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HAPPINESS: Pursuit of Happiness

With International Happiness Day quickly approaching, it made me think about our right to be happy. In the United States Constitution is the right to pursue happiness. I think this is a noble idea, but if that were true why does it seem that some many people are having such a hard time finding it?

If we are pursuing happiness, that means that it must exist somewhere outside ourselves. In this scenario, our life is a treasure hunt, always trying to find that elusive…


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SPECIAL EVENTS: Virtual Book Stop July 3rd!

Next Virtual Book Tour Stop with Jeanna and Eva July 3rd!

Hi Everyone!

Our next Virtual Book Tour stop is with our host Aurora Winter, author of From

Heartbreak to Happiness.

We’ll be…


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SPECIAL EVENT: Law of Attraction Launches. Conference Call Saturday is NO COST!

I'm happy to announce the launch of The Law of Attraction Club by Robin Retallick (my Significant Other) and Nina Ferrill (my Significant Angel).

Hope to "see" you on the call this Saturday!

Warmest Eva

Hi folks,

What if you could get some answers to life’s questions in a whole new way? Our intent…


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SPECIAL EVENTS: 6 Figures in 6 Months. Are You Next?


Who else wants to learn the step-by-step

six-figure strategy for transforming your

coaching business?

Listen in on Tuesday, July 1, 2008 as Eva

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SUCCESS: Uncovering The Essence of You

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

In life, as we go about our daily tasks it is so easy to lose sight of a very fundamental important fact: you are your most important resource. Your ideas, skills, qualities, and characteristics...the essence of you... are what will propel you towards success, or hinder your progress if you allow it to. Which will become your reality?

Do you remember making a "Pluses versus Minuses"/Good Versus Bad "T"? Well, it's time to dig out the pen and…


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SUCCESS: Manifesting What You Want

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

What does it mean to manifest? What was the first thing that popped into your mind? Was it 'to create, to come to be, to bring to reality?' Close. The definition is: 'clearly apparent to the sight or understanding!' Did you know that an infinite number of things are manifested every day? That's right! Each thought, each vibration, each feeling or belief manifests a response. Be it positive or negative, good or bad.

One of the most powerful things…


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LAW OF ATTRACTION: Exceptional Wisdom Radio, Law of Attraction Show

Exceptional Wisdom Radio, Law of Attraction Show with Jeanna and Eva

Thursday, June 19th at 3:00 pm pacific / 6:00 pm eastern

Our guest, Gina Mazza Hillier, is a nationally published freelance journalist, editor, writing consultant, dance enthusiast and advocate of living with creative abandon…


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SPECIAL EVENTS: Guest Expert Call This Wednesday!

My special guest expert call AND International Happiness Day's second special guest call is with Guest Expert, Buz McGuire! Jeanna and I will be jointly interviewing Buz on Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative. Mark your calendars! We're so excited!

Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Time: 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern

Bridgeline: 712.421.8476 Pin 7777#

The Viral Happiness…


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SPECIAL OFFERS: Invoking Your Power of Strategic Attraction

Have you ever discovered something that you found so valuable; you wanted to share it with everyone you knew?

There’s a buzz quickly growing about the Law of Attraction – and I have found this amazing FR*EE REPORT- Invoking Your Power of Strategic Attraction™!

  • Imagine activating the Law of Attraction such that it actually operates more in your favor?…

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ACTS OF KINDNESS: The Power of Thanks

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

If you were like me growing up, when it came to accepting presents or gifts from others, your parents may have told you, “No, you can not accept that.” They told you this for a variety of reasons, but the message was clear. You should not accept gifts. To further complicate things you may have grown up hearing the old adage “It is better to give than to receive.”

Of course, there is great value in giving to others. This is especially true when…


Added by Eva Gregory on June 13, 2008 at 3:09pm — 1 Comment

GOALS: Joyous Journeys

Joyous Journeys

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

How often have you heard someone say, or even said yourself, "I cannot wait until that course is over", "Boy, will I be glad when this project is over", or "I will be so glad when all of this planning is done"? Only to find that once the finished line is crossed, that the feelings of exuberance just do not measure up to what was expected. This is a very common occurrence. Why does this end result often leave us feeling like there…


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SUCCESS: Are You Positive Or Negative?

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

Magnetism is a wonderful thing. We often hear that someone "has a magnetic personality", or that they are "full of magnetism", even that opposites attract "like magnets". Why the fascination with magnetism? Perhaps because the term magnetism implies that the opportunity exists for something to be drawn to you easily and effortlessly. What if that thing is success, fame, or how about money?

Money is the thing that the majority of the population…


Added by Eva Gregory on June 9, 2008 at 6:35pm — 1 Comment

GOALS: Do What You Love

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

Love and Passion ... are two words that bring to mind deep feelings for something or someone. For instance, the type of feelings that begins in the pit of your stomach and radiate outward, exuding brilliance, warmth, and joy. Do these words represent how you feel about your job and or position in life? The majority of the population, two-thirds in fact, is always seeking new employment. Which means that at any given time 67% of the United States…


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GOALS: Follow the Leader

by Eva Gregory, CPCC

We've been told for years that the best way to learn something is by example. That is why we are taught by teachers, use computer tutorials, and follow examples and exhibits in books. But what about in day to day life? Are there people that you can follow that intuitively know exactly what your needs and wishes are, so that you can copy their actions and/or solicit their advice? If I had to guess, I'd say not. So how does one go about finding someone to…


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Are you on facebook yet? If not, WOW, you are missing out on a fantastic community of wonderful people, connections, friends, business and personal networking! If you haven't joined yet, it's easy. Go to http://www.Facebook.com and join...then accept my invitation into my free Facebook group...

I am thrilled to invite you to join my Facebook Leading Edge Success Club! You can access it…


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