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Utopia's Ground Crew


Utopia's Ground Crew

The Voice of the Planet will not be silenced, the Song the Universal is Forever Singing to the Universe Resonates through Us; for the most part falling upon Deaf Ears. It is Time for a new Dance of Creation to take the Stage on our Beautiful Planet

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Through Deliberate Intention and the Law of Attraction which will lead us into Harmony with the Law of Allowance, as a group, we can Create / Manifest a New Paradigm of Human Experience and free ourselves from the cyclic repetition of victimhood, and replace it with Self-Empowerment, as we birth the Expansive and Creational Future of Mankind in Harmony with Divine order, the Laws of the Universe, and every living thing; achieving an evolvement within creation as a constantly changing cooperative process of knowledge and experience toward wisdom.

This allows for consideration of the power held within the simplicity of redirecting purposeful intention through placing the attention on what is desired rather than what appears to be happening. This changes the point of control from the observed to the observer which allows for the empowerment of the individual observers, and further demonstrates the power of cooperation through unified commitment to a common goal. We are the future - HERE and NOW.

-- Victor

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Comment by tay on May 27, 2010 at 12:47pm
We know by intuition that we and the god of this universe are love. But can we say the same about God the "Is"? Can we explain why we are love by reason?
Comment by victor on February 12, 2010 at 1:10pm
Thanks Tay, I know I have been somewhat remiss, but then, hey, what can I say ...
Comment by tay on February 12, 2010 at 12:10pm
Good to see you back with new threads!
Comment by victor on February 10, 2010 at 12:40am
We are not beings of light, we are Love and we create the Light. God (the "Is") only knows us as Its Perfect Creation in Perfect Oneness, and we can come to realize, not so much through some act of consciousness, but through the knowing of the Spirit, that we are in constant communion with the "Is". God ("Is") knows nothing of our dreaming, as God knows only Pure Perfection with which we are ONE, and always have been and always will be. It is only here in this silly little dream within a dream, thought within a thought, that these ideas of identity and individuality exist, and they are only symbols of what they represent in our imagination; they are not real. Trust your instincts, and follow your heart of hearts, for it will never mislead you. The Spirit in you is the knowing, and the ego in you is the questioning, stop questioning, and just know you are, and always have been, perfect and whole and innocent, and you can never be diminished in any way. Only the material and the ego evolve, change and decay, but they are not real, what we are, on the other hand, is created perfect, whole and complete, lacking nothing. What we are does not evolve, it is infinite and all encompassing, and this cannot change. Be well unto yourself, and in every moment of every day be Love.
Comment by victor on December 7, 2008 at 2:47am
Surely, more people have more to say, right?
Comment by Hasina Choudhury on November 5, 2008 at 3:39pm
Hi There, just joined this great group.Such a cool day now that Obama will be President, you can really feel a change coming.
Here's some of my writing . . .

The Greatest Love story ever told : an ancient fable.

There were just Two..
These two were a single one
Old father time/Mother earth.
Many names for the same thing.
Two principles that together cold do anything, create anything, be anything.
The only limit imagination.
But as their creations became bigger they found it difficult to return to the beginning point.
The First Time.
So they began to permeate their works with signs to guide them when they were lost or confused.
But no matter how painful those times were it was worth the risk.
To find that love again.

And now?
Now we are the creation.
Their biggest yet.
But she’s forgotten . . .
Comment by victor on October 10, 2008 at 12:48am
Have you ever seen the Harvest moon
so gently caress the softened autumn sky
as you lay in the grasses of an open meadow?
Have you ever seen the infinite tender beauty
of the innocence and peace captured
in a baby's sleeping breath?
Have you ever seen the silent power
in an Eagle's unquestioning grip
as it claims its rightful meal?
Have you ever seen any evidence of God
in this tormented and hate ravaged world
of man's un-doing - that gives you true hope?
I have,
In your eyes.
Comment by victor on October 10, 2008 at 12:48am
If there was a World...

Where Love and Truth
Were the things that really mattered;

Where Human lives
Were never lost or shattered;

Where guns and hate and war
Were never thoughts in any mind;

If there was a World ...

If there was a World ...

Where I would lay down my life
To save a friend like you;

Where doing such a thing
No one would ever have to do;

Where we live our lives unmarred
In peace with every living kind;

If there was a world ...

If there was a world ...

Where hand-in-hand we
Greet each Joyful day;

Where strangers laugh together
And all our children play;

Where no love is forgotten or left un-given
and no heart is ever left behind;

If there was a world ...
Comment by victor on October 10, 2008 at 12:48am
I'm crying ...
I'm dying ...

I can see what's wrong with me,
It's in my head;
I can see what's going to be,
As I lie in my bed;
Fools are not my brotherhood,
They are of the dead;

They died as they lived,
As I loved and was born,
On some distant hill;
The raesons to hide,
Are the reasons I've cried,
Fools pass laughing still.

There can be bad blood in all and I can see,
it's in my brain;
You don't know the pain I feel,
As I must live again;
Rocks and Stones may bruise my soul,
But my tears will leave a stain;

They smile to themselves,
As they lay down my head,
On some distant hill;
The blind and the child,
Sweep a tear from their eye,
Fools Smile as they kill.

I've got my own way to go and now I want,
To free your minds;
I believe if you could see,
The blood between the lines;
I believe that you could be,
a better kind;

So please lead the way,
That the unborn can play,
On some greener hill;
Laugh as the flames,
Eat their burning remains,
Fools die laughing still.
Comment by victor on October 10, 2008 at 12:47am
You are the moment sunlight breaks in through the darkness,
I am the eyesight to the very nearly blind;
You are the spirit of life that moves upon the waters,
I am the hope that's shared by every living kind;
You are the heartbeat pulsing life throughout the cosmos,
I am the fusion in the furnace of the sun;
You are the rock upon which rests our life's foundation,
I am the passion that makes the system run;
Together we're the outlet that brings forth all that is creation,
Together we are everything and we are everyone.

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