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Invisioning Thankfulness

I have had a very trying situation for four years. The Secret came into my life as part of the lessons being taught during this time. The Secret to The Secret is Being Thankful! And if you can't FEEL being thankful try remembering being thankful for something else & borrow that remembered emotion while invisioning your outcome!!!

Today I am THANKFUL for all the JOY, PEACE, GREAT THINGS, and ABUNDANCE that the Universe GIVES me EVERY day!!!!

Added by Missy on May 20, 2008 at 11:00am — No Comments

<b>The Magic of Challenging Your Beliefs!</b>

The mind can assert anything and pretend it has proved it. My beliefs I test on my body, on my intuitional consciousness, and when I get a response there, then I accept. - - - D. H. Lawrence

I am thinking back to my college days (way, way back!)...

I was taking an Interpersonal Communications class...and one "lesson" I remember to this day...

My prof told us about her family's tradition of "cutting off the end of the ham" before they put it in the oven to bake.… Continue

Added by Bob Vadas on May 20, 2008 at 8:52am — 1 Comment

<b>A Tribute To Ruth</b>

I wrote this tribute three years ago in my blog on the old PI website...honoring my dear mother-in-law...


Yesterday, we laid Ruth to rest...

Right next to George who she missed so very much since he made his transition sixteen years ago...

Ruth was a devout Catholic...her "church life" was incredibly important to her...

She had a beautiful funeral mass...

At the end of the… Continue

Added by Bob Vadas on May 20, 2008 at 8:50am — 2 Comments

<b>The Greatest Legacy...A Smile! :>)</b>

I had this Amazing experience and wrote about it about four years ago in my blog on the old PI site...It is something that I want to keep and share...It was extraordinary...


Had a great enlightening experience today...

I am on shift at the fire department and responded to a car accident on one of the major highways through town...

Fortunately, it was a minor accident.

But… Continue

Added by Bob Vadas on May 20, 2008 at 8:45am — No Comments

The Dance Of Life!

The phrase..."The Dance Of Life"...really resonates with me!

For me it means experiencing Intimacy with Life Itself!...

BEing one with...feeling at the Greatest Depth...the Beat of Life!

A Soulful Dance!

It is an Amazing Place to BE!...When You "Feel It'...and are In Touch with It...You are in a place of Connection!...the place where Magic Happens!

You dancing with the Universe...


The Universe dancing with… Continue

Added by Bob Vadas on May 20, 2008 at 6:30am — No Comments

Tuesday's the Charm!!!! ; )

This is going to be a very exciting day. I have 9 or 10 training sessions, but that won't be a problem at all. I'm feeling exceptionally well and am looking forward to a most Wonderful day. I signed on 2 new clients yesterday. Both of them paid for 36 training sessions. I will get another one today who will also sign on for the 36 sessions. These are truly exciting times. The aerobic class last night was full and everyone was having a great time. It truly is amazing to me how things are coming… Continue

Added by Daniel U. Garcia III on May 20, 2008 at 5:14am — No Comments

Tantalizing Tuesday

My first blog post woo hoo! I'm simply putting a quote out today from one of my favorite people who I had the pleasure to meet so many years ago when she had just finished her second book, and it's not an exact quote but close enough it is by Louise Hay = Everything we experience is just a thought and a thought can be changed!

Think of the power this gives you, something as simple as changing your thought or thoughts can change everything absolutely everything that you… Continue

Added by Cindy Lou on May 20, 2008 at 5:12am — No Comments

Working On Eco Village

aloha! i'm bizzy bizzy bizzily working on creating the eco village at harmony festival this year. i'm finding myself in those pre-production 18 hour days at this time. it's beautiful here in Marin, the weather is gorgeous, and I have managed to get out to the redwoods and do some exercise along with galactivating an outstanding lineup at harmony festival's 2008 eco village. harmony has been around for thirty years now, and it's fun getting to know this community. come on out and find me at the… Continue

Added by Laura Fox on May 20, 2008 at 2:25am — No Comments


I just want to say thank you to the Universe!!!! Bieng a part of this "Powerful Intention" has been such a fabulous experience and I have only been paying attention to it for 1 weeK!!!! You are all blessings in my life!!!! We are all one and I can really feel that connection in messaging all of you!!! We are shinning starts in the Heavens!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Have a great week!!!!


Added by Purple Fairy on May 20, 2008 at 2:00am — 1 Comment

There is this repetitive message surrounding me the last couple of days. It is certainly The Law of Attraction but I have never seen it so repetitive...like I should be even more aware of it than usu…

There is this repetitive message surrounding me the last couple of days. It is certainly The Law of Attraction but I have never seen it so repetitive...like I should be even more aware of it than usual. Like someone is sending me a message. It has to do with mistakes. It started with a conversation I had with my friend James, then it was mentioned in an email to me and I found it again in a conversation with my youngest son this… Continue

Added by AnnMarie Cunniff on May 20, 2008 at 1:28am — 1 Comment

Radical Forgiveness - Colin Tipping is coming to Truckee

I couldn't feel more honored or blessed than I do today. As a certified RF and RM coach I believe wholeheartedly in the power of Radical Forgiveness vs. Traditional Forgiveness. This belief system has changed my life. Once I did my forgiveness work personally, and gave up being a victim of someone else's behavior, i jumped into the Manifestation work. I have had some mind blowing things manifest for me. The latest...Colin Tipping who is the author of… Continue

Added by Dinny Evans on May 20, 2008 at 1:03am — No Comments

Ghostbusters 1 & 2... Who you gonna to call?

Ever since I came to understand the Law of Attraction, Powerful Intentions, and The Secret, I have discovered I am finding themes or elements of these things in different aspects of my life. For example, movies I grew up on, I have discovered recently when I rewind and watch them again, I am finding that the Law of Attraction is a central theme... or a theme that underlines the story.

This discovery has happened on and off for a couple of months now for me, and sometimes I am… Continue

Added by MaryEGober on May 20, 2008 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

From Blobby to happy

I had to put this good news here as this has only happened since I joined Powerful Intentions and it is great for me. I have been over weight all my life been struggling to lose it, been on every diet that exsists but to no avail, I just put more on, so depressing but guess what??? I went to the Doctors about 10 days ago and he has given me a new magic pill to help get my metabulism going and already I have lost 7 pounds without changing my diet!!! I'm over the moon, so looks like the wonder… Continue

Added by Lady Anne Howard on May 20, 2008 at 12:53am — 1 Comment

The Secret!

HI To All,

Just wanted to tell everyone why I am here. I guess I was living in a cave because I had never heard of this "The Secret" till Saturday 5/17/2008! I am a realtor in Lake Elsinore Ca (just in case I can help someone :) Saturday I was really feeling down, I got up at 6AM to do a open house here and went but NOONE showed up, So at 12pm I had desk duty and was hoping to get some calls in about houses. Well, NOONE called, I started talkng to one of the other Realtors in the… Continue

Added by wendy on May 20, 2008 at 12:15am — 2 Comments


I am so grateful for:



-To have a house to live in

-To have clothes to wear

-To live in a "free" country

-To be able to speak english

-Being a good, beautiful, wonderful, strong person

-To be beautiful

-To be brave

-To be loving

-To be caring

-To have the few close friends I do who I can talk to

-For this forum/page

-For that old cell phone from Andrea

-For a job

-For happiness, and the pursuit… Continue

Added by Live to Ride <3 on May 19, 2008 at 11:51pm — No Comments

Great feeling

I've been a member of Powerful Intentions for a long time. I haven't been hanging around for almost as long. :)

I just came back yesterday, and I have to admit. You guys rock!

There is so much love in this community, and it's given so freely.

Give yourself a pat on the back guys, you deserve it.


Added by Joe on May 19, 2008 at 11:23pm — 1 Comment

Abraham-Hicks and The Secret

Though the two share similar insights, concepts and motivational inspiration,

The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham and The Secret are strikingly different when it comes to approach and execution of the substance.

Though I made a promise to myself that I would improve myself so much that I would not find time to criticize others I would like to make a critical notion of the The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham… Continue

Added by MaryEGober on May 19, 2008 at 10:32pm — No Comments

Starting from here...

After much consideration, I have come to this conclusion. I had been so fearful of “starting over”, that I neglected to see the grace and virtue of “starting from here”!

My life had become much like the child’s maze where you have to draw a continual line from the “start here” to the “finish”. Those diagrams are always full of twists and turns, pitfalls and dead-end.

You see, I was concerned with the near past events and… Continue

Added by countingjoy on May 19, 2008 at 10:11pm — 1 Comment

You Can't Go Back.... you're always NOW moving forward

From The Teachings of Abraham: Master Audio Course, CD 2, Track 4, “What Lines Those Numbers Up For Esther?”

"We prefer, rather than talking about time, to talk about the expansion. Before you had this conversation with us, less had been expressed in this time/space reality on this subject. We really have gone into a leading edge place as a result of this conversation. This combination of projectors of thought has never been before unto all of the universe and so, because of… Continue

Added by Lauri on May 19, 2008 at 10:07pm — No Comments

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