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Hello everyone,

So it seems like there's a ton of people on this forum who have alot of questions about how to ask, how to attract, how to visualize, etc. And believe me, I am NO law of attraction expert, I'm only 16, yet I've had several successful experiences with The Secret, and I want everyone to know that you're just as capable of attracting success! I read The Secret about two or three years ago, I also bought The Power the DAY it came out, and have read several other law of attraction eBooks online, and spent countless hours collecting as much data as I could in websites and other forums similar to this one. Eventually, I realized I had all this info I had learned regarding the law of attraction, yet I never really put it into practice. I had read so much about it, but I was to focused on 'getting it right' and the 'perfect way to attract' before I realized:

There's no ONE right way to attract!

 So basically, you're able to attract things in sooo many different ways.

The way I tend to attract things is outlined as follows: (I've attracted MANY awesome things, but I'm gonna use my new cell phone as an example, cause it's the most recent thing I got about a week ago lol ;)

1) Smile, and name 10 things you're grateful for.

In this case, for me, it was the cell phone I had at the time, my computer, my health, my family, my friends, etc.

2) Imagine and feel having what you want.

I sat there and imagined having that new cell phone I wanted (which my parents were skeptical to buy me lol), and so I saw it in my mind, and imagined holding it in my hand, and felt the joy of really having this thing, and acted like I had it. I imagined exactly what it looked like, and really believed it was mine.

3) Let it go/forget it.

I obviously didn't want to spend every waking moment thinking about it, because well, we've all got lives lol, and things to do and people to see. So I forgot about my cell phone, because I truly believed and KNEW it was mine. Because do you stress out over the things you already have? No! You don't stress out about your name, you already know it's yours! So know that it's yours, and don't stress out about it.

4) Constantly be grateful and happy, all the time.

Yes, be the person who's always smiling, and happy. Yeah, sometimes stuff happens that totally sucks, and it kinda makes you upset. But just forget about it, because every second you spend feeling negative is a second that wasn't moving you towards your desires. Be and feel AMAZING, ALWAYS :) And truly feel the happiness and joy of what you want ALL THE TIME.


In a week, I got the phone I wanted, so I hope by using my process, or a variation of it, you'll attract some cool stuff too. Now, I'm on to attracting bigger and better things, and I fully encourage you to do the same! :) Good luck! :))


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Thanks for your history! :) I am 17, and it is great to see other teenagers who are using The Secret! :)
Congratulation Kay i'm happy for you :) wish you keep attracting all the thing you desire, anyway what you've explained about LOA is right but i want to add and ask question at the same time when you reach step no.3 Let it go/forget it. at this point you need to have faith or lets say (absolute certainty) that you'll get your desires the question is that sometime we don't have this certainty that our desires will be fulfilled  what should we do in other words if deep inside you don't believe that you can have the Ferrari how will you get it even if you are HAPPY???
You're absolutely right! We do need to have total faith and absolute certainty. But to attract something like a Ferrari, think of rich people that actually one. Yeah, they may be rich and famous, but are they honestly any better of a person than you? Are they any more worthy of a wonderful life? They may already have a wonderful life, but they had to get there somehow! They've simply accomplished their journey, and you're just starting yours. The best thing you can do is just start to feel good about yourself, and know that you totally deserve all the good things life has to offer! You should have total confidence and know that you are awesome! You should really act and feel like a rich person, and just imagine having a Ferrari! If you have a car now, while your driving it, just ignore what it really looks like and pretend you're driving a Ferrari! Just pretend and act like you have one, and feel all the happiness you would feel if it was yours. Imagine how you'd feel if someone bought you a Ferrari and surprised you with it, and think of how happy you would be to have it. Then just feel the happiness. But most of all, be confident and KNOW that you deserve it just as much as anyone else who has one. Then just keep living like it's yours! Good luck!

Thanks Kay you're so nice and your enthusiasm has really charged me up towards achieving my goals, listen its really hard to find people in their 30's and have the same thinking if you keep this mental attitude towards life i'll not be wondering if i see your name on Forbes list for the richest people in the world, you are really awesome!!...

listen how about if we agree on a mutual goal and go for it together??  and if we knew more people having the same desires that'd be wonderful!!!! i'm telling you this because you seem to be so excited energetic and full of life so we can help each other and get what we want so fast..Is anyone interested?? 

I'm curious, you said your parents didn't want to buy the phone for you, how did you actually get the cell phone?
Lol, well they didn't want to buy me it, they said it was expensive, thay I didn't need it, etc. But I totally ignored them saying no, because of course, just because they said no didn't mean I no longer wanted it! So I really felt like I had the phone, and acted as though it was mine. I didn't have any doubts, I felt having it for real. Then one day, I'm in a really good mood listening to music in my room, and my dad throws a box on my bed and says, "We changed our minds, here you go!" and I actually thought they were playing a trick on me, because they literally said there was no way that they were getting me that phone, and everytime I'd ask about it, they'd get all mad at me for being "ungratfeul for what I already had." so I just quite asking them for it, and acted like it was already mine, and it came!

You sound like you have really accepted the LOA and are continually practicing it. You might think about expanding  your ability and moving to the next step. Identify something that you would really like to accomplish, something that would be good for others as well as yourself. Choose something that will have to come from sources outside the people you currently know. Maybe a scholarship, maybe something good for someone you know that needs help right now. Attempt to stretch your new found ability so that it grows and evolves. Release the limitations and just think about what you can accomplish for the good of everyone.

Good luck



Hang on, your profile says you're 20
It doesn't matter Sarah you didn't have to say that, because what she'd said is really great
It doesn't matter Sarah you didn't have to say that, because what she'd said is really great
Hi Hussam, I agree, I'm not denying her the value of her input at all. But clarity is all important, n'est-ce pas....?
Thank you Sarah for being nice :)


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