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Transcending Life Changing Events So The Universe Says “I Got Your Back”

What if this morning you didn’t wake up in your bed at home? Instead you woke up in a hospital bed in excruciating pain throughout your entire body not knowing what happened or how you ended up there. That’s exactly what happened to a friend of mine Michael McCann. His story is both powerful and profound and exemplifies what it takes to overcome anything life throws at you.

When life throws you a massive curve ball, what does your Authentic Voice say?

    * I just keep…


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How To Raise Your Abundance Setpoint (Rags To Riches Story)

Are you totally happy with the quality of your life? If not, then check out this awesome video I did with my good friend Dr. Sukhi Muker. I know his story, insights, and mindset are totally going to blow you away. Ready? Let’s get into determining how to raise your Abundance Setpoint. 


When you think about creating more abundance in your life, what does you Authentic Voice say?

  • I’d really like to, but that sounds like…

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Law of Attraction - Heart Felt Connection

There is a certain approach that really amplifies the law of attraction and I’d like to share it with you today. There is a big disconnect when people here about the law of attraction or what some call the law of resonance. They instantly believe anything can be brought into their lives without pouring much emotion…


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Motivational Video - A Mind Movie Of Motivational Clips

Last night I was creating a motivational video for myself and was having an absolute blast. So I asked myself, why not create a motivational video for my readers? Well, that's exactly what I did! After creating a powerful mind movie for my life vision, I went ahead and created a short video (that took way too much time :) ) for your empowering pleasure!

You can check out the video here. I also put it on Youtube so you can watch it… Continue

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Living With Gratitude

Doesn't it feel totally awesome when you're filled with gratitude? The other day I found myself focusing on a few things in life, that weren't to my taste. As you probably know, when you're in that state, it's virtually impossible to have positive emotions.


Since we're always in a position to give back, I decided to start a Facebook Fan Page called The Gratitude Group. I highly recommend you check it out,…


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My 5 Life Changing Visualizing Secrets

Do you know how the term visualization has become a seriously hot topic? Ever since the hit movie “The Secret” people have be opening up to the unlimited potential you and I possess.

 Do you want to know the scary thing about it?

 Most people are NOT manifesting their dreams, goals and desires. Yes it’s completely true there are many people who have experienced AMAZING results since movies like The Secret, but how many people are actually CONSISTENTLY applying the Law of…


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Staying POSITIVE When Society Thrives On NEGATIVE News

If you haven’t noticed lately, staying positive has become a bit of an art form in today’s society. If you turn on the news, what do you see? As Frank Kern so brilliantly states, mostly Fear and Hate. It’s a perfect example how society has become conditioned to Thrive off negative news. A few months ago Anthony Robbins came outwith a brand new reality show called “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins.”It was…


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