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The last two days have been, the only words that I can use is incredible.

Yesterday, I had such a fantastic morning. By now I am sure that I have forgotten several things, although I am eternally grateful for all the wonderful things in my life.

I was driving to work, and out of the 10 traffic lights I go thru, 8 of them were green. Then, one of my favorite parking spots was available when I got to work. The only spot that would be closer to the door would be parking in the lobby! I walk into the building and get to the elevator. The elevator is wide open waiting for me and as an extra bonus, I get an express ride to my floor. NO STOPS. Things proceeded thru the day rather smoothly.

I work in an office of 11 women, and sometimes it can get a bit hairy. I noticed that our receptionist, T (I use intitials to protect the innocent!! LOL!) was moving some rather difficult patients from M's schedule into mine. OK I thought, no big deal, but I said to her that I needed a little bit more time than M because I don't have an assistant like M does. T tells me that I need to talk to our boss, BC, because she is doing this on her orders. So, I said, OK. I went in search of my boss and asked for a meeting with myself, M and herself. All of the sudden, M is too busy to talk, and I can hear her assistant, R, just talking smack about everything. So, I calmly go into the office with my boss and explain my position. She accepts my position and my compromise and we go out to discuss it with T, M and the two of us. M accepts my position and compromise. All of the sudden, her assistant R, is getting in the middle of everything, trying to tell everyone how it should be. So, I just said, whatever. This is the result of my meeting, BC is there to concur. Thank you for your opinion. I was very proud of myself. The whole time this is going on R is getting madder, and I can hear her ranting in the other room. So now all BC needs to do is hear this and she has decided that she is just going to take everything further and really starts messing with the schedules. Well I go to leave because my shift is over. I said to someone, please if I am incorrect or being irrational over this, please tell me. She said, no that my points were indeed valid and was in the best interest of the patients. Long story longer, M is now worried that I am mad, becuase she and i have been friends for years. L tells her no, that I am remarkably calm, and not angry at anyone.

Getting into the car, I find the reciept for some books that I need to return. I say to myself "The line inside will be short and this will be a quick and easy transaction." Ask and you shall recieve! As I was walking out of the bookstore, on the new release table is the new Abraham-Hicks book. Almost the same price as the two books I return. I walk up to the cashier, again, no line and the transaction proceeds rather smoothly. The ride home is uneventful. Smooth moving traffic, pleasant people, good weather, a wonderful ride. I get home, work on my vision board

Well, last night, I got a terrible night's sleep. Kids out of control, husband out of control. Finally at 4 am I go down onto the couch. I fall asleep again and realize that I am now running behind time. I pack my lunch and realize there is nothing for breakfast. The coffe is only lukewarm. I can not find my handbag. I can not find my keys. I was really having a problem getting it together this morning. I get to work and realize that I am 15 minutes late, which really in the grand scheme of things is not too bad, but I had the furthest parking space from the door. I say to myself, it's ok, the exercise is good for me and it is a beautiful morning and I made it in one piece. I am thinking about bacon and eggs on a hard roll as I walk in the door. I go to the cafeteria, just as they are putting fresh bacon on the steam table. They have my favorite drink! Things are definately starting to look up I was having a discussion with L on the phone about signs while I was having my sandwich, when she called a line had come on a song , something like "You shouldn't mind that I am late, at least I showed up." I said that was funny because it was how I was feeling. I then realized, I was grateful that I had not run into R and M before they left for another department this morning. I really did not feel like rehashing yesterday. I had let it go. That was why I couldn't get it together this morning. I was making myself late, with the Universes help! Thank you Thank you Thank you. The day progress rather nicely. At one point in time, I had said something sarcastic about someone, and then apoligized for it. One second later, my favorite song came on the radio. I got a bunch of stuff sone for some littlle kids in the office. Someone brought in bagels, so I had something to go with my lunch. Before I left, I realized that M and R must have gotten hung up in the other department because I had not seen them all day...Thank you Universe.

I want a new dress for a function this weekend. I said to myself, ok, if there is a spot in front of the store and I don't have to go crazy with parking I will go and look for one. I have spent two days envisioning walking into the department store and finding the perfect dress. As I go up the escalator I think well, if I don't find anything here, I can always go somewhere else tomorrow. Guess who didn't find the dress.

I was listening to an Abraham-Hicks CD on the way home and Abraham thru Esther was talking about using the phrase all is well. I keep repeating that to myself. I get behind a slow moving car. It's ok because all is well. I look up to see a large branch fall onto the street about 500 feet in front of us. Thank you Universe. Had I been going the speed limit, that might have fallen on us, or right in front of us, either with the potential for an accident. It was like a mantra on the way home..."All is well, All is well..."

When I get home, I am so tired. I can barely keep my eyes open. My husband turns to me and asks if I can meet him at our son's football practice half way thru so that he can go food shopping. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was get off of the couch, and I said as much. 5 minutes later the phone rings. The coach is cancelling practice because there is a chance of severe thunderstorms and they are concerned for the children's safety. Now, practice should have been over by now, and still, no rain. I was happy, I didn't have to get off the couch, my son was happy because he can put his pajamas on and my husband was happy that he could get to the food store before the rain started.

He goes shopping and I never turned the channel from the program he was watching. Just as I am about to turn the channel, I hear him pull back in the driveway. All I can think about is the refrain of a song that says, "Signs, signs, everywhere is signs". I have not heard that song in awhile. Wanna bet I will hear it tomorrow. And I will find the perfect dress!

Well, thanks for reading and remember "All is well"

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Comment by Dawn on August 18, 2008 at 6:14am
The other day, I just could not get control of my thoughts. Everytime I would release something, 10 other things would pop in. I was starting to get into the frantic and overwhelmed state of mind. I was at a red light and as I was begining to feel this way, I looked at the car in front of me......A Ford Focus....Wow! Could it get any clearer? I took a deep breath and just relaxed and released, opening my eyes as the car drove away
Comment by Dawn on August 16, 2008 at 6:16am
The end result was not having to rearrange the schedule as much as the others wanted. R got mad at T for telling me, T told her to go fly a kite-she is not about to go behind people's back and do things and L refuses to believe about me and my signs. Although, I think her doubts are becoming less frequent.

I have a whole theory on when you do things with malicous intent, that it comes down to biting you in the behind. Malicous intent was behind the original action, and because they can't "let it go", their schedule became busier (BC said, "Well if they are trying to pack your schedule, let's pack thier's as well) and on Friday, when they were in another department, things didn't go easily for them because she could not let go of her anger. Things that should have taken them until 2:00, were still not finished when I left at 3:30.

What I find interesting is that M is a wonderful person who is just easily influenced by others. She has the ability to let things go and just go with the flow. R just can not let things go, like a dog with a bone and it has gotten in her way more than it has helped her.

11 women--1 department--too much estrogen at times!
Comment by Christine on August 15, 2008 at 11:17pm
Wow--what a story!! Kept me riveted!!!

THANKS so much for letting me know about this! (and please keep me posted LOL)

sending you hugs,
Comment by Jen on August 15, 2008 at 8:49pm
Holy Cow what a day, night, afternoon. But you have to tell me, what ever happened with T, R, and L, at work? Did they get over the rearrange of schedules? It was like watching a soap opera ( a really good one anyway) and not able to turn the channel.

"All is well" is a GREAT mantra. I also use "todays the day". I ask the universe for signs all the time so I know I am on the right track with my life.

I also have to learn to be on the lookout for them. Thanks for sharing your story.
And I thank the Universe for the new mantra. "all is well.."


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