don't worry about the answers. These kinds of questions will have a different answer for everyone.

Here is my first installment:
Do we all see green the same? Or purple or yellow? Or anything for that matter?

Looking forward to reading your questions.
Happy Trails

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My next question.......one I have pondered for so long......WHY is it that, as a child, we could SEE so many things, DO so much, manifest SO quickly, talk to spirit guides, see auras, astral project-at will, even, and then our "logical" society, usually our parents, laughed it away, pushed it aside, until so quickly, we conformed to only "seeing" the "logical" reality?

Recently, I have gone BACK to my childhood experiences and found them again. THANK GOD!! It is far from what my experiences were as a child though, however they are coming back. But what expression suppression of our society (as a whole) to take these GIFTS away from our children! THEY SEE these other realities....they EXIST concurrently within them and breach what the logical reality knows of time and space. And then...they are mocked, ridiculed, pushed down, and eventually, they feel as though he/she must hide these "other realities" for they are not accepted. And the faeries go away, the auras diminish, astral projection fades to only dreamland, and all other awareness that is so easily harnessed (sensory skills, timelessness, etc...) is set into a repressed box somewhere in the mind....lol

And yes, I ask WHY!!?? Why does society (especially Western civilization) seek to suppress this BEAUTIFUL GIFT that is our inherent birthright??? Where did this come from? And WHEN will it stop?!!???!!!!

Seeking answers...but more so......SOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!

Much Love,
Somehow, I seem to stumble upon answers for myself sometimes......this is the gift of "powerful intentions" and being able to manifest what we "need" answers to so quickly sometimes; the gift that somehow was squandered in childhood for many.....an ability to "let go," believe in the miracle to come, allow for it, and embrace it with all of our BE-ing when it arrives.

I stumbled upon a video when browsing this site today, posted by Dave Kenyon, and I thought I would re-post it here, as it provides the reasons, and more importantly, the solutions to the miracles we are born iinto.....HOPE YOU ENJOY......(p.s. I had to pause this many times, as it was difficult to read....and you may need to do the same, but it is WELL worth it!)

Much Love,
Audrey Louise

I think part of this suppression has to do with certain governments and religions not wanting people to understand their true birthrights -- their own intrinsic power.  Because if most people really understood these things, no church nor government nor any other entity could manipulate and control them.


Instead of insisting to our children that they "get real" or "get their heads out of the clouds and come down to earth" or whatever parents tell them these days, we should encourage them to maintain that connection to Source, and to bring it forth with them as they grow into adulthood, and to help them sharpen this focus and expand their awareness rather than stuff them into some long-established Preconception Box.

hi there. i have to admit. in my case it took me a very long time to actually find my purpose in life. i laways asked my self why was i actually born in the first place?

Why am i actually here?

If i have to suffer sometimes why is it so?

All these questions were answered when i discovered the secret (the law of attraction) about five years ago. By actually looking at things that naturally make people feel good about themselves. It became clear to me that my purpose in life is to add value in other peoples life. and the only way i could do this but at the same time living a setisfying life of my own i realized that it was through business.

and so far it all looks promising.

Yes!!! Yes!! Yes!! Thuba!! The joy in yourself brings joy unto others!!! Yes, this right!! Very good! So glad you learned this. So happy for you!

Lately my biggest question has been:


How can I see that differently?


I apply that question to everything. Me, other people, situations, places, things etc...


How about you?


I hear you loud and clear. ;) You make complete sense to the way I understand the subject.


In the interest of keeping it simple, I dont usually go into those kinds of discussions at the beginning of a thread. I find that the oneness conversation makes everything so much more complicated to talk about - just as you had to ask if you were making sense to me.


This article and many others are pieces of ideas coming from a book I am almost finished writing called 'fresh perspectives.' The point of the book is to hepl folks learn new ways to change their perspective of there situation as per the teachings of LOA. Im quite excited about it.


At this point in the conversation though, I appreciate you bringing it up. You rock! :)


The most inspired people "on earth" have always been those who live their unique perspectives in ways that appear as greater contrast ....


This reminds me of Albert Einstein, who was very single-minded in his passions.  He didn't do well in school except in areas of science and mathematics, because he simply wasn't interested in anything else, and his overall approach to life was that if the rest of the world fit around his pursuits that was fine, but if not, it didn't bother him in the least.

I agree with this sentiment.  However, what I have learned through the LOA is that we form beliefs about the world, about our own personal limitations, about how we see the world, about how we respond to the world from a negative state of being.  It is not until we break through this that we can then start seeing magic happen.  Of course this doesn't happen to everyone, but I would guess probably more than less of the people in the world. 


My question is:  How does a person who has made mistakes free himself of the prison of playing catch up and begin to believe that he deserves a happy life when he feels his mistakes has harmed others, and possibly he is living his "payback"??


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