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When the Wind is Knocked Out of Your Sails

It has happened to all of us. At one time or another you are soaring along in joy and happiness, riding high on the winds of life, en-joying the sensations of elation and joy and well-being. Soaring in the breathtaking experience of happiness and contentment, and then....Whoosh! The tradewinds of joy are gone...and you feel as though you have been dropped into a parched landscape filled with broken dreams and heartbreak and your next breath takes sheer effort to inhale. Ever happen to you? Sure it has...it has happened to all of us and may continue to happen for many, every day.

What do you do? Well, you can sit there and embrace your desolate situation and love it and stoke its miserable fire and accept it as the best you can do and blame anything or anybody that you can for your misfortune, while you use the experience as an excuse to explain why the LOA will not work for you. b>Or....You can look up, feel the wind just above your outstretched fingertips, realize where you are, release that misery, and start stirring up the air around you until your emotional level matches the flowing wind energy just above you. The wind dips down and meets your little flurry of a breeze you have going and the joy in your heart begins to glow brighter and brighter and the air around you begins to stir stronger and stronger and your sails fill and they catch the winds of joy just above you and up you go, soaring once again on the high of joy and happiness and well-being.

Nice little story, huh? What happened here is something may have caused you to lose your focus, whether it may be the foul mood of your spouse, a friend, a rude encounter with someone on the bus or at a traffic light, a bill in the mail, a treasured item that is lost, injustice, or even the plummeting balance in your checkbook, whatever it may be, some 'outside' event has entered into your being and triggered a drop in your emotional level. When your emotions are low (you are feeling sad, worried, frightened, depressed, etc.) your vibration is low and therefore you are not matching what you are attracting and you are at a standstill. What do you do?

Simple...You have two choices:
1. You can choose to be sad, unhappy, worried, fearful, depressed, etc. and do nothing and continue to experience this dreadful state of affairs.
2. You can choose to be happy, en-joy, exhilirated, energetic, positive, etc, and soar with empowerment, freedom and love knowing that you are the creator of your experience.

What happens around us is not what matters, what matters is how we respond to the situation. You can face each negative situation and not lose your positive focus. All it requires is for you to make the right choice of the two options. When your worst-case-scenario happens, see it from a place of joy which you do not have to release but which will be your strength through a difficult situation. There is a point in each situation where we consciously let our emotional level drop when that dreaded event occurs. We begin to lose elevation. Keep hold of your sails, keep soaring through it. You have enough of a grasp on the sails to feel the winds of joy and you can catch them in the sails and keep soaring through the drop in elevation and you will not plummet. Simply put, stay high on joy and empowerment, happiness and love, freedom and contentment. Make the positive, and only choice, to be happy and in joy. The alternative is simply not acceptable.
If what you are seeking you cannot see within, you will most certainly not find it without, for all you answers lie within your self. That is where your strength and power are and have always been. Look inside.
Wishing you joy and love,

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Comment by Susan on May 3, 2008 at 6:23pm
Thanks for this inspiring piece of writing.
Lots of love from Susan in Australia

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