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I got this from from the EFT site and I LOVE THE FEELING!


Money is neither good nor evil. Our perception of it is simply a belief that has taken up residence in our minds. Money is a form of energy that can finance everything from heavenly pursuits to holocausts. If we equate money with greed we will stifle its flow in our direction. If we equate it with free flowing abundance, it will find its way to us much more easily.

Money is abundant. It is all around us. Imagine, for a moment, the amount of money that flows into and out of your hands in a year's time. Most of it you didn't keep, did you? You only /used/ it to buy food, clothing, etc. and pay your rent or mortgage. Your money was turned into goods and services for your use but continued to circulate from your hands to the hands of others. Even the money you put in the bank was loaned out to others for other purposes.

Now imagine the amount of money that flows into and out of the hands of everyone in your family and in your neighborhood and in your workplace. That's a lot of money, isn't it? It just keeps flowing, something like a stream. Now imagine all the money that flows into and out of the hands of your grocery store and the bank you do business with. Include your automobile company, power company and telephone company. Now we are talking about a River of Money that is flowing everywhere. Sit back and observe this someday. You can scarcely make a move anywhere where money isn't flowing from one set of hands to another. And no one really keeps it. They just use it and put it in places that have their name on it. Bank accounts are like that. So are real estate, stocks, mutual funds and the like.

Now imagine all the money that goes into and out of the hands of your state or local government. More additions to the River. What about all the money that goes into and out of the hands of the U.S. Federal Government? Include Japan, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and all the European countries. Huge amounts of money. Now include the rest of the world. Trillions of dollars per day change hands all over the globe and a plethora of goods & services are created in the process. The River of Money, like spiritual abundance, is unlimited. There is no way to measure how big it really is.

You and I are standing beside the River of Money watching it flow right on by. It is so wide that we cannot see the other side. It is so deep that no one can find the bottom. And it is ours to use, right along with everyone else. Some of us approach the River of Money with scarcity thinking. We come with a teaspoon to take barely enough for our perceived needs. We somehow think that the more we "take" the more we are into greed and the less there is for others. We don't realize that the more we use the more we create. The more we use, the more we generate abundance for others through the things we buy. The more we use, the more freedom we have to extend love into the world.

Some people come to the River of Money with a teacup. That's better than a teaspoon. Others come with a 5 gallon container. I come to it with a swimming pool. Ross Perot comes to it with a lake bed and Bill Gates comes to it with the Grand Canyon. None of us, however, has even dented the size of the River. The money flows through us and creates everything from jobs to software that transforms the world to low cost EFT videos (that also transform the world).

As I said, money is neither good nor evil. It is abundant energy that flows in a River and is available to us all. It's "goodness" or "evilness" resides only in the perceptions that are written on our walls. Our consistent thoughts become our reality.

I'm not sure who the author was but Thank You Universe!!

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