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"Your life is an occasion.
Rise to it."

- Mr. Magorium

This past Friday my BFF and co-chocolate Goddess, Jeannie called me up to see if I would like to attend a "Sacred Vibrations Wellness Seminar" with her the next day.

"Absolutely!" I replied. "What time are you pickin' me up?".

I’ve attended dozens of seminars and workshops over the years and realized in that moment that and I had never participated in an “all-ladies” event – at least not since I was a little one gathering with my aunties and cousins for baby or wedding showers!

Saturday morning we arrived at the 150 year old Mountsberg schoolhouse after a beautiful sunny country drive and immediately knew we were at the very place when we opened the door and were greeted by flowing draperies, smiling Goddesses, lovely scents of sage and lavender and soothing, rythmic music.

We pulled up a yoga mat and spent the next several hours surrendering ourselves to the wonderful direction of the sacred space and collective higher vibration.

Linda led us in some Yoga trance dancing. Debra – a fellow Aber - facilitated a group meditation and Reiki session that had some of us seeing vibrant colors behind our eyes and rushes of energy waves rolling through our bodies.

The morning was followed up by a delicious home-made-with-love Ayurvedic luncheon. Before we dined, we filled out a questionnaire to determine our “dominant doshsa” and applied the appropriate colored bindi to our 3rd eye. Then we ate, laughed and shared some of our life's experiences together.

At the end of it all, in our collective higher vibration, we gathered for the group picture below…

I had heard about orbs appearing in photographs and I had never actually seen one myself. When Debra sent us the photo this morning she mentioned in her email that she saw 3 orbs in the picture…and, I see more!

Jeannie was wondering who the orbs are in the picture, my response was,

“Everyone that has ever been and everyone that will ever be.”

I like to believe that the big obvious orb is Abraham…seeing as how it’s nestled in amongst those in the group that know of - and live - Abe’s teachings. There are various orbs floating around above our heads and a couple in the foreground, they are visible to various degrees, some have a very faint orb and the dot of light in the middle is clearly there…

Now that I know what an orb looks like in a picture I’ll have to go back to some of my own shots and see if I’ve just missed them all along!

Linda is our yoga facilitator in the front, she is leaning on Debra, I am directly behind Debra with Jeannie to my left...

Cool eh?! My life so rocks!

The next session they're bringing in a belly-dancer! I've always wanted to learn belly-dancing!

Have yourself a blissed day!

The Radiant Chocolate Goddess

Have you had your chocolate today?

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Comment by Valerie White on April 2, 2008 at 2:31pm
Great Story and Pic Juls - wow I love that more and more formless friends are showing up these days :)
Comment by DiamondJul on April 2, 2008 at 9:00am
Hey thanks for posting those Diana, they're fabulous!!

The little buggers are really bright at night and in the shade I see!! :)

Awesome! Thanks again!
Comment by Diana Walker on April 2, 2008 at 1:25am
Hi DiamondJul
I finally loaded onto the internet several Orb photos I have on my camera taken over the past 2 years.... my camera is an "orb catcher"..... !! The first 3 below were taken on my camera (and I have others which have not been loaded online yet)... I thought you might be particularly interested in the DIAMOND shaped "orbs" on the mountain top - see the one connecting my sister and her daughter? Isn't it terrific? Then the ones in India were from my friend's camera. All are in spiritual settings or spiritual, natural locations...

No Orb, October 2006 - my camera this one is to show that just one minute prior to the next photo, there was no orb, and one minute later there is a magnificent orb!


Orb – 1 minute later – Diana - my camera


Orbs & Krystian outside Church, September 2007 - my camera


Orbs – Diamond Shaped – My sister and niece 2007


Orb - India 2007


Orb – Cathy India 2007


Comment by Annmarie-ReRe on April 1, 2008 at 9:44am
That picture is so awesome. I can see two of the orbs. I have read a couple of Sonia Choquette's books and am presently enrolled in her Pyschic Situps course and when I watch her video for the course there is always an orb in the video. How exciting to notice something like that. I am a Reiki II practitioner and when I received my attunements I saw such a bright light coming down from my crown chakra and go down throughout my body (my eyes were closed the whole time)....is was an amazing feeling. Have fun with your next session and let us know how the belly dancing goes! :)
In love and light!~Annmarie

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