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Braco is a healer from Croatia. He says nothing people come to him and are healed just from his gaze.



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I watched the YouTube video you posted in the group page comments. I did get a little emotional, but I think it was the music. I mentioned I react very emotionally to music always. You have just been watching his YouTube videos?
Hi Trish I watch this video every day. I frequently watch the dvd Awakening Within US. I also went to Hawaii to do 5 days of gazing with Braco. I have also read the book 21 days with Braco.

The result of all this simple activity i s that I am physically stronger, more goal oriented and my life is working better for me. Just watching the you tube videos got me started in this.

If you got a little emotional that is awesome because you can build on it little by little and create some great results in your life.

Now I too practice gazing at people with good results. Things are just falling into place in my life magically.
That's pretty amazing. I would like to note that I spoke with a young lady who actually lives in the same Croatian city as Braco and had a different take on him. She said there had actually been a lot of negativity concerning his 'work' and some people reporting their lives actually becoming much worse after working with him...or some people becoming rather obsessed. Here's her comments (two separate responses to my questions about him) regarding Braco after I'd asked if she knew of him:

Well, I've heard of him, I haven't met him personally. I honestly don't know whether he's for real or not. I've seen something about him on TV, about people leaving flowers in front of his door because he doesn't take money. He lives in my city. I've googled him a bit and he seems to be selling gold jewellery because gold sybolises solar cults. There are good impressions and there are bad. People are writing that they feel great when they see him regularly but when they don't go for a while they are drained physically and encounter greater and greater problems (I'm just translating relevant information I found about him in Croatian on the net) and there are really nasty stories about the man who taught Braco everything. I think this Braco is not the "real deal", there's something really fishy here.
BTW, Braco in Croatian means "little brother"
I found his website

However, I have found more negative stuff on Braco than positive and that people sort of get "addicted" to him. His "teacher" Ivica Prokić was a shady character of whom it is said that he always had to wear 1 kilo of gold on his person to better establish a connection to the sun (btw, he's Braco's relative). There's more but it's just so bizarre I would feel like an idiot typing it.
I do believe in spiritual healing but i don't think this is "it". In his promotional video which he sells for a moderate price, there are very prominent persons from Croatia who are supporting him (and they are very dishonest themselves). IDK but I think we underestimate our ability to heal ourselves. We are all healers, love and purity underneath all the pain and trauma we're exposed to.

I say if it's working for you and you're feeling a change and shift in your life for the better, keep with it. I am interested in him but am going to proceed with caution (not get too obsessive with it). Maybe some of the people who walk away feeling worse and encountering more problems are going through an emotional detox...I know this happens sometimes when you first go through any type of energy healing (I went through something similar...I didn't have more 'problems' come into my life, but some things started to unfold that I had previously refused to deal with and tried to hide away...my soul just couldn't take it anymore and forced me to deal with some issues from my past). But either way, congratulations on the gazing...I think that's really cool that people can do that.
Hi Trish I am glad you found this information. Diversity of opinion is always a good thing.
When I read book reviews on Amazon some people will say a certain book saved their life and they gave ten copies away. Other people say the book is trash and a waste of money.

I have been watching the videos for 5 weeks now and have noticed many miracles happening in my life and also in other people. I strongly believe in this process since it is working so well for me.

I even went to Kona Hawaii and spent 5 days with Braco. Many people I talked with have gotten excellent results with the gazing process.

Now I did also talk to someone who had gone to 50 gazing sessions and it had done nothing for him.
So each person has a different reaction.

If you get something out of the gazing process fine if not that's OK too. there are many paths!!
Yep, that's what I always say...the same path isn't always meant to be taken by everyone. Glad he's working out for you...I am interested in his work, so I think I will research more and keep an open head about it. Thanks for sharing with us.
Now here is some more information to ponder on

21 Days with Braco
by Angelika Whitecliff


A new possibility of transformation and awakening for humanity has emerged . . .

And it comes in the most mysterious of ways!

In the Balkan country of Croatia, a man has risen up to help the people of this strife-ridden land with a remarkable gift. Braco has achieved an elevated state of consciousness that has allowed him to spontaneously manifest the ability to change people’s lives for the better through his silent gaze alone. With this gaze of miracles, Braco touches hundreds of thousands of lives each year with an unseen energy that creates physical healings, well-being and life transformations.
Braco is coming to Los Angeles April 23 24 25

Braco is coming to Japan in June.

People are becoming physically and mentally stronger because of

gazing from Braco.

The story of Braco http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_6xUVvZQlI
I live in Kansas City...smack dab in the middle of the US! So...don't think I'll be able to make it, haha! Why do I keep thinking about Men Who Stare at Goats?? Haha, lol, sorry!
here is some more info on Braco

Hi Trish out in Kansas We here in Eastern Oregon are way out in a dry desert. 200 miles from anywhere. Yet because we have you tube out here we can easily improve our lives--finances--relationships--everything at no cost simply
by viewing the Braco videos on you tube.

We don't have many goats around here but we do have lots of cows and wheat fields to stare at.

useful links http://www.matrixenergetics.com/messageboard/ubbthreads.php?ubb=sho...

here is avery inspiring video that I love as I watch these videos I can feel increased heart energy.



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