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So you're wanting to define action as the thought process that triggers the vibration that is the engine of this Universe. Abraham San Antonio, TX 10/11/12



 for self study, quotes reference, spending time with the material expressed by Abe.... 

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Topic Specific Threads:

Points of basic understanding are highlighted here that allow this body of work to be most comprehensive and user friendly. There are also maybe a couple hundred topics available by clicking on the alphabetized topics links. Scroll down to find additional related menus below.

Mini-Course ~ What Abe Teaches                                         

Universal Laws                                                                                  

Universal Law 1 of 3: The Law Of Attraction                                          

Universal Law 2 of 3: The Law Of Creation                                                                             

Universal Law 3 of 3: The Law Of Allowing     

Momentum vs Duality     

You Create Your Own Reality           

 Understanding Context

Abe Analogies & Stories

Abe Refining Their Message

Glossary Of Abe Terms

Some Primary Questions                                                                 

Are You Helping or Hindering?

What About The Environment?                                                                                             

What Is The Purpose Of Life?                                                               

When Abe Says "Be easy about this"

When Abe says "Have Fun With This"                                                                     

Who Are We?                                                      

Who Are We In Relationship To Our "Inner Beings"?                                                                       

Who Is Abraham?  

Why Source Is Pleased With Us And Wherever We Stand                                                  


The Year 2012

2012; An Abe Perspective

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Game Threads      17 Second GameOne Word Grids ~ Abe Quote Leapfrog ~ Pure Appreciation ~ $100 Game ~ Word Search Puzzles 

General Threads (Not Topic Specific)

 Abe Radio


Favorite Abe Quotes

Favorite Abe Quotes ~ One Liners

Favorite Abe Quotes ~ Short

Funny Abe

Hotseaters Interrupted

Speed Rounds

Trouble Shooting


_ MORE_________________________________

Bridging Some Old Concepts


Peer Threads (For Fun and/or Peer Support)

Abe Formulas

Abe Inspired T-Shirts

Abe Quotes With Fan Imageries

Abe Trivia

Abe's Teaching In Action: Align

Abe's Teaching In Action: Pivoting
Abe's Teaching In Action: Negative Emotions As Tools
Abe's Teaching In Action: The Value Of Feeling Good

Ask Questions That Feel Good

Feeeel The Relief
Flipping False Premises   (22 from The Vortex Book)

You Know You're An Aber If...

Processes  (Abe Activities to train your vibration)


Talking Points Of Abe




"Life is supposed to be fun. And the basis of it, once you understand vibration, is one of ease. And we want you to understand that ease is not the opposite of adventure and ease is not the opposite of productivity. Ease certainly is not the opposite of expansion. Ease is the vibrational basis of all good things that you want." May 5, 2012 Atlanta, Ga Abraham Hicks Publications



   Abraham By Topic is not affiliated with nor endorsed by Abraham-Hicks.com. All quotes are copyright protected for material integrity.

 This space is intended to be discreet and accurate to the tone, context and intentions of JEstherHam and Powerful Intentions.  

The intentions for this organizational structure is to provide space for quotes, quotes and more quotes BY TOPIC. Where ever possible, these threads will link to discussion threads for those who want to teach others or learn from others. These threads are intended to be predominately for what ABE says; personal conversations and sharing conducted in other threads leaves the Abe By Topic threads a clear contextual and feeling experience between the reader and Abraham.. All community members of matching intent are invited to build within this community offering, and thanked very much for the peer-ship. ~DS




"Talking Points "

Abe Wallpapers

New & Old Sayings (from, a match to, OR inspired by Abe)

100th Monkey Effect

This seems like a lot of work

What Is Integrity?
Co-Creation And Others
Some Seth Quotes




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Comment by Silver Girl on August 23, 2009 at 5:43am
Hi DS! I made a thread on Vibrational Escrow.. Can you add it here?

It's right here to link to.
Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on August 5, 2009 at 12:40pm
It's so fun to come into your own power, you see.
That's what we teach; we teach SELF-empowerment.

Abraham ~ Boca Raton, FL, 5-20-09
Comment by Silver Girl on July 30, 2009 at 10:44am
Hey DS, thanks a lot for this! I love love love it!

I was wondering: i've a renewed interest in the relativity of time, and i would love a topic on that. I can't find any quotes by Abe in my collection, but i thought maybe you have some?

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