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First of all Thank you, I thank each and every one of you here that read and comment for your input.

My 'quest', if you will, started on April 1 of this year. You see I was engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world and on March 31st she ended it between us. I was devastated I felt lost. I couldn't understand what had happened. I knew there were issues in our relationship and I wanted to work them out but she would have none of that at the time.

I moved out of her house and began traveling down the wrong road to 'recovery'. Inside I was fighting with everything that had happened and struggled to find answers as to why this was happening. All sorts of things crossed my mind... another Man, Bad sex, etc etc. Then I came across some information that seemed to speak to my heart. I purchased the e-books and began reading. ALL of what was being said in those books looked like I had written them... the feelings of desperation, loss, anger, everything was exactly what I was experiencing. After reading on I noticed how similar it was to the teachings of 'The Secret'.

Here is a clip of something contained in the information I obtained:


"Insecurity is a fear that starts within you. It begins as the seed of a thought deep down inside you. You may think that a single thought is harmless or idle, but the more you think in such a way, the more you will experience fear. The more you experience fear, the more fear you are attracting to come into your life!
There are no idle thoughts. ALL thoughts lead to something. They are the cause of our experiences in life. ...thoughts attract experiences.

The key here is that you can choose what you think. You are the only one doing the thinking; no one else is doing it for you. so whatever you think, you create the outcome at the same time."

It hit me right at that moment, I had created this reality. I also realized that this whole breakup, wasn't just my fault, we both had equal parts in its breakdown. My thoughts, no matter how trivial they seemed at the time... created were a big part of this reality.

Right then and there I decided to do EVERYTHING I could to change my thoughts and begin creating the reality I desired.

I kept reading and tried to apply the principles stated within but my ego/mind kept getting in the way. Regardless... I kept reading... making sure that every day I repeat the affirmations within the material. I knew that if I kept doing that I could overcome the negativity, become more positive about things and eventually realize my dreams.

I began studying more... trying to figure out ME... and that is how I came to be here.

Since the teachings of the Secret were evident in my purchase, I logged in to thesecret.org and then here, P.I.

I hope to accumulate more knowledge, ideas, affirmations and like minded friends here.

I will realize my dream, I don't care when or how... I just know that it will happen and I am so very thankful that God and the universe is working to set things in place even as I write this.

to be continued...

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Comment by Susanne on July 27, 2008 at 4:35am
Hi Steven
Thanks for speaking so openly. Yes, I think the awakening for many of us, starts with a life crisis, a separation or similar. For me it has been and are almost exactly the same way as for you.
Best wishes!
Comment by StevenE on April 29, 2008 at 7:58pm
Thank you Pamela I will start ASAP!!!
Comment by Abundance Queen on April 29, 2008 at 7:29pm
Hi Steven........glad you found this forum......it's a gold mine! I strongly recommend you start reading/watching/listening to Abraham Hicks.......they will tell you exactly how to get from where you are to where you want to be!! How to create your own reality just the way you want it and how your thoughts are creating your reality either on purpose or by default! I too started with the Secret, went to their website and found PI and from there found so much stuff I can't believe it......but I have to say Abraham really is all you need! Best of luck......Pamela

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