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What are your Powerful Intentions?
To manifest through joy abundance of money, love, and satisfaction in my life.
What are your Intended Results in joining this community?
To learn more about Intentions and the Law of Attraction. To be with people who are attracted to these laws.
Do you feel you have been attracted to be here in an inspired and positively enthusiastic way? If the answer is no, you are in the wrong place! :-} If the answer is yes, Welcome Aboard!
About Me:
Writer. Manager, strategic planner, grantwriter, and counselor to nonprofit organizations and individuals working in philanthropy.

I am also a fiction writer, playwright, and poet.
Personal Website:

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At 8:34am on July 14, 2013, Lea said…

Work At Home Mom, WAHM, Mom Blogger

I am stopping by to say "hello" :)
I haven't been here in a while.
I welcome your friendship :)

Lea @ Mother Baby Child & Weight Loss Help

At 9:16pm on April 19, 2011, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…

back on track?

it's okay if not. no hurries.

was thinking about your semantics...you've been doing lots of forward focus and up up up...but not balancing it with positive what-is-itis. there is value in that: it stabilizes. slows you down when it's negative, but stabilizes when it's positive and it has to be forward in order to be positive bc we keep expanding....ease up on the processes, perhaps?


anyways.....just sayin' hi. expecting all is well again in your world.

At 1:07am on December 9, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
hi you...well, as a founder i wouldn't be able to draw a salary and it be a 5013c, so that'd be doing the same thing i do here...without having to administrate. LOVE borrowing someone else's forum...the backends of these things are mind numbing ...although also fun. and, it kinda keeps me on my toes that i've no rights here, i'm nobody...if that makes sense. however.... when i grow up and esther and jerry are dead i'm setting up a data base with everything they've ever published and making it downloadable for free by anyone without having to speak to anyone about anything, in the original unedited mp3s and scanned pdfs of the books.....just take it....it's yours, if you know about it, as far as i'm concerned...they put stuff on there for you too. they are really very good at speaking to many levels of our beingness and knowing where we will be vibrationally ready to receive from next.

now before you go trying to return any favors....you might do yourself a favor by realizing that you are doing ME a favor, a REAL favor bc you really do apply yourself, you really do know enough to know that you know something and want to know more, o it is breathtaking to see what goes on around here, ...this is what i love, hanging out at pi and watching people unfold, people that really do come to really do self empower and really do realize who and what we are. you are the one doing ME a favor here, sir. and i thank you very much too.

k! chatter chatter chatter and see you around, very much a pleasure, cvr. and don't you forget it, not even for a minute. thank you for choosing to benefit yourself. always a good show.
At 5:47pm on November 12, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
oh and.....


that quote is too long to paste here i think...here's a link to it instead. i'm thinking that this is a really really good quote, but one never knows what another might think :)

At 5:41pm on November 12, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
oh good grief but you tell good stories. i dream of being a children's book author that no one i know knows about but under a pen name is widely sought and belovedly held and generations of children remember mother reading those books to them and how right those books still are in what it taught them. complete abe plagarism, of course, not a word of it inspired by myself unless you count the desire to know it and the delight in knowing it....it's okay to hold on to and have faith in is the chatter i want them to read and feel and hear in the whirlwind of childhood and what they shape their lives with.. and i can't thank you enough for your big dreams and willingness to ponder them as fun things to rendezvous with rather than to be who you are through bc who you are MOVES through these passions and distractions and productive creations...but they are the fun we are having...and next we'll be having fun doing something else...even if its the same thing it will move forward somehow. so that it stays interesting.

blah blah blah carl. nice to talk to you. i love the stories you tell. and i agree with you on several fronts. see you around, dude :)
At 6:12pm on November 11, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
It's very interesting, the feeling of euphoria, Carl. Abe has said several things about this and I think you might enjoy the overview bc i'm picking up that you, like myself, don't necessarily "trust" euphoria. the first is that euphoria is strong relief, not alignment. AND...that you can't get "jerked" into the vortex..only "pulled in" or "sucked in"...but even getting pulled in, when you get pulled in on accident on an important topic...often we don't know how to find our way back. so....it's a drastic vibrational trek that we are now on. and we are not there in the vortex until we are appreciative AND calm. also, a "well managed gap" (hope you are familiar with the abe term?) is a calmer experience between manifestations and they are easily emotionally acclimated to while a "less managed gag" has more drama in lifestyle and wide swings of emotions. many a deliberate creator calls it the weeeeeeeeeee ride, abe calls it pulling the rubber band back back back and then weeeeeeee, and it's like an in this life death experience for comparative purposes. abe has also said that many who find themselves in the vortex by accident through extreme experiences like spontanieous channelling or "seizures" or near death experiences ...those people are actually suspicious of the vortex for reasons that i can expound on if it's interesting unless it's already obvious or you heard them yourself say that bit.

hallo to you from my ever shifting now. appreciating you now and appreciating you more for the opportunity to view you in a high moment like the ones that i hold an image of you in based on your reports in from the trail or trenches...depending where you are on the scale when you report in, yes?

:) bye for now!
At 9:58pm on November 8, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
.....pollyanna becomes a deliberate creator link to thread referred to below. silly, was moving to fast and forgot>>
At 4:07am on October 31, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
I pulled out this link in response to your mention of pollyanna. I hope you enjoy this half as much as I have. I loved your comment in the forum and am only now putting you and this conversation together in my head. Selfishly, I only just a little pay attention to anything other than semantics. I sure am enjoying your upward spiral. Thank you for your sharing. In 10-2-2010 seminar abe talks to a man about his career being simple motion forward, towards whatever is in his vortex in any moment. What a way to live life, following our best emotions in ourselves and life catering to us. I like this! And I like that it is firm ground on which to stand every moment that I feel who I am.

Very very nice hearing from you. Thank you, Carl.
At 3:25am on October 30, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
hi again. just read another comment from you and just came back to say hi again ;) didn't see that till now. i'm assuming all is very well

bye for now. thanks for saying hi.
At 8:59am on October 14, 2010, Abe Enthusiast 333 said…
Hi Carl. I'd think about the lifestyle that I want to live with that money and focus on THAT more than or even instead of the money...shift your focus there and also identify your audience and what you want them to resonate to...you, them, life's uplifting methods, the journey from unwanted to wanted....what do you want to transmitt to your audience in feelings and knowing...what do you want them to know or find the desire to know about as a result of contact with your work? Identify that and resonate to being an open vortex to people easily and clearly knowing this as you let your inspiration flow. It should be easy and fun and as you move toward a fuller and fuller expression of wanting and having this new means of expressing and being renumerated in this world. ANY tension this far into your journey should dissapate when you just remember that good things come FROM ease and pleasure in ourselves and our roles in this world...and only from that so the answer is always to just relax...it will come. You know what you want now let life do it's job and show you what it wants to do for you now that you know where you want to go. Let it come while you just enjoy where you are going, and make your priority RELEASING any tension ladden thoughts or questions...you don't have to figure anything out except what you want and how you feel right now and how to relax if there is any tension in you now. And that's it. Just keep doing that. That's the magic balance that always brings what we love into this world. Making it happen always interfers.

Specifics are tricky but doable. Specific end results...not specific how's and causes and effects unless you hit it JUST RIGHT (more complicated than it needs to be) ....but FEELING just right...that's going to bring you more specifics than you can deny are yours they will be such a perfect fit. And that will be funny...you can't have faith after that...all you can do is know. It's just too obvious. Enjoy, Carl. You've got this. ~Patra

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