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1) As first it is important to work on the limiting beliefs, such as “I never win the lottery”, telling instead “I always win the lottery!” EFT is an amazing tool to neutralize the limiting beliefs.

2) To have focus on abundance and prosperity instead of scarcity and lack of money. Feel to be already rich! Feel that you are in process to win, that you are lucky!

3) Decide the amount you wish to win.

4) Visualize yourself while you are winning, feel all the feelings and vibrations of winning, jumping of happiness, visualize the money you won, maybe coming from the sky, more and more money and you have just to reach your hands to get all the money you won…Visualize what you wish to do with that money, feel the feelings and vibrations in going to buy a new home, a new car, a travel or realizing a projec that is in your heart.

If you do not win directly, don’t loose your trust in it. Believe that you are in process to win! Instead if you win also a little amount, your trust will be stronger and stronger! You are a winner!

5) Win! $$$$$$$$

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I agree, it is all about feeling abundant if you win or NOT!

Playing the lottery is a great thing to do to give you that fantasy time to use to align yourself with " what If "!
Great advice! I won £10 on the lottery once and even thought it was a small amount it was an amazing feeling. Im holding onto that feeling and planning everything I WILL do when i win the lottery. So exciting. I am a winner! x
I always win the lottery. I will win 2.4 million pounds. I already know what I will do with it once I win. I love the lottery.
I'm trying to win the Lotto jackpot 2.4 mil, too! Small world :D
Actually for the past few days i've made my belief of winning much stronger when found in the website how much people win daily. Some days as much as 4 people win the jackpot! This is madness! It's much easier for me now to visualize and feel the outcome! :))
I wish for an enormous lottery win not only for myself but everyone in this group.
Sending good thoughts of abundance of money and good fortune to all!!!!


You are living up to your name. To wish for others is the sign of an Angel or a Prophet. Please join me on Facebook.

Love & Peace, Deborah J. Boyd

I won a trip to NY, must have been visualizing NY!

Well, it is true that there is much money in New York City. Most people living in Manhattan are at least Millionaires. Join me on Facebook.

Love & Peace, Deborah J. Boyd

Ah well, I totally agree with you. Something must have changed in my mind. In the last 3 months I won 7 times! Small amounts but..still,so happy about it! I'm sure I'm on the right track!


First of all I would like to say this is a great forum with many people giving good suggestions for manifesting a lottery win. It seems like there some people who have done everything right (visualizing, adding emotion, removing all the blocks/doubts/attachments, etc.) feeling clear and 100% certain they would win; even posting in this forum their intention of winning. So why didn't they win a lottery jackpot?

Can you think of anything that we are overlooking that separates the big winners from losers and makes manifesting so elusive? I mean manifesting something really big and not like just finding a parking spot.

There are a lot of smart people here in this forum so I think we could find an answer beyond all the manifesting techniques discussed before in this thread. Perhaps the big lottery winners are doing something unconsciously that they themselves do not realize. It could be something subtle they are doing additionally that makes all the difference between losing and winning.

What do you think could possibly be the reason that prevents people who follow all the rules of manifesting and yet not win a lottery jackpot?

WOW!! Yes Please...~*^

I love lottery companies like Golden Casket!! I like the exciting thrill you get playing. I adore how the lottery enriches lives. What a successful, fun business!! Their advertising is always so bright, colourful and loud. I love seeing a jackpot - What am I to do with ALL this money? Man, I'm having such a great time feeling and planning like a multimillionaire!!..I AM wealthy, I don't even Need this money, I just like to win again and again and again..!!  How exciting it is. This is like monopoly, but bigger and better! I love games, I love to play. It's fun to celebrate other winners! There is SO MUCH FUN I can have here, Now.

So, what else can I attract? >_>


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