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So I have read both The Secret and The Power, and have accumulated A TON of information about LOA. However, there's so much information and it all seems so repetitive, so what are the "bare basics" and "minumums" of what we should always be consciously aware of?

For instance, in order to attract a car, I'd be grateful for EVERYTHING I have, as well as imagining, feeling, believing and LIVING as if I already had the car, the money, etc.

However, I find myself constantly making a checklist in my mind of every little thing I think that I'm supposed to be doing in order to attract things. It's highly frustrating, and I'm absolutely positive that LOA is not meant to be a frustrating process.

All I want is a simple, basic idea of what to do to attract, and I know how to, I just feel like there's so much you have to do to attract what you want, I basically just want a simplified, easy and quick way to be grateful, give love, and live an amazing life.

Help me? :)

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the outer world is not what you "think" about or what you "act"

the outer world is a reflection of what you ARE


all the visualizing, thinking etc etc is simply a mechnism to change the inner, what you are.


when you become changed the world or outer must change with you.


it sometimes takes a while but enjoy "you" and you avoid the frustration.




Hi Kay, 

I'm new to the site but a long time LOA practicee! IMO This is how it works best... Don't stress about being grateful. All you are sending out is the message " to be grateful is stressful" and that's what you will attract... My advice is to go about your day and when you see a nice car say to yourself... I love that car... I'd love a car like that, thank you for showing it to me today. If you see a beautiful flower do the same ... say Oh wow i just adore that flower... it makes me feel so peaceful thank you dear universe for allowing me to find such a lovely expession of beauty. Just go about your day... smile at some one and say to yourself thank you for giving me the courage and the love to send out to others today. 

By being greatful and smiling at the things that make us happy we are saying thank you all the time... we are saying more of this please.... 


If you want to attract something specific you can attract it by written it down and saying i want this please.... and thank you very much for it... Then forget about it... and just be grateful for other things... That would bring the same feelings as if you had attracted the thing you first asked for.... the harder you make it the more you repel the very thing you want, and the more you attract more things to make life hard. This is called paradoxical intent... thought that negates the original thought and repels it. does that make any sense lol!

Hi Kay Lee,

Look, one of the things I love about Abraham-Hicks is the way they go over the basics. Here's a video (audio, really) you may find helpful.


Hope that helps, Kay Lee. :O)

Sunshine & Blessings,A

"It's highly frustrating" this kind of feeling will prevent any good thing from hapenning listen let me tell you something positive thinking and imagining is good but if they aren't occupied by a great positive feeling they are just thoughts without any power , emotions is the power what we feel is very important.

you acquired enough information about the LOA and now its your turn to apply what you read in a joyful way.





Awesome. I've found that I attract alot of things I want when I kinda think about it the least, or like, I'll feel having it, and just be really happy and act like it's mine. I tend to overthink and worry about what I want, but when I'm more calm about it and I send out a feeling of "not stressing because I know it's mine" it always helps me attract better! But thanks so much for the advice! (:


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