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Normally I would not have bothered doing anything of the sort, thinking that the person was just trying to sell something to me, and Lord knows that I have better things to do other than aimlessly surf the world wide web, but there was something in the way she suggested I look the site up that led me to look at www.thesecret.tv . She insisted that she officially had nothing to do with the site or anything purchasable on the site at all, just that I should have a look straight away. For some reason I decided to do as she had suggested.

“If you would convince others, seem open to conviction yourself.”
-Lord Chesterfield

I opened the site as soon as she had left and found myself captivated the moment I began reading. I continued going over the entire site for an hour or so (quality time spent at work), looking at every page and reading every paragraph. I was enthralled in the way that everything that was written somehow rang true to me, simply put, it all just seemed to make sense.

After browsing the contents feverously I decided to order the DVD and look into “The Secret” in more detail. I couldn’t wait to show this to Nathalie as I was certain that she would feel exactly the same way I did once she had seen it, but I wanted to surprise her with it rather than tell her that I had bought some ‘self help mumbo jumbo’ of which she may dismiss before giving it a chance.

Three or four days later I received a call from Nathalie inquiring into what else it was that I had ordered off the internet. You see at this point of my life I kind of had a bit of an Internet purchasing fetish, it wasn’t really an addiction though, it was just that I had only really just started to get into the wonders of the World Wide Web at this stage of my life and realized that I could buy some really cool stuff at what I thought were really good prices.

Alright, I guess it was a bit of an addiction, I just don’t really want to admit it at this point. Anyway! I’m a bit more educated now and am not as susceptible to impulse purchasing. So, I asked her to wait until I had gotten home before she opened the package and exposed this amazing ‘Secret’. I did tell her it was a DVD of sorts and that I wanted us to watch it together that evening, so she set it aside and agreed that we would look at it when I got home.

“I started with the firm conviction that when I came to the end, I wanted to be regretting the things that I had done, not the things I hadn’t.”
-Michael Caine

We watched “The Secret” for the first time that night and both agreed that, like most people, we already used “The Law of Attraction” in our lives but accepted that, for good or for bad, we definitely operated for the most part on automatic pilot.

I guess it’s a lot like having an addiction of sorts, until you recognize and accept that you have an addiction you really can’t treat it, no matter what anyone else sees or says to you. I suggest that for the most part we all have an addiction of utilizing the Law of Attraction on autopilot and thus kind of just allow things in our lives to just happen to us, blaming fate, coincidence or just life in general for our existence. ‘The Secret’ allowed me to recognize and accept my ‘addiction’ and thus paved the way for me to treat it.

“All sins tend to be addictive, and the terminal point of addiction is damnation.”
-W. H. Auden

Up on first viewing the DVD I really learned that there is no such thing as coincidence or fate. Things just don’t happen to me, I attract them, and I draw them to me.

I began looking back over my life and noticed that the paradigms that I had developed around what I called myself, led certain things, events and people to me. For instance, I always genuinely believed that my purpose of being alive on this planet was to help others, or make a difference in other people’s lives. I always believed that my happiness was generated through my success in assisting other people to be successful, on occasion to my own detriment.

I was secondary and seeing other people appreciate me for making their lives better was all that I required to be happy. But, conversely I also believed that people are never appreciative of what I do and thus they would always move on once my purpose was fulfilled.

Ironically, I used to attract artists, actors, musicians, sales people, and the spiritually lost and help them get their careers/lives on track. I always knew the right things to say to those who would listen that would aid them in attaining their goals. Once their goals were achieved, they would leave me, often without giving me as much as a “thank you!”

Once viewing “The Secret” movie for the first time I realized that I had created that reality. I recognised that I was responsible for all of the relationships, colleagues, friends and career choices, happiness or lack thereof in my life.
Everything was my very own doing!! It was after I had realized this when the ‘freaky’ stuff started to happen. At the completion of our first viewing I turned to Nathalie and said,

“This is what I am supposed to be doing honey. I will be working with these guys soon, getting this message out there to the greater public!”

Nathalie looked at me incredulously, somewhat thinking that I was being more than a little ridiculous, but in being a supportive partner, and in seeing the undeniable glint in my eye, she smiled, almost knowingly and stated how she too could see me doing this also. I’m not too sure if she thought that I would follow this through on it or not, though I am certain that she could see me working in the personal development industry and doing that kind of work. You see I have always been the father of the group, the old man, the Yoda or the advisor if you will.

“Sometimes opportunities float right past your nose. Work hard, apply yourself, and be ready. When an opportunity comes you can grab it.”
-Julie Andrews

Both Nathalie and I are the kind of people that have always given of ourselves more than we have ever expected in return. Therefore I didn’t doubt for a moment that she could see me taking all of this on board. I am just unsure as to whether or not she would have thought that it wasn’t just that I could see myself doing this type of work, it was that I had already clearly seen myself involved in specifically this, working with the teachers of The Law of Attraction whom were represented on ‘The Secret’ and spreading the knowledge on a global scale.

The next few weeks went by without any seemingly major, life altering events. We sat and watched “The Secret” four or five times, attempting to gain a further insight or understanding into how to begin manifesting our present, and constantly found that each time we viewed it that our determination and focus became more and more decided. Whilst at the time we saw no direct “success” being delivered by our new found knowledge, our general mental state was uplifted and we were both a great deal more positive about the outlook of our lives as individuals and as a family. Now, if that were all we were to gain from repetitively seeing the same DVD then that in itself would have been an amazing attainment, but that wasn’t where it stopped at all.

Some six or seven weeks after first viewing the movie I was made redundant from the recruitment company I was working with. Nathalie was understandably concerned but personally, my spirits were high. You see, I had recognized that I would have stayed in that role of which I gained no great satisfaction from, if they hadn’t made the redundancy decision for me. Instead, I sought out another role with the limited comfort of a small redundancy package in my bank account. What I didn’t realize was that this was the Universe at work, setting me on the journey that I had requested of it.

“Your Wish is My Command!”

I contacted one of my recruitment clients and began working in a National Key Account Management role within a couple of weeks of my redundancy. I commenced the new role on the first of November 2006. Whilst I knew that this was not my ideal role, I also knew that it provided me with an opportunity to develop my mentoring skills and my sales management skills further, all the while enabling me to deal again with the general public in a sales environment. I had a young guy by the name of Andrew working with me that every one had explained to me was difficult to work with, actually they were looking into giving him his ‘marching orders’, but ultimately they would let me decide what to do with him as his sales were always high.

My second day into working with the company I took “The Secret” in on DVD and had it playing on the sales floor on repeat for the whole day. Andrew, on a number of occasions asked me questions about what it was about, of which I continually informed him of my understanding of it. I had made the decision to get in touch with Bob Proctor and thus sourced his email address and sent him an email introducing myself and passing on a brief bio of what I had done in the past and the fact that I was extremely keen to involve myself with teaching the message of “The Secret” to the greater community. Now keep in mind that I knew that I would be working with these people at some point, for when I told Nathalie that I had emailed Bob she almost laughed.

The next morning I went into work and opened up the store that I was based in, and walked over to the coffee shop next door to grab a coffee (who would have thought!). Andrew ran out of the store, leaving it without staff and grabbed me, informing me that I had a call from someone called Mark Low from Canada. Now I couldn’t think of anyone that I knew from Canada but figured that if they were calling me at 9:30 in the morning it must be fairly important.

“Ability is nothing without opportunity.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Mark, so he informed me, works with Bob Proctor in his office in Toronto, Canada, much to my surprise. He spent about forty minutes on the phone to me, letting me know that Bob had read my email and asked him to get in touch with me. I was beside myself!! I recognized this call as the first step toward my certainty that I would be working with the teachers of The Secret.

Now, like me you are probably thinking that Bob, a man who has over one hundred and fifty different sources of income, and any number of businesses and conferences and speaking engagements to run and oversee, must receive a vast number of emails each day, how shocked was I to think that he had read my email and asked his “right arm” to contact me!!! Tell me this secret stuff doesn’t work!!!

True to his word Mark stayed in touch and we communicated by both emails and phone calls regularly, which continues to this day.

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