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October 27, 2007

I went to So. California for my 25th Class Reunion. Before leaving, I visualized and wrote in my journal about bags arriving on time, flights being on time, the weather in So. Cal being warm (I don’t like to be cold!), and all going as I wanted it to go….

It had been raining for several days straight as we are in our rainiest season here in the Costa Rican rainforest. I had asked for clear weather for flying in the single engine plane that takes off from an airstrip cut out of the jungle, and to not get all my stuff wet before even leaving! I woke up to our first sunny day in many days and as we traveled across the bay to the airstrip, we saw a mom and baby humpback whale just hanging out in the shallow water. I gratefully accepted this wonderful addition to my send-off!

I arrived in San Jose and went to a meeting with a travel agency who wants to contribute to my foundation by sending people on our dolphin and whale tours. At the end of the meeting, I got an inspiration to mention the $825 we needed to send our marine biologist to South Africa for the Marine Mammal Conference. The owner of the agency reached into his pocket and took out an already made out check for $825, signed it over and handed it to me. I looked at him totally amazed. He said that it was a check that someone had just given him for something else and he had just stuck it in his pocket before our meeting…. It just so happened that he had a check in the exact amount we needed in his pocket and now it was ours. WOW! Ask and it is Given!!

I got to the airport the next morning with my overweight bags. Went to check in, only one person in front of me in line, and the attendant told me it would be $50 charge for my bags. I said okay and put the money on the counter. He was very pleasant and I thought about what a nice guy he was and what a good job he was doing. He finished processing my ticket and put my ticket and my passport on top of the money and said, “Just take the money, I’m not going to charge you, but take it under the other things because my supervisor is right there.” Cool, no overweight baggage charge! And my favorite seat, the window emergency exit, with the extra leg room to spread out and a view.

I hadn’t even checked my connecting ticket from Dallas to California until almost arriving in Dallas. I realized that the nice guy had put me on an earlier flight, giving me only a half hour between flights, almost impossible since I had to go through customs, immigration and check in my bags again. I was not worried about it, I would just go to the counter and change it to the original flight I had reserved, two and a half hours later. I got to the counter and the lady said, “You know, you can make this flight.” Now, I do not like to do the OJ Simpson running through the airport thing and getting all stressed out over missing a flight, but I decided to trust and said OK, I’ll do it. I got through customs and bag checking in a breeze and only had to do a few short OJ sprints to get to the gate, the second to last person to get on the plane. And the attendant at the gate even let me use the airline’s phone at the desk to call my parents long distance to tell them I was coming in two and a half hours early!!! Again my favorite seat, window at the emergency exit, and the row, my favorite number 17! Not only that, I was seated next to a very nice couple and when I looked over, the man was reading ASK AND IT IS GIVEN by Abraham-Hicks, so we had a great ABRAHAM talk during the flight. PERFECT! He even bought me dinner (gourmet airline food) and invited me to go see Wayne Dyer speaking the following Monday night, but I already had plans to go to the Law of Attraction meeting in Orange County that a friend of mine started. We exchanged cards and they will come and visit me here in Costa Rica as the woman is from here.

The flight got in 20 minutes early and I ended up getting to Los Angeles almost THREE HOURS EARLIER THAN PLANNED!!! This was great as it was still light out, much better for my parents to pick me up, and gave me time to get to their house, unpack, unwind and get a good night’s sleep, which would not have happened with my original flight! Wow, I had asked for on time, but EARLY was even better!!!

As I mentioned, I do not like to be cold, and the last time I was in California, I spent a lot of time shivering. My mom told me that I had brought a heat wave, the weather the day I arrived was in the high 80’s (in the 50’s the night before) and stayed that way the whole time I was there. I was even greeted with the Santa Ana winds, which I always loved even as a small child; those warm, crazy winds that have a powerful energy. Of course, those powerful winds spread the wild FIRESTORM in So. Cal, and the Santiago fire, which is still burning, is only 2 miles from my parent’s house. We could see flames the whole time I was there, and we breathed a lot of smoky air. I felt the loss of those people whose homes burned, and I also felt a sense of cleansing, renewal, rebirth and an amazing Source Energy to it all.

It reminded me of when Yellowstone was on fire many years ago. I was on a business trip, part of which was to assess the trails of Yellowstone for accessibility, and saw those fires burning out of control there. I was so sad to see all that nature burned up and questioned why this would happen in a perfect world. Those images were in my mind for a long time. When we returned a year later to reassess the trails, the rebirth and re-growth was absolutely stunning; so many flowers, so many new plants, so much new and different beauty, most of the animals had survived, and that forever changed my view of wildfires and the energy of them.

The rest of my time in So. Cal was amazing, it was great to be with my family, and I had a great time with old friends at the reunion, especially since I weigh about 100 pounds less than at the last one!

One interesting thing that happened was both Friday night at the homecoming game and Saturday at the reunion, I got told by several people, one after the other, “You look like a million bucks!” One person even said, “You look like a million dollars!” This came from guys that I had crushes on since grade school, people I hardly knew in high school, a couple of girlfriends and even the guy running the event center where the reunion was held. People I would never expect to use those words. The first couple of times, I was just flattered, but after about five times of hearing this, I realized that Source was talking to me through these people, putting these words in their mouths over and over so that I would hear them because it was just too repetitive not to notice.

I got that Source was telling me that it was time to allow my millions I have in vibrational escrow to come, and used my class reunion and my old classmates to do it. You really never know how and when the messages from Source will come! Divine Source Messages will always come in ways that relate to you and that you will understand. I guess Source decided that flattery was the path to my awareness this time! Well, it worked!

I have been creating a million dollars (actually the check I wrote to myself is for five million!) and this told me that I am in very close vibrational reach, that people can see those millions around me! I actually look like a million dollars, whatever that looks like!!! I felt another big release of resistance to having this money after this great message and in even higher vibrational harmony with its timely arrival. COOL!

I did lots of shopping as I had not been in California for three years. Jungle Woman is in the Mall!! Quite a different jungle than the one I am used to and I could feel myself getting pulled in again, especially after a couple nights of drinking with my friends and just being exposed to the “outside” world again in such a big way. I was definitely not as centered and focused as usual but I was having a great time and enjoying every minute of it. It was only temporary, a vacation, and it’s all good in proper balance!!! I tried to work on the trip home in my mind, but was distracted. The flights were short enough and I was almost home, no big deal, my trip had already gone so well, I would just be showing off now anyway… ( :

The first leg of the flight back to Costa Rica I was in the aisle, no one in the center seat, and the nicest older man at the window seat. During the flight, I decided to try to focus and get that window seat on my connecting flight. I just really like to see when I fly and I like to have the wall to lean up on if I get sleepy. I did not get it, I was on the aisle, but again, no one in the middle seat and a great guy who owns two health food stores at the window. We talked about the nutritional power of Goji Berries and that almonds now have to be pasteurized, no more truly raw almonds. After about 15 minutes, his friend, who was seated at the front of the plane, came back and said that he had acquired a seat next to him. The health food store guy said goodbye and I now stretched out across all three seats, I had my window seat AND the two seats next to it too. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! Maybe I wasn’t as out of whack as I thought….!

The last manifestation I really wanted to create for this trip was to get my now even heavier bags onto the little plane from San Jose to the jungle. They have a limit of 25 pounds per person, and I was up to around 150 including my laptop!!! If I couldn’t get both bags on, I would have to make all kinds of arrangements (taxis, boats, etc.), to get my other bag to me later. I didn’t want to do that. Now, with a good night’s sleep in San Jose, I was my centered, manifesting self again and visualized getting both bags on that plane. The flight was short 2 persons so there was enough weight allowance for my bags, and I even got a discount on the overweight fee!!! HOME FREE!

I am now back in the jungle with lots of rain (although it wasn’t raining upon arrival yesterday, a special request!) and am so happy to be home! I was greeted by my dogs on the beach, macaws and monkeys inside my bedroom, hummingbirds in the flowers outside my room, an amazon parrot that I raised and now lives in the wild but comes by to eat, several toucans, wild turkeys, a coati, my cat and lots of other birds and butterflies as soon as I unpacked and looked around! LIFE IS GOOD!

Now I have to create my trip to Florida next weekend to see ABRAHAM in Boca! Trust me, I will be traveling VERY LIGHT this time, both in mind and in baggage!! And please join me in sending some of this rain to California!!!

Many Blessings,


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