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UPDATE: Jan. 5, 2017

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the feedback and advice!  I have started taking vitamins daily, exercising 3-4 times a week, and gotten back from a much needed winter break from school!  I have been practicing LOA daily.  I have not gotten my ex back, nor any communication from him.  BUT I am a much happier version of myself! Forcing myself to repeat positive affirmations is the first step to believing them, or so I've found.  I truly believe I have made some progress and I'm so happy to have a community that believes in me and supports me so thank you all :) 

Dec. 13, 2016

I just joined this community today, and I'm quite a rookie with LOA.  I thought this forum would be a great place to start learning.

My depression has only been diagnosed for the past 6 years or so. I didn't like therapy because it made me so critical of myself and the situations I found myself in.  In the past 2 months I've gotten off one of my antidepressants, and I'm almost off the other.

However, with depression comes anxiety and intrusive thoughts. And for those who don't know, they are thoughts that don't go away, they are on loop and resurface no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm with, no matter where I am.  I am very slowly learning how to change my perspective and ways I think of things.

I think LOA is a perfect example of how it is so crucial to change my state of mind.  

I really do want to be able to make myself happy and not need anyone else. However, this past August my insecurities caused me to walk away from the perfect guy.  I'm having a lot of difficulty being happy with myself and by myself without him and now that I'm not on antidepressants I'm struggling so hard with intrusive thoughts.  I know they will only make things worse, but I've never been able to think positively about myself.  I really want to try and I want to learn how to because this guy is seriously so amazing and I want to be with him more than anything.  It's hard not to beat myself up about letting him go.

I think my biggest issue is faith in myself: faith that I have the capacity to love myslef, and faith that I am good enough for him.  As well as my struggle with faith in the universe, that the LOA will actually help me get back to being his girl.  It's easy to repeat positive sayings over in my head but I need so much more convincing to tackle my mind that's telling me the contrary. 

I really don't know how these groups and forums work so please be patient and I hope no one is frustrated if I've posted this in a completely inappropriate space but I would love help or advice from anyone that knows how I can practice changing my perspectives.

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Don't be too hard on yourself... everyone goes through this once in awhile so you are not alone even myself :) the thing is those thoughts that you have are there for a reason if you try to resist them they will persist because maybe you are avoiding dealing with them. Analyze these thoughts, where did they stem from, what happened to you in the past that is putting in this state of depression. Don't fight the feelings or the thoughts because they are apart of you. There is no good without bad and there is no bad without good, all need to do is find that balance so that when the bad thoughts come along you would say to yourself yes this is crap but I will be good regardless :) you are human hun nothing is wrong with you. Once you realize that you are awesome and unstoppable you can do whatever you want, have the life that you want to live and be happy
Oh and another thing... the thoughts that are on repeat in your head is your subconscious. If it is something that upset you or made you angry in your past that was traumatic if something similar happens it triggers your subconscious to replay those thoughts. Don't let those thoughts overwhelm you as I said do try to observe where these thoughts are coming from. If mentally you can't relax yourself on your own there are supplements you can take that can help calm you. 5http, rhodiola is the best*, fish oils, L tyrosine, B complex vitamins. These help to support the brain and also help with stress I do recommend these than anti depressants they are natural and you don't get addicted to these. I really do hope my advice helps and that you feel better :) hugzzzzzzzz

Thank you so much! I really need that reassurance to be persistent.  And thank you so much for the supplement advice! I'lldefinitely give that a go!

In reference to LOA, you need to believe in what you want. But your intrusive thoughts won't let you do that. I was a victim of the same.

What I can suggest is, break your routine life in every possible way. Take a long vacation ASAP. Make list of things which you really love to do.

Second suggestion, take a meditation course and follow it religiously. and please do not think meditation is for trouble ppl or something, its crap. Meditation shall be a mandatory exercise for every human being (my personal view). Do it for seven days and let us know the result.

Breaking your routine life (vacation) and/OR meditation will shift your thought patterns and will help in believing whatever you want in your life.

just chillax and have fun. Life is a party.

I do have the winter break from my school coming up! But meditation, I'll have to give more practice to! Thank you so much I really appreciate it :)

Abraham-Hicks is all I have to say.  Lots to expand on but running out the door.  I was so depressed I couldn't get out of bed lol.  Found Abraham-Hicks.  Read, listened, listened...listened...took me a little time but no drugs.  Well some self medicating with alcohol and other things for a bit. But the thing that worked was reaching for a better feeling thought, counting by 3's, thinking about anything that felt better...doing their 21 or 22 processes.  Those are free online pdf...

But youtube a good free source if you don't have the funds.  

You have an inner being who knows who you truly are.  Knows you are worthy beyond worthy.  Abraham teaches you how to connect to this inner being who you are not disconnected from at all.  But are not in alignment with.  When you are in alignment with your inner being, you feel wonderful, worthy, tuned in, tapped in and turned on!  

When you are thinking "I'm not good enough"  "I should do better"  "I should be better...." you are not in alignment with your inner being and it feels awful.  It can feel sad, angry, depressed.  

Get back into alignment with who you really are and Abe can show you how.  

Good to know! I guess I'm just starting so this definitely is gonna prove that it's so worth it to continue learning about this, thank you!!

I'm struggling with the same thing. I have depression and an eating disorder, and i'm 48. I've struggled my whole life. I got out of an alcoholic 20-year-marriage and fell in love with a very good friend. He rejected me, so I dated someone else for six months. He dumped me over Christmas 2012 and broke my heart. I suffered from extreme pain for a year. Finally got myself well and resumed the relationship with my true love. Last summer he dumped me. That's when I discovered books and websites about LOA, positive thinking and affirmations. I actually got myself feeling a ton better--and then he came back into my life! Life was great for a while. So great that I sold my house and moved to be closer to him. We had talked about moving in together in this new house. The new house is also closer to my family and my ex-husband, which is good for my son. But two weeks ago, this man I've loved for so long, broke up with me out of the blue. He says he doesn't love me. So, back to depression and the eating disorder. I have been trying so hard to focus on good, positive thoughts and gratitude. I started a gratitude journal. Gratitude helped me so much last summer. I can feel the positive emotions and gratitude in my body--I even laughed out loud this week once because it felt so good and so real. But I can't stop the intrusive thoughts. The pain is so recent and so strong, that it's fighting me. I keep trying to let go. How do you let go when you're in so much pain and your brain will not stop processing? 

I guess that's my question for anyone reading: what tips do you have for letting go when you're in so much pain? I can neutralize the pain by focusing on positive thoughts and gratitude. And I bless the pain. It eventually returns. But the brain is so insistent in its thinking. I can't control it. So I sleep a LOT. It's the only way I can get out of my head. When I manage to neutralize the pain, the brain's thinking just brings it back. I am trying so hard to let go and let God/Universe do what it does best. Sometimes I ask myself, "If I were having surgery, would I sit up and ask the surgeon what he's doing and remind him to make sure he does this, and that? Would I constantly interrupt him? No! So I need to do the same thing here and just let God/Universe do what it does best."

I really need help with the intrusive thoughts, too.

I'm so sorry to hear that Kristy!  I freak out sometimes because not only do you get caught up in intruisive thoughts, but you then become fearful that you will attract more negativity with these thoughts... which only increases the amount of negative thinking!  While I've been taking a break from things I've thrown myself into changing the way I think through LOA so that is the only advice I can give:

I found a YouTuber, Veronica Isles, and I watch and re-watch her stuff! I know she also offers individual coaching if you're interested in that.  The contact info is in all her videos!

Also, the most helpful I find is just repeating positive thoughts, telling yourself positive things, even if you don't believe them! Eventually, you will!  Every now and again I find my doubts and insecurities pop up and taint the flow but I try and remind myself that they are fears and insecurities, just assumptions! (That is for me anyways) And then as soon as I catch those creeping in I try and revert back to telling myself positive things.  I think telling yourself positive things, whether you believe them or not will 1) make you feel better just because you are distracting yourself from the negative and deliberately re-orienting your focus to positive vibes and  2) it will help you train yourself to do it more readily!  

It may be hard now but you and me both are gonna be able to control the way we feel but I think that's a good first baby step, I know it's not much but I hope that helps!  I'll send good vibes your way too :)


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