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Inspired thoughts on Spiritual Evolution.

What the future will hold is a vision without end. We are the artists of the future. We have the opportunity to work our magic by sharing the wisdom of the ages and enlightening a darkening world.

Throughout the 1960’s we heard much about the ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ and many of us did not really know what it was. Many of us looked forward to it eagerly but were really not sure why. I know it began to sound like a cliché’ and just hearing about it now, we are reminded of outdated hippies and flower children. Now that the Age of Aquarius has dawned and we are living in it, I have been impelled to write down what has come to me through inspiration. What was a cliché’ is now our reality. With the coming of the year 2000, we reached the Aquarian Age. We are at the beginning of the Age of Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Enlightenment. We, as spiritual beings living in physical bodies, have chosen to be a part of this amazing time of Spiritual Evolution.

Many books and movies have been and are being produced that will have a direct impact on our spiritual awakening and on our ‘remembering’ what we know but have forgotten as we progressed during our journey in this lifetime as spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are witnessing an expansion of interest in our spiritual connection to Source.

This ‘New Spirituality’ sheds light on the fact that there is an energy source from which we emanate and which is creative. It is important that we become aware of the fact that we are Spiritual Beings in physical bodies having a physical experience. This is of utmost importance because this fact is the beginning of Spiritual Awakening. We are from Source Energy and Source Energy is who we are. Being a part of this source energy, we can create our reality and do so each and every moment of our lives whether we are aware of the action or not. The thoughts we send out to the Universe are energy vibrations whose strength is governed by the emotional vibration we are feeling as we think these thoughts. Spirit vibrates at a very high energy level. Maintaining a positive, joyful, happy, vibration ensures that we are matching spiritual vibration which results in the manifestation of our goals and vision into our physical world.

With the majority of us maintaining a positive focus, positive results will embrace the planet. We could experience a planet where love and peace will reside and the noise of war will be silenced forever. We could see a time when we, as powerful creative, loving beings, will see physical life as endless and the process of leaving the physical body and moving to spirit a matter of choice and celebration and as a result the return to physical a choice as well. The cry of despair will be silenced and healed and suffering and pain will be no more. We will become creative healers and as a result, the practice of healing will be a loving, spiritual experience and will be spontaneous and death, as we currently know it, will cease to be. As we evolve into enlightened spiritual beings our intelligence will vibrate on a higher spiritual level and we will see expansion and the vastness of the Universe will be like an open doorway to us. As highly evolved spiritual beings, we will re-develop abilities that we have ‘forgotten’ and communication will include telepathic and intuitive abilities. The possibilities of the future are unbounded and endless.

We have the opportunity to consciously choose to intentionally create, not only for ourselves, but for humanity. As we go about putting what we are learning into practice and joyfully and lovingly creating our own personal experience, we are learning and growing spiritually and positively effecting the world around us. We become enlightened and we begin to ‘shine’ as lights in the world. As others are attracted to enlightenment, they find their spiritual 'en-light-enment' and the expansion of spiritual evolution continues. As our awareness of our own personal ‘Karmic memory’ blooms within us, we re-learn our spiritual abilities and our spiritual evolution continues to expand as does the Universe.

The Universe is prepared for our expansion. It is limitless, as are we. There will be no end to growth. There are no limits now nor will there ever be. This is a time of amazing joyful celebration of Love and Awakening and Enlightenment. Our Spiritual Evolution is inevitable. Grow joyfully toward expansion and Spiritual Evolution. Receive the love of the Universe with open arms.

What I have been shown is beyond words. What I have been inspired to write, and what is still within my mind and waiting to be put into words leaves me breathless. As an artist, I paint from vision. As a writer, I write from my soul. Spirit speaks, and when it does, we are inspired to respond. Namaste.

In Love and Light…
Teri Helton

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