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Here's a way to attract more money. Once you realise it, it will make sense, and you will do it easily, effortlessly, and happily. So, what can you do to attract more money?


(What money has feelings, YEAH RIGHT, money is just a THING)

But what if everything has feelings?

Did you know plants have feelings? did you know that scientific studies have been done on plants that show they wither when shouted at, but they bloom more vigorously when shown love and appreciation?

Did you know that scientific research shows that even water responds to negative and positive feelings?

(Is that too far out there for you? Ok, I'll get more basic)

You know people have feelings? Of course right. You already know if you treat a person with kindness, and if you treat a person with love and respect, they will become a better, more capable person?

Animals have feelings, you probably know this? Maybe you've heard of Horse whisperers, people who are so in synch with horses, that they seem to be able to talk to them, and get them to respond in ways no other person can?

My point, we all know that living creatures respond well to love and kindness.

So, what might happen if we treated money as a living thing? Might it be that money will respond to feelings of love, appreciation and kindness?

But what do many people think about money? Many people think unkindly about money.

Many people say that the money they have is NOT ENOUGH. Can you imagine telling a friend they are not enough? What would happen to that friendship?

What might happen if instead, you said to the little money you have, I appreciate and love you, you're Awesome, and I'd love to have more of you? If nothing else, wouldn't you be conveying more of a sense of appreciation towards money?

Some people even believe money is somehow dirty or evil, can you imagine what would happen if you thought of a friend like that? How long would that friendship last?

Some people say they don't care about money. What happens when you treat a person like you don't care about them?

Suppose you only had one friend, how would you treat them? Wouldn't you want that friend to know how much you appreciate them? But then, what do you do, if you have less money than you need? Do you appreciate the little amount you do have? Or do you belittle it for not being enough?

What do you think might happen if you treated money as if it has feelings?

What do you think might happen, if you thought about money in loving, kind ways? What do you think might happen, if you thought of even small amounts of money more kindly? What do you think might happen if you treated money as if it has feelings?

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Comment by Stefania Clemente on February 11, 2017 at 7:18am

great post cool Robert!!

Comment by Goddess Radiant Love on February 6, 2017 at 9:25pm

Love this Robert.  I love money, and money loves me ♥  Come to me money and we will look after each other, ah bliss eh ♥

Comment by Cosmic Conductor on February 6, 2017 at 5:19am
This is just great because it is so, sooooooo true! Maybe you could post this on the forum as well since lots of people could benefit from reading this great article Robert! WTG! :D
Comment by JERNLM on February 5, 2017 at 12:28pm


You need to edit this blog and take out "Assume" (money has feelings). The contents of your blog are exactly how I transformed my relationship with money. It works!

I went to a Jordan Belfort seminar in London, and he asked the audience what they thought about money. He said "I f**king love it" but I bet most of you would say "it doesn't make me happy" or I can survive without it". Then he told us to treat it as if it was a person or imagine someone saying that stuff to you. Would you stick around and stay in that person's life? So, I began treating money with love and respect as if it had feelings and unbelievably it just started appearing in my life. Tax rebate, underpayments, pay rise and so on. The more that came, the more I loved it. I can't remember a time I worried about money now, and at one stage of my life, it was all I did.

Just look at people who openly LOVE money like Jordan Belfort or Floyd Mayweather, who goes as far as to call his team The Money Team. Look at how much they have.

People take note! Do like the blog says and watch your relationship with money transform. x

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