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It's not ability or talent that creates | Part 01

Today I had a meeting with the CEO of an organization that my company is doing work for. Michael-- a 55-year-old silver-haired entrepreneurial-type-- is an unusual guy with a reputation that precedes him: impatient, chronically moody and quick to anger.

I am fascinated with this guy, possibly because I can identify with him. You see, Michael has what some people would call a learning disability. In his case, it's painfully frustrating to comprehend and communicate anything… Continue

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The Law of Attraction And How It Can Help You Manifest Everthing You Have Ever Wanted Bye Todd Mackenzie

The Law of Attraction Bye Todd Mackenzie

What are you thinking about right now? The Law of Attraction states that "whatever we think about, we bring about". This law may initially seem like new age fluff but believe it or not, there are scientific merits to this proposition. The top quantum physicists of our time have discovered that our universe and our reality is very much directed by the "observer".

When studying quantum particles (the smallest observable unit of… Continue

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Dare to Be !








Added by Ron Ray on May 14, 2008 at 4:00pm — 3 Comments

Money Magnet!!

I wrote previously about my amazing weekend...$600 in two hours!! NOW I just talked to my former boss (but we are at the same co) who told me that a bonus that was talked about almost a year ago (I had already written it off) was just approved!!! 16hunnadolla!!! The Secret tells us about receiving money from unexpected places...since I have been practicing LoA and connecting with all of you, I am now a money magnet!!!

Join me!



OH WAIT, THERE'S… Continue

Added by stradasphere on May 14, 2008 at 2:47pm — 7 Comments

Seemingly Insignificant

My dad successfully raced cars for about 35 years. It was his second passion; his first was always mom and the family.

About a month before he passed away, I was googling for some information and strangely, what came up in the list of possible websites, was a message board posting from someone who had purchased one of dad's old race cars. Curiousity got the better of me and I clicked on the link and found that the buyer had little information about the car or dad and was hoping to… Continue

Added by Bren on May 14, 2008 at 2:00pm — 4 Comments

Guilty Pleasures - Feeling Guilty about Being Happy

Daily OM: Happiness is an experience we all long for and deserve in our lives. We may wish for the happiness that comes with a much-needed vacation or an exciting new love affair, yet when the actual experience of happiness emerges, we may be too overcome with guilt to enjoy it. If guilt is interfering with your ability to feel joy, you may find relief in looking at the beliefs you hold about yourself and what it means for you to be happy.

Guilt about feeling happy can arise for… Continue

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SUCCESS: Don’t Overload, Unload!

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

Are you stuck? Stuck trying to rework a project or looking for the “perfect” solution? Stuck searching for the latest brainstorm, new business idea, or product stream? Are you stuck waiting for that “light bulb moment” that will pull all of the pieces together in their rightful place? Well, so are a lot of other people. As a whole, we spend a great deal of time being stuck, waiting to find “perfect,” and making ourselves stressed and miserable in the…


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Like Minded Beings in My Area of N.C

Would like to meet people in my area of North Carolina.

Added by Phillip Palmer on May 14, 2008 at 12:14pm — No Comments

Take a step back...

I had to wake up this morning...No force, no ill will...I started my day like every other...Layed there...Breath in, breath out...A lot of negative was sent my way over the past 24 hours, and reading a lot of other peoples blogs and situations I realized something...I realized that I have to continue on with what is right I have to continue on with what I believe in, the universe will bring to me what I am to do when the time is right...I am not viewing this as a negative, I am viewing this as… Continue

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Thank you!

I have been negative recently, complaining about the wrongdoings on me. It started after I got sick right before the date of my interview. In my mind I told myself the universal is working and it wasn't time yet for me to hit the interview. But others have been giving me negative comments which cause me to start to be negative too.

I want to focus and be back on track. When things goes wrong I realised I wasn't in alignment with the good. The universal was giving me signals to all the bad… Continue

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Take your animal out for a walk

In 1989, I was first initiated into Reiki during an intensive weekend workshop along with 8 others. As new initiates our master offered us some sage advice on how to integrate Reiki into our lives. She suggested that Reiki offers a seductive temptation to focus a good deal of our attention on our spiritual selves. She cautioned that if we allowed ourselves to be drawn to far into this this non physical realm we might find our lives were unbalanced. She summarized this point with the comment… Continue

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New Journey in My Life

I joined the Secret group today. I am happy at having made this wise choice and I am really excited with this new phase in my life.

All geared up to start a new and happier chapter in my life.

Added by Appu on May 14, 2008 at 8:58am — No Comments

my current activities, what are you up to?

I'm busy with photography, poetry, my kids, wife, moving from Boston to Florida. Politically, I try to help promote Judaism vs. Zionism (a negative force) which I think has lead to many problems in the Middle East.

www.fotki.com/npro/ has lots of my pictures of travel, models, the eternal shapes/textures... expecially www.fotki.com/npro/best_fotos and www.fotki.com/npro/juxapositions

Recently have read:

Overcoming Zionism by Joel Kovel

The Mind that Changes… Continue

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Something special i did 13th may 2008 ...

Last night , i lit my candle , stopped what i was doing and thought about all of my friends sending love and thanks. Invited all to join me if they wished .

I intend on doing this same time every night at 10PM time,

so if you wish to join me again , your all more than welcome.

If you want to be there and cant because you are working or you dont have a candle to hand.

If this is so , do not worry , take a moment , find something that symbolises the light and energy and when… Continue

Added by the human magnet on May 14, 2008 at 6:47am — 3 Comments

Wonderful, Wonderful Wednesday!!! ; )

This is going to be a very exciting day. I have 8 or 9 training sessions and half the aerobic class to teach. I'm feeling exceptionally well and am looking forward to a most Wonderful day. My bodyweight is holding at 195.5. I will eat clean for the rest of the week and be at 195 by next Monday.

Well, Dr. Puyol called yesterday and will start his training next Tuesday at 7:00pm. He is going to sign on for the 36 sessions. That was great news. I also received a call from Gracie Barrett about… Continue

Added by Daniel U. Garcia III on May 14, 2008 at 5:16am — No Comments

Photon energy-the Wave of the Future-And other interresting site's I come across the web

I appriciate this persona and what he share's.

please if you are familiar with this..there are good things going on in this world.


Photon: The Wave of the Future

Kahu Fred Sterling,

medium for Master Guide Kirael

Saturday, May 17, 2008

11am HST /2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 22.00 UTC (GMT)



I have followed Steve Rothers… Continue

Added by Heli Aarniranta on May 14, 2008 at 4:52am — 1 Comment

The Road to Intuition

Have you had that experience when all of a sudden you just had this huge hunch that something is about to happen, and to your surprise, that intuition was eventually translated to reality?

When you feel strongly about something without logical basis to it, that's called intuition. It comes in three impressions: clairvoyance or "the third eye", sensing clearly and feeling through listening.

Clairvoyance is when your eye goes beyond what it can see. This is when you know… Continue

Added by Lisa Simpkins on May 14, 2008 at 12:05am — 2 Comments


Phewwwwwww....Take a deep deep breath...Breath in, breath out...What horror comes to a person with such a crazy situation....So now I turn to the universe, God, be whatever it may be...And I ask for guidence with a loving heart...I spoke to her this evening...The first time in 15 months...There was still anger in her voice...I tried with all my heart to talk sense into her...It's not something she was looking for...She was looking for what she wanted and that was it...This was not a selfish act… Continue

Added by Free and Easy down the road I Go... on May 13, 2008 at 11:55pm — No Comments

My Blog

Hi, everyone. I'd love to say that I'll post often, but I'm in the process of pursuing my life's work, my higher purpose - to be a full time hand-crafted jewelry, lampwork bead and fused glass artist. In the past couple of weeks my business has really picked up - more so than I could have dreamed. I'll try to keep everyone apprised of my successes and interesting manifestations as often as I can.

Part of the process of pursuing my life's work is finishing my website, which is… Continue

Added by Emster on May 13, 2008 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

According to the law of aerodynamics the bumble bee cannot fly

When a negative thought or person enters our lives or path we need to see it for what it is....someone or something that cannot impact us, unless we let them. We need to be true to ourselves, we need to define who we are and not let others do that for us!! According to the law of aerodynamics the bumble bee cannot fly. I guess no one bothered to tell the bee *Smile*. So then why do we prescribe to what others tell us ... let us make our own destiny and FLY!!!! When we truly believe and have… Continue

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