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"Thanksgiving and Christmas in July...July 2008 by SeanB

A kirktv show that never aired -- 2006
episode copy as follows...

the gratitude show
kirk tv -- season 3 show 11
not live -- pre recorded --

this show was pre-recorded -
we just celebrated "thanksgiving" in this great country of ours -- i hope and wish health and light to everyone and hope this message of healing brings you some peace and serenity --
there are no live call ins for this show because iam not in the studio tonight -

i titled this show: gratitude:
since really isnt that what "thanksgiving is all about --"

here we are 2006 -- ready to slide into the "christ" season.

i plan to boycott using my credit cards until after dec 25 which i do every year in a show of support for the "true" christ" - a sort of passive - resistance to the "holiday" or holiday inansity --
which to me --
has nothing to do with proving to my neighboors that i make alot of money or can buy what i want randomly and be wasteful -- and drunken or judemental or insane -- in the name of "god" or christ or so called "religion" no less

its sad that an institution founded on the christ ideas of love and non judmental truths has become a force of alienation and greed -- raping the pocketbooks and spirits of kind loving people througout history -- and even up unitl this present time --

wouldnt it be wonderful
if christianity really was a force of love and light rather than a source of dammantion and judement that says were all going to hell wihout redemption --???

Re - giving money to the church during this time---

id rather give a handfull of my dollars to the homeless person on the street or to a soup kitchen feeding the poor than a group of rich -- greedy homophobic mentally ill drunken misogynistic and known pedo-philiac
white men full of stale ideas and filled only with their own self richtousness -- who currently run the catholic church -- truth be told --
this is not some conspiracy fantasy -- this is a sad proven -- truth -- known to all --

i ask them ---->>> during the this christ -- season -- this christ-mas season - i ask the churches of this city and the world
to open their bank accounts >>> a reported 90 million in assets -- to feed the poor of the world and
to forgive without discrimination and truly try to create a "heaven on earth"
rather than
a "hellish" social >judgemental aire / projection of pain and fear --
let go of the idea that god is hatred and punishing and only wants ur destruction --
this is not true --
god is love and that is all --
the bible has many lies in it -
lies that serve to keep a specifc group of people in control of our spirits and minds and money -- but as always you are free to think and worship and believe as you wish ---

the current incarnation of religion has nothing to do with what christ was about or taught --
in fact the religious political right wing churches and organiztions that promise to keep america white and pure and heterosexual and male dominated are
now the EXACT antithisis of what christ was about or preached....
isnt it ironic ?
the church has become and is: the EXACT THING christ FOUGHT AGAINST AND DIED FOR...
who and what was christ?

He is our reminder that anyone can be connected to love and a loving god at all times --
whether you donate money to the church or not --

love from god is not something you have to pay for --
god is not only for the chosen few or "elite" who "deserve" love or who have eraned it because they have a large bank account --
god is everywhere --
love is free to all - anytime anywhere --- night and day --
salavation and redemption belong to all --

in my belief system "christ" was simply a spirutal master -- who loved all without judgement --

i dont need to rack up my credit cards and create a debt for myself so the rest of the year ill be scrambling to pay everything off -- which will create misery and fear for me and the people around me --

if it makes me a heretic against consumerism / and the general social contract of abusive and shame based ideologies of:
"Your going to hell..."
"Gods gonna "punish" you for being alive..."
or (the) sexual "bible thumping religious right..."
then: So be it....

-- id like to see the cultual validation for intelligence -- and for true spiritual teachers and sages --
not so called greed driven "christian" evangelical "preachers" who prey on the frightened and infirmed who only want some peace of mind and the knowledge that when they - pass over to the "other side"
-- that there gonna go to a good place....

we need spirutal sages -- who are true to a heart centred presence -- in the world --
i know alot of you are sages in the world praticing your various spiritual beliefs and changing and transforming into a lighter beings -- becoming beckons of truth and light to all around you -- were doing this work en massee together -- there are no gurus - we all learn what we can and share what we know --
there ya go
thanksgiving --
gratitude --
first of all for me - if u have your health and alot of people dont or have to fight a battle for it every day then you are truly truly blessed...
to put things in perspective:
since i have had the experience of three near death experiences from accidents or disease---
allready here in this realtiy --
and have come through these experiences as a whole and somewhat sane
human/spiritual being -- knowing that the "other-side" is truly simply only LOVE --
id like to just ask you - that if you do have your health to let go of all the other BS problems that you think are important --
because really when you detatch from your life -- AND TAKE AN INVENTORY OR UR BLESSINGS...
if you have a healthy body you are "rich" and "wealthy"
beyond compare --

>>>Secondly id like to affirm with you and send you some love and ask you to send love out right now to who ever needs it the most --
send some love out and the universe.
allow "god" or godess or your higher power as you "understand" him or it or her... to direct that love to persons you may never know but will surely benifit from that healing light...
please join me here - and take some time to give to those less fortunate than you who ever -- that may be...

I plan to: stay centered and try to remain grounded during this holiday season and not get caught up in all the insanity --- and pressure of this psuedo - religious -- "fake" christian consumer have to buy everything mentality -
and get all drunk and out of control holiday MADNESS -- ah "whoose go the most toys wins"
type of insanity --
just to make some retailing mega giants richer -- so they can force up the rents even higher in manhattan and just consider this: everything that was so great about this city and the reasom why everyone wanted to be here - is now gone -- gone are the artists and writers and muscicans and the painters - theyve all left the city to be replaced by corporate fascism of one kind or another --
and a white-wash of what manhattan used to be -- it was the residue and the anything goes type of free spirit that has ben sucked out of the city -- right now thats gone --

iam going to be thankful for everyday that iam healthy and intelligent and sober -- and here --
and try to be a presence of love and peace rather than a creater or confusion or fear -- or judgement -- during this "holiday" season --

to the clean and sober of you in recovery as iam also i wish that you stay sober and healthy --- which i wish to all -- mind u
many times ""celebration"" in our culture means that you pollute your body with alcohol and drugs to "have a good time..."
it truly is difficult -- during the holidays -- to stay "sober" during this time of pressure -- perhaps instead of going to the typical "christmas party" you might want to chk into celebrating "Kwanza" which is focused on respect for the earth and the people who are in our lives...
focus on love and gelteness rather than money and polluting and comsumming...attributing value to people over objects... this wil be my focus during this time and i hope yours also --

my thanks is that i can be here in front of you -- healthy and clean and centered wishing you peace and yeah joy in the next month and a half --

surround yourself with the real TRUE - genuiine christ spirit and conciouness of forgiveness and light and healing not --
the fake o -- white-washed bullshit - stale -- greed above all - pervasive - cultural nightmare were about to slide into in a countdown of retailing insanity unilt the 25th and then also new years eve...

on these days ill be around the people i care about trying to share my life rather than buy someone's love or my own self esteem and security ---
by going into debt...or getting intoxicated by the insanity --

peace to all
shakti -- love to you --
thanks for listening -- amen
the kirk tv show is on - live here on ch 57 every monday @-11;30pm

hope you keep watching and ill se ya soon...

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