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You are wonderful

When you are feeling less than wonderful, you are out of sync with your true potential and capacity. You are tuned to less than stellar conditions and experiences. Your thinking and internal themostat are set to mediocrity or worse. But when you begin to grasp your WONDERFULNESS and your true worth, you become as one author put it, in tune with the infinite. You align with source. You attune yourself to divine guidance. When you are feeling WONDERFUL about yourself, you seem to suddenly see…


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Manifesting a clean carpet

On another forum, someone wrote how it seemed to her to be fairly easy to manifest something like a clean carpet as opposed to harder things. She said that even though she didn't have the money for it, she kept thinking that she wanted a clean carpet in her flat, and then, someone simply gave her a carpet cleaner to use. She said she thought it was easier for her to manifest a carpet cleaner because it wasn't an emotional matter.

However I have to disagree. I think all our wants are…


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I can't imagine loving myself

On another forum someone wrote "I can't imagine loving myself"

If you too feel this way, let me suggest the reason you can't love "you" is you are trying to love someone who isn't you.

What if the "real you" is someone who is dynamic, incredibly powerful, and has virtually unlimited potential?

What if the "real you" does not have to earn one iota of worthiness or deservedness because you already have it?

What if the "real you" is easily able to create the…


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Everything is working out wonderfully

Here's a thought that helps me a lot. It was inspired by Abraham Hicks.

The idea is this:

There is always a stream of well-being, and the more we focus on it and think about it, the more we attune to it and come to experience it, and create circumstances and conditions that match it.

It's also been said like this:

God is goodness of every kind, and God is always everywhere and in everything. Which means, the only reason we don't experience this goodness in…


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The fault finders in your life

"It aint going to be as easy as you think"

Has anyone in your life ever said that to you?

It reminds me of the biblical admonition "By their fruit, ye shall know them"

So the question that would be on my mind is, how are these people doing? What are their fruits? Of course, I wouldn't ask them this question, no need to create any fiction, nor would I want to bear any ill-will for them having their own opinions.

There is always a way to find fault with anything,…


Added by Monkey on September 18, 2017 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

How am I feeling?

Nowadays, my main focus is: How am I feeling?

To me this is the most important thing.

Of course I have the same concerns as other people, I need to eat and sleep, ect. But for me, the important question throughout my day, no matter what I am dealing with is: How am I feeling?

To me, the most important thing I can do for myself (and consequently for others too) is uplift and improve my feelings, and let go of any poor feelings, which of course is to get myself to feeling…


Added by Monkey on September 16, 2017 at 1:30am — 1 Comment

The good feeling way

To me, the whole basis for deliberate creation, or this metaphysical way of creating the conditions and experiences we want involves utilizing the principle commonly known as the Law of attraction.

From what I understand it goes something like this.

A person can effortlessly manifest what they want. The way to do this is to 'align' oneself with the thing one wants.

What is this alignment? It is when a person is vibrationally attuned with what they desire. For…


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I want to tell you something

I want to tell you something.

People are WONDERFUL, You are WONDERFUL, I am too.

We are full of INCREDIBLE POTENTIAL. But we need to learn how to nurture and guide and direct this potential so that it bears the sort of fruit we want.

You are AWESOME and WONDERFUL. Try to understand that. Try to grasp that. Even just trying to grasp this will begin to open you up to experiencing it.…


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A letter to the universe

A letter to the Universe

Dear Universe

I want to experience more wonderful feelings. I want to feel more powerful and more capable. But also, I don't want to feel so powerful or capable that I fool or hurt myself or someone else.

I want to actually feel happier, more love, more joy, more delight, more enthusiasm..

I want to love and enjoy…


Added by Monkey on August 19, 2017 at 4:52pm — 2 Comments

All things are possible

Never stop believing in your dreams. Just because maybe you get some poor feedback, or because you're in a funk about them at the moment. Use your feelings about your dreams, if you're feeling low as you consider your dreams, realise that you need to pump them up. If you're feeling good about your dreams, realise you're on the right track.



Added by Monkey on August 19, 2017 at 1:30am — 2 Comments

Flawed premises

Here's an Abraham quote you might want to consider (I think most of us need at least a bit of this)

"Flawed premises that you have picked up along your physical trail can fall by the wayside, one by one, and you can return to the understanding that is at the core of that which you are (but in order to discover or understand a false premise, you have to stand back far enough and reconnect with who you really are before you can see it) If you were to hear a…


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