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Having had a bad week, (thinking that the Universe was testing my nerves) I signed on to a new company where I thought I could do some good. With the new legislature that President Bush (aarrgghh) signed, a lot of homeowners will be able to keep their homes; regroup their financial platforms, and get a firm grip on their lives, but there is still the matter of those that cannot. As I was being recruited into this company I was practicing my affirmation for this week:

I will release “FEAR“…for just one week I will be “FEARLESS” and trust the faith I have in myself to conquer it.

I will release DOUBT in my life. For one week I will remain confident in myself and not let “DOUBT” in. I will “fake it til I make it” until I am back to “Who I really am.”


When I got the phone call from this company, I was on the internet pricing mattresses. I need a bed, because I threw out the old one to force myself to buy a NEW ONE, and I followed it up TODAY with throwing out my living room furniture also ).

Being committed to FEARLESSNESS means taking necessary steps to break free from the things that hold you back. So getting a new bed was not the thing that broke me out, it was throwing out the bed and the living room furniture). I knew if I did not do that I would sleep on the couch and still not get a bed. Well, I will be sleeping on an air mattress for awhile but I have taken the first step to FREEDOM.

Back to the phone call, the experience with this company was one of familiarity, I felt it was a company that I could make a great income with, it put me in a position to find a new house, clear my credit, and help others. How many companies offer that? It gives me the opportunity to help others break free of the financial burdens that are trapping them.

Well, conquering my fear finally allowed “The Law of Attraction” to step up to the plate so I could shake it’s hand and break free of this fear. This was my intent all along. To change lives, to help others, to live a better lifestyle…I just pictured it in a different package. I think for now this package will suit me just fine. And I am so grateful to have found an opportunity that will let me do this. It’s like if I had a full time day job and it was making me unhappy everyday by going to work, then at this point, I would have to quit my job to climb over the barrier.

But, here is the funny part…I was using a new debit card because I had lost my third checking account this year trying to open an online business. I was left with a negative balance at all three banks. But, needing to put my disability income into a bank, because every bank account I had was left with a negative balance, and every credit card was maxed out and I was left broke over and over, again and again, this new debit card was all I had. I didn’t even have a BED or a couch to sleep on. It turns out that the bank that I have this debit card with (recommended by Social Security) is a really secure, fraud free company, and when the recruiting company put the down payment on this card, it was declined, so they tried again and that was declined. ( now remember I’m online trying to buy a new bed. I have no bed or living room furniture.) So I called the bank and inquired as to why the request was declined, and she said that two transactions went through that day and were held against my balance. They were from the company that was recruiting me. Ok, this is about where doubt starts screaming at me. So after I called the bank, I went on the internet and Google searched this company and found it had a page 1 rank in Google. Number one on page one. I’m thinking woo hoo…then I realized that it is a page one rank for a complaint against the company. Well doubt started to creep in, but then I got back on the phone with the company and signed on anyway…remember…fearlessness…trust myself, they found that this bank I have my card with, protects me against fraud by holding the funds for 24 to 48 hours before releasing payment and when they tried to put the card through the second time and it got declined, it tied up the funds. Well, goodbye bed….

So, if it is my goal to conquer fear, then I had to move through it. So, I accepted the company, and yet I couldn’t figure out why, until my cat woke me up this morning. (He has this habit of trying to peek through the blind, and when he does that, I hear him and have to wake up to yell at him so he won’t break the new blinds.) oh, and I was sleeping on the couch because “I HAVE NO BED”. After I was up for awhile this morning I started to think about my decision, but it was clearer than ever when I found this, just sitting in my mind: IT HAS A NUMBER ONE RANKING ON PAGE ONE OF GOOGLE, who cares what it is for. RANKED ONE ON PAGE ONE. Woo…hoo…

There area couple of pieces here that need to be clarified…During the conversation I had with the recruiter, she told me that the company had received 20 complaints in 36 months, and when you consider the size of the internet and the volume of business this company takes in (NUMBER ONE PAGE ONE) that is amazing. I am not releasing the name of the company yet but when I do, it will be because when I “BROKE” through “FEAR” INTO “FEARLESSNESS,” the LAW OF ATTRACTION brought to me, the thing that I was looking for. The opportunity to change my lifestyle, clear my credit and help others. What else is there? Just to be “myself.” YEAH ME!

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