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How to come back from social leper experience?
11 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Flowerpatch Jun 9.

Not a teen but is Secret to teen power any good to those who are not teens?
2 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Starry Eyed May 22.


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QueenieAthenie replied to Spirit's discussion Music Frequencies
"Yeah, like for me Pachebel Cannon in D helps me feel a little bit more creative (plus I really like it) but it may not feel that way for everyone. Interesting post, I am enjoying this discussion!"
8 hours ago
QueenieAthenie replied to Marcy From Maui's discussion What Do You Appreciate Today??
"Oh my gosh, Emily not ONLY are you not boring me but your level of gratitude inspires me!"
QueenieAthenie replied to Marcy From Maui's discussion What Do You Appreciate Today??
"Tuesday: catching the earlier tube. Sunny day! PLL kindle ebooks. The dancing & yoga done with the class as part of the Health and Fitness week. My TA was really nice to me. Mum called & that was a LONG chat & sometimes she needs to vent…"
QueenieAthenie replied to Marcy From Maui's discussion What Do You Appreciate Today??
"Monday:  catching the earlier tube.  There was an announcement they were going to stop for 3 minutes I think it was but that was to happen AFTER I exited and they opened the doors first!  So I was able to get out at my stop straight…"
QueenieAthenie replied to PRITY's discussion About the comments on my Age
""Approve of yourself. Tell yourself that you are beautiful at any age. Tell yourself that your life is getting better. That the best is still to come.When you start giving out thoughts like these, it changes the energy around you. You will…"
QueenieAthenie replied to Red Rose's discussion Attracting Wholesome Friendships
"I'm in the same boat, unfortunately.  So I'm pleased to see the helpful replies. What are some ways we can experience the FEELING place of connection more and more, please? Red Rose, could you also try meetup.com? For me these days…"
QueenieAthenie replied to chris's discussion Attracting love and what is going wrong
""A lot of time the teachers say about focusing on the energy of what we want. You say you want a girl with particular looks – well look at why that is. What would your life be like if you did have that person, how would you feel, how…"
Jun 22
QueenieAthenie replied to Marcy From Maui's discussion What Do You Appreciate Today??
"Monday: that a man informed me when a bunch of cards had fallen out of my wallet. It's annoying they did that but I appreciate his kindness and honesty. Fresh smelling trees. I was feeling down about my love life - or kinda lack thereof! -…"
Jun 21

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What are your Powerful Intentions?
My Powerful Intentions as well as to have as much fun and abundance and love and joy and peace and adventure and excitement as I possibly can while uplifting others where possible!! To get my first home with a garden, lovely, 2 bedroom, affordable, great area. For my career change to be successful, easy, inspired and enjoyable, attract a fun, romantic relationship with a man of my dreams that lasts as long as I wish when I am ready but for the mean time be a man magnet YES! for gorgeous, compatible hunks, have a balanced, fun life, manifest cash and continue to travel galore! There's more but that'll do for now. To continue to use the power of appreciation/gratitude in my life and see the positives and also continue to build up my belief into KNOWING my dream life IS my reality and that it is manifesting in the perfect time and way. So much appreciation for all that's already manifested for me!
What are your Intended Results in joining this community?
My Intended Results are to continue to rendezvous with others who use the Law of Attraction, The Secret etc. in their lives and share experiences, encourage and uplift each other. Plus some laughs.
Do you feel you have been attracted to be here in an inspired and positively enthusiastic way? If the answer is no, you are in the wrong place! :-} If the answer is yes, Welcome Aboard!
About Me:
Open-minded fun-loving, (hedonistic ha ha) friendly, kind. Have learned lots about the Law of Attraction and applying it and look forward to learning and manifesting even more. I am also a life coach if you'd like life coaching, please get in touch. Words are not enough to express how much I LOVE Powerful Intentions and the amazing people here and all the - well just everything really, the incredible, wonderful people discussions, groups, videos, photos, blogs, EVERYTHING. And how joyful I am to have discovered it and all the steps that lead me here and the law of attraction itself. Words just are not enough to express the appreciation I feel! Yes some of this sounds superlative but it is TRUE. What is true? Whatever WE decide! Massive love to you all! and to me too and everybody else.
Personal Website:
Facebook Page
Other Website:
Other Website:

168 268 168 268 148 518 1314 "Pure desire is: "I want it, I got it, it's coming, I know it." That's pure desire. Pure desire has no doubt woven in it. Pure desire is just: "I'm a worthy being. Life has helped me to know that I want that and I'm looking forward to watching the natural unfolding of it because I've asked for it and it's done." Abraham Hicks Mexican cruise, 1/20/2008 I want it, I got it, it's coming, I know it. it's done, it's mine.

I will see it when I believe it. - Dr Wayne Dyer

What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts. - Brian Tracy
Welcome to Planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot be, or do, or have. You are a magnificent creator. - Abraham/Esther Hicks
“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work at it, however.”
~Richard Bach~

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
~Walt Disney~
“To accomplish great things we must not only act,
but also dream, not only plan but also believe.”
~Anatole France~

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On writing and words

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 5:56pm 0 Comments

WOW I had another cool idea about another prop for the workshops!  At first I thought would I be allowed to but I think I would cos even though it's a collaboration we are allowed food & drink at the venue I have in mind plus I think I can have props even if just for my part.  Wowee!  

This is going to be FUN man!

I'm not sure WHEN to bring out the "props" & whether to bring them out at the taster session or just some of them or some then and some later (probably…


Just a fun vortexy day

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 5:55pm 0 Comments

Today I wanted to just go out & go ice skating (which I LOVE!) 

I felt like OK maybe try & write & do some affirmations & what not but really I just wanted to skate & thought OK well I like to keep fit anyway (I also did the crunchys & squats etc too - yes I KNOW I'm on holiday anyway but yay me!) 

Well I just really enjoyed my skating.  I often do but I felt extra vortexy & happy today.  I love it & loved the songs they played today…


The Phoenix

Posted on July 20, 2013 at 3:35pm 1 Comment

A long time ago I had my first ever tarot card reading by one of two twins and it was a reading on my personality and qualities rather than my future.

I remember feeling disappointed when he said "This card is The Eternal Virgin" and - being a virgin then - I said

"WHAT?! You mean I'll NEVER get to have sex?!"

"It doesn't mean THAT! It's metaphorical. It means you will overcome obstacles, rise above them like.."

"Like that bird in Greek mythology, the… Continue

Hypnosis tracks journal part one: Self Esteem

Posted on July 6, 2013 at 5:01pm 0 Comments

I thought I'd like to blog about my experiences with hypnosis tracks as I am exploring them & recording results.

I got a lot of ones by Steve G Jones in one of the sales he sometimes has (without the sale the tracks are quite expensive!) so I got them cheaply and this time I decided to commit to listen to them for 3 weeks a track but now I may combine up to 3 - do 3 hypnosis tracks for 3 weeks each cos I've found so many I like - not just by him, either!  ANYWAY this is my…


Some good news & set it and forget it (money, love etc)

Posted on July 2, 2013 at 4:00pm 0 Comments

Well there IS SOME good news.  

On Friday I got a letter saying that I am due a 431 pound tax return (and 12 pence.)  I worked more this financial year & yet I'm being given more money back than last year - a cheque in the mail for me!  - and I have 6 months to bank it too.

Which feels like ease cos I can take my time & bank it in a few weeks when I am not earning and I am on holiday so it's easier to go to the bank (my branch closes on…


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At 12:45am on February 14, 2016, Flowerpatch said…
Hi Godess woman! I am reading a new book that I think you would love! Goddess Warrior Training Manual!

Love you!
At 8:36am on January 16, 2016, Will Pemb said…

Hi Queenie Athenie  there and Happy New Years!! ...  Can everything I wrote work for women ? Of course.. As long as you have a soul it works. You do have a Soul right ?  Just kidding. lol

Seriously, your energy is what attracts the people you do desire and the people you don't desire into your life. Everything in your reality is only there no matter if you find it enjoyable  or not   because of your current energy.

As for your gender. Your gender is just one of many experiences that your Soul wanted to experience this life time. Nothing more. You still have the same creation powers as any other soul that decided to be a man in this life. I believe in multiple lifetimes and  our souls have experienced different  genders and races over many  lifetimes.  

Now as for your age?

That doesn't matter at all. I was watching this TV show where they interview this 70 year old woman that was dating a 35 year old man and she didn't care what anybody thought. lol She looked 70 years old too, she wasn't a young 70 . lol  

You have to stop limiting yourself and allowing society's   "social norms"  to determine what desires  you're willing to allow yourself to feel and attract.  You can have anything you desire. That is how law of attraction works. The Universe doesn't ask how old you are or are you a woman.  Your Soul energy or Universal Energy (whatever you want to call it) 

just waits for you to change your energy to what you desire and then it changes your reality to reflect your desire back to you. No matter what it is.  That is why everyone  you come in contact with is only there because in that current moment they match your energy. Also the version of them you experience is the version that matches your energy. Haven't you ever wondered how someone can go from not being attracted to someone at all to loving them or when people say things like " They have grown on me ".   It's because that person has changed their energy and  the only people and the versions those people can only be in their life if they match that persons energy.   Once I understood that life was a energy game, I've experience people going from maybeeee j just  liking me to loving me and that is because I focus on love and positive energy more than anything else. Also I focus on what I desire and how I want to feel instead of what I'm currently seeing.   My physical appearance in my opinion is beautiful because my Soul says it is. So I don't measure my physical appearance based on society's   idea of beauty or what it should be. You don't have to be a Russian model to be beautiful because your Soul picked your current form, so in the eyes of your Soul you're prefect and beautiful.  Deep down I believe you already know you're beautiful because if you didn't you would not attract the people that tell you that you're beautiful.  

Let me let you in on a little secret,  your soul is a lot older than you as a matter of fact it's always existed in some form and your soul is the real you. So the real you is ageless and it doesn't care about social norms. All it cares about is being positive energy. So as soon as you make a desire for the type of man you want, it's done but you can't see it yet because you have limiting beliefs about it.   Like I told the gentlemen in my last post,  love yourself first and realize no matter what society says you're perfect in every way and you can have anything you desire.  The Universe will prove it to you if you allow it too. 

I hope this helps. if it not you can ask more questions because getting the man you desire in your life is a lot

At 8:00pm on January 3, 2016, Easefirst said…

Hello Queenie,

Thank you for the nice comment. So far I have great results with subliminals and being in the moment -I believe that this combination covers all the important bases -first one covers beliefs, which makes me much more aligned, when I think, and being in the moment is very pleasurable and actually raises my vibration directly without any thoughts.

 As far as subliminals go, I made them with free programs, which you can find in this post:


And sound ones I make with this one, but it is a bit problematic as some of them save and some do not, it shows, that recording is 24 minutes, when I save it is 14, so not sure about that one, I might look for better one, where I can make at east 1 hour as I like to listen to them at night, and cycling every 10 minutes is not that great:


At 10:35am on July 6, 2015, Flowerpatch said…
You look so good in red! Love your avatar pic!!! Hot mama!
At 8:51pm on May 27, 2015, Flowerpatch said…
For you ATHENA :)
At 7:36pm on May 15, 2015, Flowerpatch said…
ATHENA, I love you!!! Come to the U.S.!!!!!!!!!
At 7:21am on April 24, 2015, Soul Rise said…

Love... that's all there is! ;-))))))

At 6:38pm on February 22, 2015, Joseph G. Bowman said…

Saw your latest post and it reminded me of this:

At 2:48pm on February 8, 2015, Flowerpatch said…
ATHENA!!! We both changed our page to the same Format!!!!

Anyhow I love and adore you too and am so lucky to have you as a friend. Please come to the U.S. so we can party! (Tea, chocolate, giggles)
At 8:07am on January 28, 2015, Flowerpatch said…
ATHENA, my question for you today is ARE YOU HAPPY?! Are you happy? Athena. My darling girl, are you happy? ;)

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