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It says in the Secret that one can actually visualize unexpected checks in the mail. Has anyone on here actually received unexpected checks?

One of the teachers in the Secret has said he turned his life around by focusing on checks in the mail instead of bills. At first, I admit I was rather skeptical, but then since reading a lot about the LOA, I knew anything is possible.

Have any of you received large amounts of unexpected checks in the mail? If so, how did you do it? And is it really possible to get checks all the time?

Thanks guys I would appreciate any feedback!

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The person in "The Secret" who indicated that did get some checks in the mail but he isn't inundated with unexpected checks. LOA still works off of natural laws as well as the processes of our own societies so a bit of realism needs to enter into the equations. I have gotten unexpected checks in the mail but what happened with the guy in the movie is that he worked to set up residual income (through publishing, business, etc) so that he gets a bunch of checks from different sources. If you want checks in the mail, you can utilize LOA but most likely it will come to you in an inspiration to do something that will provide those checks. People just aren't walking around and giving free money.

Remember, a major key to LOA is action, something that "The Secret" doesn't put enough emphasis on but is extremely important.
I did. I first just visulaized receiving 5,000 dollars. I felt it, I saw it, I got really into it. And it was no time later that I received a check in the mail for almost 9,000.
Anything is possible, if you can imagine it, you create it, if you create it, it is yours.
Thanks guys so far for you feedbacks!

Sean: was it totally unexpected??
Yep, completely unexpected, well from the source that is. I knew money was coming because I was creating it. But other than that I didn't know where it was coming from.

You said money was coming because you were creating it, I am trying to attract a $25,000 check in the mail and have had people tell me it's impossible.

I thought we can have everything we want regarding the LOA
We can Jaqueline, I did it and so can you. Nothing is impossible with the LOA. Get Rhonda's new book, "The Power" and it takes it to another level. Be very grateful for the 25,000, like you already have it. I was wanting a motorcycle, when I imagined it I was riding it and felt the feelings of riding on a curvy road. I did that several times a day. And then I started planning rides, I searched the internet for the best rides. I even went as far as to start keeping track of the curviest roads in KY and planning an article. Then I found it. It was a great bike and the guy gave it to me for 2,000 less than its value. It was a steal and what was better is that I had the money in the bank to buy it. Now I have since sold the bike, at a profit I might add, and am on the attarction for another one, more specific one this time.
Another story is about a horse. My favorite Thoroughbred race horse of all time is Man-o-War. I truly love the horse even though he raced in the late 1920's. Last year a friend of mine was hurting for money and tried to sell me his mare. I wasn't all that excited about her so I kept turning him down until he brought the price down by half. I basicially was only buying her to help him, then as I am watching her in his field he starts telling me her bloodline. Eventhough she was a quarter horse she was a direct descendant of the great Man-o-war himself. I was blown away and took the deal.
Anything is possible and by being grateful and loving we receive more than what we asked for. I wasn't asking for a horse, esp one with Man-o-War in their bloodlines, but I see it as a gift, and once you become grateful for everything in your life, then great things will happen to you, even though you are not asking for them.
Just remember, and I can't stress this enough, the LOA does not know size or time! We are the ones who say 25,000 is a large sum of money, and the LOA responds to that. To the LOA, 25,000 might as well be a quarter. To the LOA, 25,000 is 25 with three nothings behind it. Its what is in our minds that define size, but to the Universe at large, there is no size, no time, no limits.
If you want a residual income, checks in the mail every month, start being very grateful for it, and in as little time as your mind will allow something great will happen. It may be that a business oppotunity shows up that allows you to receive checks in the mail every month for a single sale. It may be something completely different, heck you could win the lottery. It is not up to us "How" the Universe works it out, it is up to us to be aware of the opportunities that the Universe brings our way and receive the gifts it offers.
Last year I received a gift for my children. Completely unexpected. Me and the kids and fiance at the time had been working hard to move into a cabin that we rented from our landlord. Out of the blue he calls me and asks if the kids would like a trampoline. I asked what the catch was, he said there was none, just go get it. A tenant had moved out and left it behind. In thirty minutes I had it apart and was headed home with it. I later saw the exact trampoline at a store and went for 300.00 dollars brand new. I was very grateful and just kept saying "Thank you."
So Jaqueline, anything is possible, if we can imagine it, then we are creating it, if we create it then it is ours. There is no "mights" in there. Thats the way it works, thats the law, it works whether we follow it or not. So this one time, be a rebel and follow the Law.
Yes if you visualize it can happen. I saw a house online for sale. I visualized living there. I then started writing it as my address as many times as I could on blank sheets of paper. I took very few actions next thing I knew the house was mine. I have recently visualized checks in the mail. I took an action I had feared for many years now I receive over $1,000 in the mail every month. LOA works!
When I watched The Secret for the 1st time, I saw myself in that part where the man was focusing on his bills. So, I decided to stop doing that and start focusing on checks coming in. It was just awesome because the bills actually slowed down or I didnt even "see" them anymore, because I just wasnt focusing on them. Then unexpected checks began coming to my mailbox! They ranged in anywhere from $10 to over $100 and at the time when I needed them most. Right now I am focusing on $1000 and $5000...

It really does happen..and the checks can come from anywhere.. just believe!
To Terani and Paula:

Terani: You said you took an action you had feared for many years now, what did you mean?

Paula: Did you visualize the checks being in the mail, what I mean is did you actually see the color of the checks and the amounts?

When you stopped focusing on the bills, does that mean you didn't think about paying them but just did pay them?

Thank You guys for your feedbacks!!!
Hi Jacqueline!

Basically what I did was take the focus off the bills and put it on receiving checks. When I would walk out to get the mail, I didnt think about bills being in the box. I just kept thinking there is a check waiting for me among the mail. I stopped talking about bills in general. When they came I just laid them on my desk, paid them and filed the papers. Forgot all about it.. again no real focus on the bills. Everyday I would say over and over.."I am a money magnet, money flows to me freely and effortlessly. I get checks in the mail everyday."

Once I started doing that, unexpected checks started coming. The last check I received was over $100. It seems to be getting higher. The funny thing is during this time I never really saw an amount or any specific check/color. I just believed that a check was waiting in the mail box for me.

Hope that helps!
oh it does thanks Paula! I tried focusing on unexpected checks and unfortunately, I am behind on the bills and having creditors calling, I would focus on having checks but would think lack later that day, so I know that's why there hasn't been checks in the mail for me. I am trying to get rid of the fear I get and been doing a bit better on that. It is very difficult to do this.

I have been told by people who even believe in the LOA that unexpected checks aren't possible. Not here but other people. I can't believe that for the LOA gives us everything we want!
Oh yes took a Matrix Energetics class and soon after received an unexpected check for $2,900

As a result of changing my thinking I now have a checks coming in every month for $575 from my rental house whereas before I got nothing from it.

Also unexpected $700 per month coming in.

change your thoughts change your life.


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