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Cars running on water and air? Why are we not all doing this?

Recently, I was viewing some YouTube videos of crazy cats when I ran across a YouTube that contained a video news article on a man who has invented a way to change your average gas guzzling car into a GREEN and efficient car that runs on normal tap water. Why has this not caught on? It clearly has been proven to work. Several YouTube news articles exist that show GREEN enthusiasts and some scientists stunned that it actually functions and that all of us can transform our gas run cars into water run cars with a simple plan of instructions. Materials can be purchased in your local hardware or auto store is the claim the inventor is making as to how you will be transforming your car into a water run car. Has anyone out there tried this? I would like to know if what I am seeing and hearing is really true and what real results have you gotten? Was the purchase of the plan expensive? Was the transformation hard to do? Did your car really run on normal tap water? Did you actually drive your newly transformed car and if so, for how long? How many miles to the gallon did you get and for what distance did it go before filling up? Please respond to my inqueries. I am very curious as to why this is not mainstream yet considering the fact that gas is getting to be outrageously priced and we are feeling its blow on everything that we buy and places that we go. Oh yes, and what about the cars in India that will run on air? Any takers as to why that, too is not becoming a mainstream solution to our environmental problems?

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Comment by Suebeehonee on June 15, 2008 at 8:43pm
As far as the water issue, I would say with rising sea water due to glacial ice melting in the Artic, that the process of Desalination could help to relieve the salt issue in the sea water and the impending rise of sea water around the globe could be alleviated somewhat. I do not really know if issues such as these will ever be resolved, but I do believe talking about it is a very good start. If communication stops, so does any chance of change. If anyone out there has any better ideas, please comment. I am curious as to other forms of "biofuels" that do not cause serious impact on our air, health, animals, plants, etc. Surely, there is a better way that all can come to agree upon or at least compromise on.
Comment by Suebeehonee on June 15, 2008 at 8:33pm
In fact, Anne, they are already in production of a car that runs on compressed air. Just Google air car and you will see www.theaircar.com and open it up. You will be surprised to see under the history section of their website that the oil companies managed to surpress the research into compressed air any further until 1979 when a gentleman decided to test it out again and it worked! Now, they are coming out with a fleet that will be tested in India as air taxis. Just imagine how life could have been if we were all driving air cars instead of gas guzzlers. Imagine the much cleaner air!
Comment by Anne on June 15, 2008 at 7:56pm
Yes, I agree with Julieane. The Presidential candidates should be addressing this issue. I can't believe that with all the new innoventions that have been created in the past few years or so, that other forms of fuel for cars wasn't their highest concern. I like the thought that cars could run on air! Imagine if this is possible? What about fuel from garbage? Like in the movie Back to the Future? They should do something soon though.
Comment by Julieane on June 15, 2008 at 2:25pm
Hey Suz!!! With the drought issues around, I can't imagine cars which run on water would be the best alternative...even sea water would probably be too much of an impact on our environment. There are absolutely good alternatives and I'm totally surprised that the American public hasn't demanded our current Presidential candidates address what they're going to do to promote this country's path away from our dependency on oil. It sounds like all of us will be long-gone from this Earth before the REAL crunch time comes, but it would be nice if we could help the upcoming generations get closer to the right answers to at least the oil issue!

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