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Kirk Spiritual Shaman NYC
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Profile Information

What are your Powerful Intentions?
To Live in Joy....
To focus on: Simplicity - Purity - Clarity
To: Un derstand the power of love...
To teach - Learn and Share...
I have always said: "I'am going to change the entire...______ world...."
and I will...and I'am....although
the details are up to god-godess-universe-higherpower-jesus-buddha...add to the list...
I dont know exactly how but I will change the world...and I'am trying to be - have the intent to become vaulable....to become worthy - worth more than the amount of money I may have...self worth....ponder that one:
Value: Valuable: as a sage...sober, channel of wisdom and divine intelligence...
be the change....
I produce a cable/public access tv show called:
"KirkTV" focused on the mystical - spiritual and magical aspects of our realities here: the world is material and spiritual....I intend...to: will to support you and i hope make you lighten up and laugh...and acknowledge the lighter side of life...with humor and insights...and recanting of my experiences...
After four near-death experiences....well you become kinda cosmic after that....
right ?
To live in Joy...
To love...and be loved...
To see the world and visit the seven most sacred places in the world...
the great pyramids
Macchu Pichu
Angor wat
I have all ready visited:
area 51
white sands NM
the grand canyon
the cave of the apocalypse
to write a bestseller...of my poems and short stories
to become pure divine intelligence:
and light...divine clean light...
To be healed and then heal others...

to use my entire divine - genius - self...
to be awake...no matter how intense or forbidden it is...
to touch God...

four NDEs...and counting...
"dying" is awesome - frankly....alternative realities....
open your mind...

"Kirktv" is my weekly cable tv show....life internet stream...all over the planet every monday night @ 11-30pm...eastern nyc time...
get ready world....
yeah I'am international....love and light and shakti...all over the air-waves and universe....
google search : "kirktv" and have some fun and get ready to get healed...

kirktv is a mystical - lightworker - shaman - manifest - create meditate...radiate...worldwide support group of healers and new agers and medicine peoples...
the world is not ready for my energy but I'am here anyway....
the "old grid" is outta here...
If your friends wont allow you to live in your dreams and ultimate life and they dont support your visions - then get rid of them!
Like they say: "Who are you to say: "It's not me??"
yeah - yes it is you -- I tell my viewers that everyone is the "messiah" and everyone has to save the world...
dance and laugh and bring in the joy!!!
thats how we are healed...and the planet will follow...
yep if you dig this inspiration well theres more:
pls then check out kirktv and set yourself free...
kirktv always - Dogma free!
your awesome!

the myth of scarcity....when I heard that term man it was like well over ten years ago....I only had to hear that phrase once:
"The myth of Scarcity" and I knew it would be the pivotal idea that would carry us into the next
"Grid of consciousness"...
I began seeing everything in those terms....
scarcity or abundance - then I began talking about abundance issues and using that specific phrase...
people had no idea what I was talking about...
the term: "feng shui" - noone knew about that either and now look, the world knows about living in the abundance....about the placement of objects---
that all myths of scarcity from:
money to god to love - are all lies....
Guess what??
theres enough for everyone....move out of the competition and into the creation....
the world's dependance on fossil fules and a
"fossil - petroleum based lifestyle" - and it's attendant toxic by-products -- well -- its days are numbered...the world is like an addict sucking off the fumes of old ideas and lies....dont fight them any longer...just let go of them....:)
It's all going to be OK...
its a time of transition for so many things...

You have the message now - go wake up the rest of the tribe...
your consciousness changes everything and everyone --- Save the World...
Raise the Vibration.....
all you have to do is enlighten yourself and then just walk around...
make the complicated simple....
and be the light and the zen of the world...

I manifested the worlds first "Cyber-Temple" for prayer and meditation now I'd like it to manifest in the actual world as well...among other things....

when theres a meditation center on every corner instead of a bar or liquor store...or a drug dealer....
I'll be happy....
What are your Intended Results in joining this community?
community - sharing - learning - enjoy the ride...have fun - connect - enlighten - get enlightend....
Do you feel you have been attracted to be here in an inspired and positively enthusiastic way? If the answer is no, you are in the wrong place! :-} If the answer is yes, Welcome Aboard!
About Me:
"New age Sage" - Healer - "Techno-Avatar"
mystic shaman guru healer soul doctor...medicine person...Soul healer...
I give out the Shakti! and help heal the world soul...come and join me and have some fun too!

I produce and host a cable tv show about manifesting your life: I believe that clarity makes for prosperity and when you visualize you materialize and then energize...

google search: "Kirktv" for a lighthearted - manic and fun entertaining mystical and spiritual tv show that is broadcast live around the world to over 9 million viewers a week...if you have a computer you can watch the show live - just tune in and let go - and get ready to get healed...
much love and blessings to all...
Personal Website:
Facebook Page
Other Website:
Other Website:

Restored to "Divine Intelligence..."

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Kirk Spiritual Shaman NYC's Blog

kirkblog kirkTV kirk television

Posted on December 19, 2009 at 12:40pm 0 Comments

Twitter - Techno Avatar

facebook - Techno Avatar…


"The Parasite of the "Modern Mind" episode copy for the kirktv cable show kirk trance medium

Posted on July 20, 2009 at 12:30pm 1 Comment

kirktv avatar is now on Facebook...


episode copy for the KirkTv cable tv show - live stream every monday night is as follows...

all material contained herein is copywritten 7/09

by seanB



kirktv - Episode copy...for july 20th 09)

The Parasite of the "Modern Mind..."



kirkblog kirktv "Money and Monkeys" show 142

Posted on March 23, 2009 at 9:13pm 0 Comments

kirk tv

show 142

march 23 09

Money and Monkeys...

good evening manhattan


the universe and the world...


this is kirk

your electronic avatar from another dimension

reminding you that you are powerful and important

there goes the kirktv cougar...

my names kirk

this is another episode of kirktv

the psychedelic-phan-tasma-gorical




love… Continue

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At 7:02pm on July 7, 2012, Chamomile said…

Yoo kool :3

At 8:44pm on April 18, 2012, Joe D. said…

You added me as a friend ! What a great email to receive..I love your style. I had to work in New York for my company for approx. 1.5 months right in  Manhatten..I had to tell you that because you have been there so long...I love that place ...On my weekend days off I walked and walked and walked ...took subway...visited ground zero and walked listening to all my personal development sounds with my head phones...not sure why it was so awesome for me...but I had to share that...Peace out !   : )   Namaste !!

At 1:22pm on July 15, 2010, Dave Kenyon said…
My friend, know that your power resides within you; you are the gateway for your access to source energy.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future — which, of course, can only be experienced as the Now"-~Eckhart Tolle

The level of your operational consciousness determines your self-imposed limits; in truth your only limits are those that are bound by your beliefs. ~Dave Kenyon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Awaits your readiness

Insight Incites Change
At 10:10am on December 8, 2009, Dave Kenyon said…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Allowing the truth of who you are--your spiritual self--to rule your life means you stop the struggle and learn to move with the flow of your life."
~Oprah Winfrey

Let your love flow, my friend, and let the natural order express through you for all to experience. ~Dave Kenyon

Supported Giving That Works
At 1:27pm on November 23, 2009, Dave Kenyon said…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Some Enlightened Thanksgiving Thoughts
by Ernie Fitzpatrick

I am THANKFUL that I no longer embrace some of my earlier childhood beliefs such as:

>I am THANKFUL that God is not a PUNISHER sending people to hell eternally.
>I am THANKFUL that we're not brought into the world FLAWED and sinful, but in the image of God
>I am THANKFUL that we are not VICTIMS but participants in the creation of nature and our very lives.
> I am THANKFUL that I am ONE with Creator and creation and not separated.
> I am THANKFUL that I get to PARTICIAPTE in how my life and world will develop
> I am THANKFUL that there's not a COSMIC OVERLORD that I need to worry about pleasing each day.
>I am THANKFUL that as humans we are not all-powerful, but we are ALL POWERFUL.
>I am THANKFUL that the Creator is PURSUASIVE and not coercive!
>I am THANKFUL that we are neither subjects of a vengeful God, nor victims of a random universe.
>I am THANKFUL that we hold within our collective selves the ability to achieve a positive CRITICAL MASS before we reach a critical massacre.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Please enjoy this Native American view of Thanksgiving as seen by the Haudenosaunee peoples, entitled,Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

May you celebrate your life with Thanksgiving for all the bountiful blessings that you are always attracting. ~Dave Kenyon

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Giving Everyday from Your Heart
At 1:31pm on November 9, 2009, Kirk Spiritual Shaman NYC said…
kirktv is now on Twitter as Techno Avatar
At 1:29pm on November 9, 2009, Kirk Spiritual Shaman NYC said…
At 1:28pm on November 9, 2009, Kirk Spiritual Shaman NYC said…
At 1:25pm on November 9, 2009, Kirk Spiritual Shaman NYC said…
At 12:29am on October 12, 2009, Kirk Spiritual Shaman NYC said…
kirktv is now on Itunes for your Iphone - its FREE!!! hit subscribe and get the shakti!!! of love free - free - free !! ur awesome!!

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