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7 months back ...I changed my job due to the wrong team members and the boss...and now again m stuck with the same kind of people....
N inspite of putting 100℅efforts ...never appreciated....
always made realised by my boss how less confident I am....

But I have seen others who barely put any efforts ...still get the credit for small tasks they do....they always get the perfect bosses....who love them n are always good to them.....

Please advice me....what should I do...My confidence has degraded alot due to all this....have become mentally weak....n unhappy....

Even on my relationship front....I always got the wrong guys who never loved me n eventually dumped me.....and treated me badly....

I need someone to guide me...m currently in the state of mental despair.... Isolated...alone....

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I am so sorry to hear this Dream. I had a similar experience and it was so soul damaging. It really wasn't worth the wages or the emotional pain to have to deal with people who cannot be decent human beings.

Situations like the job all start at the top, unfortunately, and I am sure you realize this, as you have already had to change jobs once. Your part in changing this is changing your thoughts and your focus.... How?.....

Start visualizing yourself in the work situation that you DO want with the relationship you DO want. Something that works really well for this is to do a treasure map/treasure board. This helps to negate the bad thoughts or worries that you will not get what you want and instead aims your focus in the direction best for you, determined by you.

Get some old magazines and cut out photos of everything you want to have and experience and glue them to the board. Do not overlook any detail. Look at them often- everyday. Be sure that the photos you use REALLY float your boat and give you enthusiasm~ even if you start with just one photo and take baby steps!

KNOW that you are worthy of love with someone who deserves you. KNOW that they exist and they ARE here NOW!

A little story to tell~ I had a coworker who knew this guy who consistently ended up with bad relationships- women who used him, and dumped him~ overall, insulted him. I had the experience of observing him in a social situation one day and let me tell you what I saw...

There were several women nearby- one who was obviously a very decent person and appeared to be attracted to him, the other so-so, and the third was trouble,- you could see her coming. You can guess who he honed in on, and when he did, the decent one might as well have been invisible and non-existent. She could have jumped up and down, yelling and waving her hands and he still would not have noticed her! He was the source of his own grief, simply because he did not love himself, and that has to come first. Once it does, then the manifesting is easy and the person he really deserved, because after all, he really was a decent guy, would become visible to him, FRONT and CENTER.

Also, someone I used to know was looking for a house, so we went through a local real estate guide and cut out a photo of the house that they liked and stuck it on their refrigerator door with a magnet, where they couldn't help but see it on a daily basis. In looking for a house, they answered a classified ad for a house that was of a different description. On their way over, they got lost and ended up parked right in front of.... you guessed it... the house from the photo on the refrigerator! It was for rent and for a better price and there you go! And yes it really did happen, in spite of the fact that they didn't really buy into the Law of Attraction.

I am confident that YOU will soon see this happen for YOU, ~ make and keep looking at that treasure map!

I do hope the very best for you, and please let me know how you are doing :)



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