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I read the secret book for the first time a couple months ago and thought wow!

I was a different person after reading it.. I was positive and looked at things in a differnet way all together.


But I lost my way abit after Christmas and New Year a few bad things happened which were tough to deal with, but i'm ready to get back on track now. So I will read the book again this week, write down my goals etc and make a clean start.


Has anyone got any tips for me as I am just starting out? I would really love to meet new people who think the same as me, does anyone know of any groups to go to in the Kendal area?


Thanks all

Josie xox

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Remember to focus on your goals and not hold your fears in your mind. If you find fears taking over your thoughts, don't beat yourself up and fight them - just say something like "Oh, there's those old fears popping up again, but listening to them  was the old me. The new me just lets them go and remembers where I am going now - straight to my goals.


Love - and laughter on your journey!


Hi Josie How are you? did you read the book fir the second time ? i actually i remember when i started to use the law of attraction i read the book more than 30 times.

listen if you need any help just let us know because we are here to help each other




Well I've read both The Secret and The Power multiple times, and I always feel so confident and happy when I do so. I would say the best thing to do is just live and act how you would if you had everything you want (fancy car, house, spouse, etc.). Basically just imagine and feel having it for a few minutes a couple times a day, and just get on with your life, and kinda just forget it, and be happy. By doing that, you're sending out a signal saying "I'm not stressed or worried about what I want to attract, because I already know its mine!". I've attracted some great things by just acting the way I knew I would act if I had them. And just pretend like you always have what you want, and just LIVE it lol, it's a bit hard to explain but I hope you're understanding lol Also, feel good, give love, and be grateful! Just look around the room and think of everything you own that's helped you, even beautiful birds and stars and trees, etc. Just basically, forget all the negativity, and live the way you'd live if you had it all, and it'll come :) Good luck! (:

I can only echo what others have already said. Act "as if you already have it". If you see something you want or like, do not say, "aw... I wish I had that. How did SHE get that _____?" Instead simply say, "what a nice _____. I'm happy for her". The reason doing this should be easy for us, is because the universe isn't short on _____. You can have it just as well as the next person.


It's also as easy to manifest something "big" as it is something "small" as the Power points out.  If we think something is "big" it may take longer, because we're giving out that frequency. In the universe, size doesn't matter. Just continue to think positive thoughts. Day dream about having the things you want. Make a visualization board if you haven't already. I have three and I look at them quite frequently. 

Totally, 100% agree with ARTiculation.

There's really no difference between manifesting one dollar, or a million dollars, it's our belief that since a million dollars is alot more money, it'll also be harder to attract. But nothing could be further from the truth! The law of attraction can bring you ANYTHING with absolutely NO effort! Even something as big as a million bucks! The thing is, getting yourself to believe you can and DO have that money. (I'm just using money as an example, Lol) But basically, you've really got to realize that since you're perfectly capable of attracting anything, what is it that you want? Then just go about your day being happy, grateful, and feeling really good, and just know it's yours! What I've found to be pretty helpful is doing alot of internet research, reading bits and pieces of The Secret each day, and eventually you learn so much about LOA, that you figure out how to attract all the cool stuff you want. I've attracted money, relationships, all sorts of stuff using it, and it's so amazing! :) You'll see. Don't worry too much about getting it all right, and all perfect, because people visualize and attract things in so many different ways. There's no one RIGHT way to do it, so just do what makes you feel good, know it's already yours, don't stress, and be grateful. Best wishes (:

Law of Attraction is working all the time 24/7, non-stop, just like gravity.  Many people start something new or go to a seminar and are inspired and for a time are in a higher vibration but they soon drop back into old patterns of thinking, being and living and thus get the same old results.


For permanent changes, you must consistently and persistently work on you.  You are your best asset.  It does gets easier as these new ways of thinking, being and living become habit. 


The most successful and famous people in the world continually work on themselves by reading books that inspire and instruct, they watch videos.  And these things are "non-negotiable" to them.  They are done every day without fail regardless of how busy they are or even if they are on vacation. 


With all the free videos online and the ease of downloadable books, this is easier now than ever before.


Also, Bob Proctor and many others will tell you as you go higher in vibration, old things will come up to be handled, so do not look at them as negative, stay positive and work on through what ever pops up.


Remember, "fear knocked on the door, faith opened it and no one was there."  Face and confront your doubts and fears and you will find they can be handled and/or will go away.


I highly recommend you watch this video and other abraham-hicks videos at least one a day preferabley two.  One in the morning when you wake to start your day and one before you go to bed to set the vibration for your sleeping hours.




I also highly recommend that everyone get and continually read, re-read and study the book "Think & Grow Rich" as it contains the steps to getting anything not just wealth.  You can use it for anything.


However, knowledge alone will not bring a permanent vibrational change to you and thus to the results of your life.  You will need to apply these things to your life consistently.  However, it does get easier to do with daily help and inspiration.  :-)


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