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ALFIE_RAFC's Discussions

Asking The Universe & God To Help Me Find My Passion And Purpose
18 Replies

Hi,Can anyone help me with the above. I feel like my love doesn’t move forward and I am stuck in the same lonely, broke loop.I need to get a love for life. Right now I feel as if I am existing…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Brian Freedman Nov 21, 2018.

Reprogramming my sub-conscious mind to get out of negative loop
4 Replies

Hi,I have posted previously about how I have been living in a loop all of my adult life. I am 33. Looking back on my life I feel as I have not made any progress. My two main issues are that I have…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dorothy Nov 2, 2018.

Need advice to get out of negative life loop.
9 Replies

Hi,Just giving you guys the heads up that this may be a long post. I have been feeling pretty down for the last few months. Reason for this as that I am just not happy with myself and where my life…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Dorothy Oct 24, 2018.

Can someone explain these particular manifestations to me please?
2 Replies

Hi,I have been aware of the LOA for the best part of six years. I have read a good few of the mainstream books and I find some of the youtube channels interesting. I do believe in the LOA strongly. I…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by ArtistLaura Sep 19, 2018.



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Sir Autumn replied to ALFIE_RAFC's discussion Manifesting money
"The means of the Universe are infinite, and it can bring money to you in ways you haven't thought of yet.  You need to get out of your own mind, and thinking that you can't see a way to raise it or receive it.  Remember that the…"
Jul 28

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To live a happy life with an abundance of money, good health, happy family, happy friends and piece of mind.
What are your Intended Results in joining this community?
Gaining the above in my life.
Do you feel you have been attracted to be here in an inspired and positively enthusiastic way? If the answer is no, you are in the wrong place! :-} If the answer is yes, Welcome Aboard!

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At 8:35pm on July 13, 2013, Lea said…

Work At Home Mom, WAHM, Mom Blogger

I am stopping by to say "hello" :)
I haven't been here in a while.
I welcome your friendship :)

Lea @ Mother Baby Child & Weight Loss Help

At 2:46pm on February 10, 2012, QueenieAthenie said…

The app continued..Good, now I want you to imagine the other things that are in your life now that you have found, this wealth and abundance, do you have cars?  Yachts? A plane? What matters to you?  See it. Notice it.  And as you transform the inside, that relationship with the Universe, your relationship with yourself, you will begin to transform the outside, creating energy and motion toward what YOU value in life.  It could be an abundance of family, that family time of celebration, but as YOU create abundance and wealth, you start creating it for others around you.  Perhaps there are clothes that you'd like to wear, picture yourself wearing them.  Look at your hand, your arm, maybe you're wearing the jewelry that you've always wanted to wear, easily affordable without any anxiety of worry at all, as there's SO much more wealth and abundance where you came from the Universe is unlimited in resources.  And perhaps with this new-found wealth, you have planned a vacation somewhere, somewhere you've wanted to go for a very long time, picture yourself getting on that plane or in that car, headed to your vacation destination FEEL that feeling of excitement, the peace that you have KNOWING that you're about to see a place that you've been wanting to see, wanting to visit, people you love or return to that favourite place you have not been able to afford.  Feel the joy, the contentment, the ALIGNMENT.  And now I want you to imagine yourself going to the bank and withdrawing money from an ATM machine [another name for cash point or hole in the wall] you put the card into the machine and punch the amount that you would like to take out. See the money in your hand and now look at the receipt.  This receipt tells you the balance of what's left in the account, what is the figure on the receipt? It doesn't matter whether this amount seems to be realistic or whether you'd realistically keep this amount in the account, the point is to see an actual figure and let this number burn into your mind.  Imagine this figure and really see it, let your eyes linger over it.  How does it feel knowing that you have this much wealth at your disposal? Allow yourself to feel what it would feel like and then continue to relax and let go into the soft cloud.  Now the last piece, I want you to imagine that this money that you have, this wealth and abundance, you're able to give it away.  You can freely give to those people and organizations that you care about, knowing you're not losing anything only gaining more good feeling of joy and love and contentment.  Imagine yourself writing out cheques to your favourite charitable organization or to someone in your family that needs help or to a friend.  Perhaps you start a foundation to help a group of people or animals that you particularly care about.  Just feel how wonderful it feels to share, to create wealth and abundance in your communities, in your family, the difference you make.  Practice makes perfect, using the power, the Law of Attraction will take practice, but you will notice that every time you visualize your ideal house, your ideal figure on that bank statement, you will feel good and the feelings visualization brings, you will become better and better at paying attention to the good feelings, and as you pay more attention to the positive feelings of abundance, more abundance and wealth will begin to show up in your life.  You will become less interested in paying attention to the negative thoughts and you will know it's working because you'll feel it, that feeling will grow and guide you through life, allowing you to move closer to those things that you desire."

Then you have the relax and sleep part, so I will leave that out for now! 

At 2:31pm on February 10, 2012, QueenieAthenie said…

Right, sorry I took so long! I will transcript as much as I can of that app.  I am not going to add the beginning, induction part because you probably hear that and then get so relaxed you don't consciously take in the next bit.  (Which is not necessarily a bad thing but I will share.)  By the way IF you are in or near London & interested in a free law of attraction & spirituality group that meets once to twice a month, well, I started one in 2009, still going strong: www.meetup.com/mastersofmanifstation

You may be MILES away but I thought I'd mention it just in case.

Now for the "patter" part of that app:

"..and as you relax your mind and you go down deeper and deeper, you'll notice that you can use your mind to see imagery and hear sounds when you breathe deeply, your mind relaxes and as you go down deeper and deeper, you can hear my voice but may not comprehend what I'm saying.  You can start to see that when I ask you to picture something, you can choose to do that whenever you want and it's OK if you don't see the images right away.  In order to attract wealth and abundance into your life, you first need to be able to allow yourself to imagine what it would feel like to have wealth and abundance.  This may be difficult at first.  Perhaps you've become accustomed to thinking of yourself as poor or not having enough.  Perhaps that you don't think that you truly deserve the wealth that you see others really take.  Not only do you ABSOLUTELY deserve wealth and abundance, it is your BIRTHRIGHT.  The Universe wants you to be wealthy, to be overflowing with abundance.  Look around at the flowers and the trees, the birds singing and the grass growing, abundance is all the Universe knows.  All you need to do is allow it in and now I want you to begin to focus in on a feeling, that feeling of having the wealth and abundance that you were born to have, knowing that it is on its way to you right now, right here, right today.  In order for you to begin to use the Law of Attraction, you need to be able to tap into the wonderful feelings within you that you already possess.  So I want you to turn inward, to relax, and just follow my voice.  Follow it right now, 3, 2, 1.  Relax and let go, just let go.  Now, I want you to imagine yourself in a relaxing, peaceful place.  Perhaps you're lying in the grass, in a lovely meadow, hear the sounds around you, a bird, the wind rustling, the grass, the sound of a river that is flowing next to you, you might even be able to start to smell the flowers and the grass, to feel the soft breeze on your face, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, see the soft, fluffy clouds drifting above you and just relax.  And enjoy this peaceful afternoon.  3, 2, 1, now I want you to feel how light and comfortable you feel laying in the grass or maybe on a soft blanket, and as you get lighter, you relax more deeply, you're getting lighter and lighter and now I want you to imagine that you've grown so light that you're beginning to float just slightly off the ground, the sun gently warm on your face, feeling that cool breeze and you are floating just calmly, wonderfully, floating weightless and you're so so very relaxed, comfortable and easy.  And as you float up higher you notice that you're resting on something very soft and yet supportive and you realize that this soft support is a cloud.  You are floating on a cloud, just allowing the weight of your body to relax into this soft, supportive, comfortable cloud as you float around peacefully. As you lean back into this soft support, I want you to begin to imagine yourself wealthy, abundant, possessing all the things that you want and need.  See it, as you lay on your cloud.  See yourself standing in your ideal house.  Look around, it's a big house.  Is it comfortable? Imagine the details of the house, the style of the house.  Notice if there is a staircase or a balcony or a swimming pool.  Perhaps it's near the sea, see it, walk through the rooms and touch the objects as you pass them, the fireplace, the bed, the kitchen counter, see the whole thing and begin to feel what it's like to have this wonderful, comfortable house.  Is there joy or contentment, comfort or security?  Could be a smile that comes across your face, just pay attention and really allow yourself to feel the overflowing feeling of this sensation of abundance.  

At 11:11pm on January 9, 2011, Melissa K said…
Welcome to Powerful Intentions! Hope you'll add me as a friend. :) Looking forward to connecting more in the future and finding out more about you. I started my spiritual journey with Abraham-Hicks and have been learning from many teachers ever since.

Feel free to check out my PI page and other sites for pictures and more about my story. Some fun pictures from our evening with the Agape Choir and Michael Beckwith from The Secret which was incredible. And also one from a run-in a while back with Bob Proctor! :) (And that's me with Deepak Chopra below.)

Hope you've had a great weekend and are ready for an amazing week!
Prosperity & Light,

Melissa in Arizona



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