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The main thing I will create in this life is an educational-fun-park based on the Law of Attraction. This park focuses on how children can start to use the Law of Attraction in their lives to create happiness, health, wealth, abundance and so on. There is a primary and secondary school, but I will not call it a school. Of course the children will be taught how to read and write, but for the rest it will not be like a regular school.

How much you remember from everything that has been taught to you during your time in primary and secondary school? Probably it is not much. And from the part you do remember, how much is really useful to you? Probably it is also not much. So you went to school for more as twelve years and the only thing you leaned is how to read, write and count? For many people it like that!

Shouldn’t it be a lot nicer if your school taught you …
• How to make friends?
• How to heal your own body?
• How to use money?
• How to help each other?
• How to respect each other?
• How to be happy?
• How to visualize and focus on your goals?
• How to meditate?
• How to start taking action?
• How to trust the Universe?
• How to attract a good relationship?
• How to love and be loved?
• How to relieve negative emotions?

All these important parts of life are missing in most educational systems, but they are a main part in my new educational system. Of course if a child has a huge interest in History, he/she will get all the help and facilities to learn more about it. But all the other children who don’t care about the history of our world do not have to learn all the details of what happened in the past. It will not help them growing in life. It is just a waste of time putting all these details in their mind, which will be gone a few years later.

Children in my school can learn what they are interested in and how to become a specialist. There are many possibilities for practical’s and searching information.

Some examples:
• There is a kitchen / restaurant for children who are interested in cooking or running a restaurant;
• There is a garden and a fruit/vegetable garden for children who are interested in farming, designing gardens or gardening.
• There are computers with internet connections for children who are interested in IT or who just want to find some information on the web.
• There are sport facilities, a swimming pool, fitness centre, outdoor activities, for children who want to become famous in sport or who want to be instructors/teachers.
• There are cameras, music instruments, clothes (designed by the children who want to be dress designers) and so on for children who want to be musical stars, dancers, singers, actors, photographers, video editors, etcetera.

There is a lot more, but that will be mentioned in other blogs which will follow. You are always welcome to give ideas as a comment to my blog.

All the mentioned things above have a double function. They are there to learn the children something, but they are also there to generate income:

• Local people can come to the restaurant to enjoy a nice meal;
• The fruits and vegetables from the garden are used for the restaurant and to sale;
• Local people can come to relax in the garden/park;
• The computer room will be used as a cyber after school time;
• Sport facilities can also be used by the people from the neighborhood;
• Summer camps will be hold and they will use the (outdoor)sport facilities, swimming pool and so on;
• The concert room will be used for musicals, acts, dance shows, concerts and so on.

In this way the school generates extra income and has a close connection with the neighborhood. Also for adults it is possible to follow courses about the Law of Attraction, meditation, yoga and so on.

Okay, these are the main things. Within five years I start building this great educational park. Please let me know what you think about it and give me new ideas!!!

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Comment by Denise on April 15, 2009 at 9:16pm
This is amazing, fantastic, wonderful!!

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