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in this wonderful universe of ours...
the sun being at the centre , having 9 planets rotate each day around blossoming with the energy that is given off by this wonderful star.
At night, looking at the sky, seeing millions of stars on a clear night such a beautiful sight.
Knowing that we place our habitat on this planet, we enjoy every minute, welcomming in beautiful days of sunshine,
great holidays , and lots of memories holding with in our minds.
The mind , such a powerful object.. Do some of us really know the power we possess.
Some of us , may have experienced such events as visions . Each and every one of us is blessed with a special gift.
Some gain it straight away , others may need guiding and reach it later .
Some times me may take for granted such power our mother earth posses as well,
Each woman posses there own universe inside their womb , bringing forth new life here every day.
Mayan calender ending in 2012..seeing a significant aligment in the skies, they percieved this as the sacret tree.
A symbol of death , life and new beginnings.
Sometimes , we in turn need a change to create a new life for ourselves.
Maybe its unhappiness with in a job, current relationships not working or even trouble at work from your boss giving you a hard time.
It can feel hard to make the step to fulfill the change to make the new life happen . But once its done , the feelings grow high.
A perfect world we may create for one self .
It can happen .
Believe in your self, let your inner child shine through and glow as brightly as the suns light .
Life is such a wonderful thing. Enjoy every minute . Live each day to the full .
Our spirit is everlasting for eternity ever more.
A question you may sometimes wonder is , What is the meaning of life ?
I pose that to each and everyone of you

love now and forever in my heart always


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Comment by magicalmirror on August 4, 2008 at 3:50pm
The meaning of life to me for meself is learning or rather delving into meselff finding out what me purpose is and knowing that the onli constant thing in life is change and that i do make a difference in the picture of the whole and knowing that I am god divine as everione else is. Spreading me love, life and joi and being it as best i can remembering that i am all one and so i am here to share this knowingness or me knowingness or what i feel is for me the meaning of life. I think its for everione to find the god within them and to know that thei are realli gods. I think the onli scari thing is mani people think that thei are not god and cannot see how thei can be which means thei never find power within themselves aniwhere and if we know we are connected to everithing and that everione and everithing is god and we are alreadi connected than we have mastered what the meaning of life is because we never die. If we do choose to let the bodi go then the spirit alwais lived. We have never died. So for me the true meaning of life - is to live and to know we can live forever in our bodies and to come to the source of who we alwaus were and alwais will be and until we learn this that we are all one and never have to die and connected, we will die and come back again till we learn the true meaning of life, at least this is me opinion.


mai all me mirrors be shini bright. Mai all me mirrors know theself and the strength within and their connectnedness and to know "LOVE" is the strongest power that is and if we realli love everione no matter what we are never disconnected.

So be it, so sai i from the lord god of me being - so be that!!
Comment by UKPete on August 4, 2008 at 1:10pm
What is the meanigng of life?
The answer Is to shine ?
As in the childs rhyme "Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light"
In this world of darkness we must shine you in your small corner and I in mine.
Together, shining, we can illuminate the darkness without and within ourselves and others.
We must shine and encourage others to the light and enable them also to shine also, till we light up the world

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