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What name can be given to this feeling: A LOVE-HATE Relationship

A love–hate relationship is an attachment between two people or between a person and a thing, based on the love and hate feelings simultaneously or interchangeably.

People who are in this relationship will be deeply attached internally, but fluctuating between these two emotions externally. The beauty in this relationship lies in this…


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SHAMBHALA: The city of light

The place "SHAMBHALA" can be represented as the city of the Light energy. Here people live as the beings of Light .

There are various opinions about this society's location.

Some of the astral travelers stated that it is located in the Gobi desert. And the modern age Buddhist monks are up to the conclusion that the place Shambhala is located in the higher ranges…


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Acceptance is the only way for Transformation to lead a Positive life.

Our dual world like (good and bad, right and wrong etc.) is changing slowly. Many of us started thinking about "who am I and what is my life purpose ?". Each and every angle in our life depends upon our thoughts and feelings. We can make our life much easier by understanding and accepting our needs.

Start practicing to accept…

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Your Transformation Is Becoming Brighter: a message from Ashtar

Who is Ashtar ?

Ashtar is an extraterrestrial or etheric being, who belongs to many planets and galaxies. Since billions of years he has been taken up responsibility to populate many planets with "Star Seed" for the planet's…


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Divine and pure animal COW

Cow is a divine animal with quality aura. We can get purity in our thoughts, words and deeds by being loving and affection with the cow and taking good care of cows. It indirectly means to spend valuable time with her, as she is a great healer and always radiates positive vibrations.

It has also been examined and proved in the Medical Science that, Cow's Aura impacts us to overcome the Ego (Rajo Gunam). That is our consciousness raises or grows from mind level to soul level.…


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Art of Relationship

Relationship means adjustment... it means giving...

But at the same time leave some room for the other partner to give...

This needs a little skill to make the other also contribute without demanding.

And the skill is LOVE...

If you demand, the relationship is not going to…


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The Fact Of Life...

The fact is "We do not do",

Not that "we cannot do".

It does not matter how much we have,

What we are doing with whatever we have, matters.

We cant change what we have,

But we can definitely change the utilization method

of what we have.

If utilization is done correctly,

A maid can also become a…

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Importance of Passion

The soul is directly connected to the heart... whereas mind is formed by the world...

     Wants created by the mind is Desire....

                  Wants created by the heart is Passion...

Following the Desire results into an illusion of happiness, where there will be no satisfaction... Once the Desire is fulfilled, an achieved illusion will be no more... 

      Here we achieve success for…


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What happened to the great Atlantis Civilization ?

In the beginning stages of our evolution on the earth, we had discovered fire and method to do cultivation. We had also built small towns and also discovered machines.

'Galactic Federation' felt happy because of our growth and decided to speed up our soul growth. So they have sent extraterrestrial beings or Star Seeds on the…


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Types of Star Seeds and their characteristics

The word 'Star Seeds' means the people among us on the Earth, whose real origination is from other planets, stars or galaxies.

Please check out the link to know more about Star Seeds, types and their characteristics


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Star Seeds on the planet Earth

Click here to know about them...

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What is happening after 2012 December 21st

Information is shared about Everything and Nothing...

The positive energy is represented by Light beings and negative energy by dark beings. Earth is surrounded by positive and negative energies.

Consider an example:

We can import and export any product from Hong Kong, as it is a free port and no restrictions from the government. Here, the decision is taken by the government not to control…


Added by Kruthika Kanthi on March 24, 2013 at 3:02pm — 2 Comments

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