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Well I have been working on manifesting the sale of my home and the purchase of another. A friend recommened I writr a brief story of how my house sold and how quicly it happened and how wonderful the new family is and how excited they were to have this WONDERFUL place.. I did just that I could vision them living there and loving the home and the home being fuly of the laughter of children. I visioned my home here in Louisiana a new home I could picture the rooms and the horse pasture for our hourse and room to run and play and the huge LIVE oak trees our front with the moss hanging from them watching my son climb al the way to the top. I could see my little daughter playing with her dolls in her room which has a white picket fence and wild flowers growing on the ways. She danced around like a little fairy in a garden.

I then thought you know what I love my LIFE I love this little camper we have called home for over a yr I am thinkful and excited about the memories we have had here. I was thinking back to christmas about the tree we had. I use to in my home put up several trees decorate them perfect and everything was beautiful and perfect. Well, being in this small camper I couldnt have that. I was sad about this. well my children cut a branch off a tree and made me a tree decorated with paper clips and bottle caps they painted. I was so upset and should have been happy and excited but i wanted my perfect tree. The kids were over joyed and said there mama you have a tree and i just wasnt as happy as I should have been. Then christmas eve my hubby took the kids out and picked this scrawny tree to put up in this tiny camper andd they decorated it with paper and glitter etc and it was a MESS hehehe. But these children said this was the best christmas they ever had. As I sit here and think back about it and how I acted like a cry baby and think of the lesson NOW that i have learned. I now see why this transition happened to my family. I did not see the beauty in my life. I did not feel the joy in my heart and I did not see the beauty that was right in front of me. Those christmas trees were the most veautiful thing I have ever seen now that I look back and the sprakle in m y childrens eyes will last forever. I know realize what I was suppose to learn and for the first time i feel the joy of tears in my heart.

Thank you Universe for today.....

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Comment by Goddess Kimmy on June 15, 2008 at 12:16am
Hi Amy all great ideas. When I decided to sell my home . I cleared every bit of clutter I could. It is powerful. There is a blog on my page on clearing your clutter if you are interested.
Comment by Amy on June 13, 2008 at 3:19pm
Oh Yes Judi I forgot just incase you wanted to see it inside again here is the link.
www.fsbo.com ID# 101773.

I think i will check into putting it on the national registry. It really has alot of history and character its certainly a old farm house with modern touches. I think the hardwood floors are my favorite part ^GRIN. Of course My hubby misses his 40 by 80 garage. Cant wait for someone else to love it like we did.

Comment by Amy on June 13, 2008 at 3:14pm
the home was built is 1860 it is the oldest home in my township. It has lots of history even as far as the Amish lived in the house. Also I was told that during the war it was a housing station for prisnors.
Thanks Judi
Comment by Goldenbutterfly2 on June 13, 2008 at 8:01am
What was the history of the home? I know I remember the possibility that it could be listed on the historic registry because of the age. I love the inside. Just remember that someone will love to live in Ohio and choose your home to move into.
Comment by Amy on June 13, 2008 at 7:22am
thank you and yes the picture is in my sun visor in my car and a picture on my phone i look at it at least once a day and now I read the story I wrote of them too.

Comment by Goldenbutterfly2 on June 12, 2008 at 10:23pm

I am so proud of you being able to look back and find the beauty within yourself and your family. I gave up having the perfect place and am just happy to have a place. I find the beauty in the things brought to me every day - like rainbows, sunsets, sunrises, and the talents I have and life itself. Your Christmas tree story reminds me of one my ex and I had one year. We were low on money, so went to the woods to cut a scrawny tree, but it was fun and it was the thought. The kids loved it just the same. Kids can bring the magic back in your life that you might have lost when you got older.

I am happy for you Amy. Have you looked at the visionboard picture I made for your house lately? Maybe that's the real family who will buy it. lol If not, here it is:

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