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Hello my name is Michael and I am new to the group but am eager to learn.

I just started the Master Key System and love it so far but have hit a bump early on. In part 2 while sitting still it says to INHIBIT ALL THOUGHTS. So if a thought comes in to your mind you tell yourself to banish this thought ? Or do you think of a blank sheet of paper ? How do you banish all thougts ? I have heard of using the word "CANCEL" if a negative thought comes in but it says to inhibit ALL thoughts. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Thank you and Best Wishes to you and yours.


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Hi Michael,

I am on Part Eight, I trust you are doing this one week at a time...what worked for me in Part Two was to concentrate on my breathing, and continuing doing it everyday for at least fifteen minutes, I set a timer on my PC so I did not have to concern myself with that thought of time, what you will find out later is the intention is not just drawing a blank, but as I interpret it, harnessing the endless flow of thoughts which go through my head so I can concentrate on one thing at will, it's an exercise which will help you in the upcoming lessons, I bought Holosync CD's at that point in my studies to help in the control he speaks of in Part Two and it helped me tremendously to calm my chaotic thinking. I used the CD's for four months, then went back to my studies, and I am convinced that if you practice the MKS, (I have the MP3 version of the MKS also which allows me to listen to my weekly lesson everyday over and over in my car) and treat is as a study guide, you will notice a fantastic change in yourself, I know I have. If you do not have the audio, leave a comment on my page and I will get you copy somehow.

Honestly, I think Buddah is probably the person to have perfected this...be kind to yourself...the mind is like a muscle-it need to be exercised to develop.
I agree with Michael, focus on your breathing. That really helped me out. Also, I meditate in a dark room so I close my eyes and see the darkness which is another thing I focus on as a slate for clearing my mind. Black to me = emptiness.
Hi Michael,
I have read Master Key system and continue to read it and apply the principles
Thoughts are things we choose to allow the persistence of a good thought meaning does it make a us feel good or yucky. Always find a higher feeling thought and pay attention to how you feel Since everything carries a vibration. For me I focus on the feeling how do I feel now and continue to pay attention to how I feel. I agree with the breathing exercises it calms the mind and opens the channels for higher wisdom.
I think for me it has been to acknowledge whatever thought that comes into my head but to not get caught up in the details or stay parked with it. Focus not on the thought but be aware of how you feel. The thing that is so cool about this system is the way Haanel has laid everything out in almost a bullet point type of format. Cahnges are noticeable in myself when I am putting into practice these MKS principles.

Thank you all for your advice and comments. I have a much better understanding Part 2 now. I am eager but patient to continue on. Next up Part 3.

Best wishes to all.

Hi Michael,

When it concerns negative thoughts, you have to turn them around to a positive thought. Like attracts like. The mind doesn't understand the word not or negative. When you focus on something you don't want on this subject, you exactly get what you don't want. Focus on what you want instead.

I enclose "The Basics of Your Mind" audiofile to listen to.. enjoy your journey to prosperity..
Best regards



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