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$10 OFF Pick 3 Lottery System During Veterans Day Weekend Sale

Press Release....November 10, 2011....

Robert Walsh Enterprises announces their Special Veterans Day Weekend Sale offering their proven Pick 3 lottery system at $10 OFF.  Beginning today, Thursday, November 10, 2011 Robert Walsh Enterprises is introducing their Pick 3 Veterans Day Weekend $10 OFF Sale. This sale is a way to honor our United States Armed Service men and women who sacrificed so much for all Americans by joining the Armed Forces and leaving their young families here at home to guarantee our safety of Americans both here and abroad.  Our servicemen and women are starting to come home presently and more will be brought home in the upcoming months from Iraq and Afghanistan.


Now through Sunday, November 13, 2011 Robert Walsh’s Pick 3 lottery system, How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery, is being offered for $10 OFF its everyday low price.  Not only American servicemen and women can SAVE $10, but all Pick 3 players around the world who enjoy playing the Pick 3 lottery can purchase a copy of Robert Walsh’s Pick 3 System and automatically receive their $10 OFF discount.


How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery is a multi-strategy Pick 3 lottery system for Pick 3 lottery players worldwide. This Pick 3 lottery system has gained worldwide attention since it was first published in 2010. This strategy based system with its multiple strategies teaches Pick 3 players how to connect one winning Pick 3 number to the next.  Sales of this unique Pick 3 system stretch across the United States from Florida and North Carolina on the East Coast to California and Washington State on the West Coast. International sales of this Pick 3 system include some Caribbean Islands, Canada, Greece, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.


Robert Walsh’s Pick 3 system highlights just how 3-digit numbers 000 through 999 are connected to each other through the application of its proven winning strategies. There are examples in the system from every one of the Pick 3 Lotteries in the United States and Canada that demonstrate how each of the strategies works to create new potential winning numbers in every Pick 3 lottery worldwide.


This system is uniquely free from the traditional standard filters of hot and cold, odd and even, high and low and overdue numbers where the top three digits from these filters are wheeled to create a list of numbers ranging from 10 to 200.  Through this process at least one digit is eliminated and often times two or three digits are eliminated. One single eliminated digit can cause the player to become an ‘automatic loser’ each and every time that eliminated digit is part of the drawn winning Pick 3 number in his or her respective lottery. A single eliminated digit creates over 270 automatic losing numbers from the 1,000 potential winning numbers available to Pick 3 players.


Another unique feature of How To Play & Win The Pick 3 Lottery is that it offers players both a Money Management Strategy and an Investment Strategy. These two strategies teach Pick 3 players across the country how to maximize their winnings and learn how to play off their winnings by re-investing some of their profits into new future playable investments. The other part of their winnings helps families with their household expenses and paying off bills. Together these two strategies teach Pick 3 lottery players to play responsibly and help them to create an ongoing cash flow for their own personal financial needs once they have learned to use the strategies and system correctly.


During these very difficult economic times when ways to make extra legitimate money to supplement household income are hard to find, this Veterans Day Weekend $10 OFF Sale couldn’t come at a better time for returning veterans who join the ranks of the unemployed and families who begin to look ahead to the Holiday Shopping Season that is less than one month away. Taking the time to correctly learn the strategies in this Pick 3 System may provide the lottery player with some extra Holiday Cash. Once Pick 3 players learn to use the system correctly and after two straight wins they discover the two goals of the system have been accomplished. The first goal is that their winnings pay for their future Pick 3 play, so they don’t have to budget money for their Pick 3 investments. The second goal is to take care of the family’s personal needs.


Another great advantage about this Pick 3 lottery system is once the Pick 3 player has correctly learned how to use the strategies and the system he or she has it for a lifetime.  For military families, who transfer from one military base to another, the good news is that this Pick 3 lottery system works in every State that offers a Pick 3 lottery.


Copyright © Robert Walsh                                                                                                                    www.howtowinpick3lotterystrategies.com




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