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Love = Abundance - with A 40 Day Plan

Love = Abundance

A close friend of mine introduced me to 'The Abundance Book", by John Randolph Price several months ago, the knowledge and wisdom in this small book has made it one of my Favorite books.

John Randolph Price helps us realize that it is through deepening our connection with spirit that we realize more abundance in All ways in our lives.

So within, so with out. We automatically out picture what we experience inside.

By learning to hold our Focus on the All Loving, All Providing Spirit within, Our True Self, we automatically manifest Infinite Love and Abundance in our human world too.

From “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph…

“Money is an effect. When you concentrate on the effect, you are forgetting the cause, and when you forget the cause, the effect begins to diminish. When you focus your attention on getting money, you are actually shutting off your supply. You must begin this very moment to cease believing that money is your substance, your supply, your support, your security or your safety. Money is not-but God is! When you understand and realize this Truth, the supply flows uninterrupted into perfect and abundant manifestation. You must look to God alone as THE Source, and take your mind completely off the outer effect.

If you look to your job, your employer, your spouse or your investments as the source of your supply, you are cutting off the real Source. In fact, if you look to any human person, place or condition for your supply, you are shutting down the flow. If you give your power to any mortal as even being the channel for your supply, you are limiting your good.

You must think of money and any other material desire or possession simply as an outer symbol of the inner supply. And the only Reality of that symbol is the substance which underlies the outward manifestation. Money is the symbol of an Idea in Divine Mind. The Idea is an all-sufficiency of supply to meet every need with a divine surplus in your individual life. As the Divine Idea comes out into manifestation, it appears as the symbol - money. But the money is not the supply. Rather, it is your consciousness of God as your abundance that constitutes your supply. When you try to collect, acquire and possess the symbol (focusing on the symbol and not the supply within), the outlet for manifestation closes.

Read More Here, Love = Abundance - with A 40 Day Plan

Here you will find All my Blog Post on The Forty Day Plan

This is just like learning to ride a bike, the more we practice, the more we learn, the more we find our balance, the more we find our coordination with arm and leg movement, the easier and more fun we have riding our bike.

Blessing's of Peace...Love...Joy...And Infinite Abundance !!!****** =)

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Comment by Sir Neil on July 15, 2013 at 7:39pm
The reason we often have scarce times is that the Universe is teaching us to move from fear to trust; and part of that trust is to trust that the Source is your provider, and is encouraging you to develop your spiritual connection.

When you connect more and more with Source, it is like a droplet of water reconnecting with the entire ocean, rather than trying to live its life as a limited drop of water. Rather like us; we live in a limited human body with limited human mind resources, but there is a far greater power source available to us in the form of God, Higher Power etc. This particular power source has all of the answers, all of the resources, and infinitely more energy than we as humans could ever manage when we cut ourselves off from it.

We do this through fear and misunderstanding. The ego likes us to think that we are alone, powerless and helpless, but that's just hogwash. Higher Power is always willing to help us.

When we connect in this way, a vast plethora of resources, answers, means, openings, intuitions and such becomes available. When we connect, we turn on the tap and it FLOWS to us far more. Better still, it makes life so much easier than if we only had a limited spiritual connection.

This post reminds me of a series of cards I saw at a corporate training day a couple of years ago. I was faced with unemployment at the time and was feeling quite insecure. We had to pick a couple of cards at random, and when I did, they said the following things

Seek a higher power
win-win situation
Comment by Connie on July 10, 2008 at 12:11pm
Wow.. Greg.. thank you for sharing ..

peace and love
Comment by Marsha on July 3, 2008 at 3:26pm
sounds like a book i should add to my collection.
Comment by B.B. BERG on July 2, 2008 at 9:24am
I am living this right now.I let go completely of the outcome of my intentions for money and only focused on my joy and gratitude,this month I will make more money than I have made per month in a long long time.My process has been slow but full of important lessons.everything in its peRfect time space sequence
love and blessings BB
Comment by Greg Lunger on July 1, 2008 at 11:23pm
So true Mary Jean, I have Superbeings and Empowerment you can do be and have all things, Wonderful books !!!****** =)
Comment by Mary Jean on July 1, 2008 at 10:54pm
Hi Greg,
John Randolph Price wrote many great books. You might enjoy reading some of the others also.
Comment by Jeff on July 1, 2008 at 10:08pm
Yes Greg! I Like It ! And once again it just always keeps coming back to the same formula for me, over and over again, it comes back to the simple fact, that we simply must Be like Christ Everyday in Everyway! Simple. This does not mean we have to be Saints, or Perfect or any such thing. It means we need to come from Love at all times, and Love will transform right before our very eyes, our lives and all those within shouting distance and then some.
To treat every person, every situation or circumstance through the eyes of Love, allowing full expression of God's love to pour through in any given Moment of Now.

Thanks for the reinforcement!

Comment by myfitlife on July 1, 2008 at 8:57pm
Hey Greg,
I'm on my 7th day of the 40 day plan.
Thanks for sharing the book with me.
It's really cool. :D
Comment by Greg Lunger on July 1, 2008 at 6:06pm
Thank you for your kind words my Friend's !!!******

Feel free to share the Forty Day Plan daily statements you are enjoying !!!****** =)

Blessing's of Peace...Love...Joy...And Infinite Abundance !!!****** =)
Comment by Katkola on July 1, 2008 at 5:59pm
Beautiful post, Greg. I, too, am going to look up this book.
Thanks for sharing,

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