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NOW Is The Time
by Satina Scott
September 19, 2008

I was awakened at 5:30am on September 19, 2008 with another message from Spirit that I feel compelled to share with as many as feel drawn to listen. As always, please use your own discernment and take only what serves.

We can no longer ignore the fact and the evidence that this world is in the midst of a huge transformational shift. The world as we know it is ending. And it must be allowed to do so, so that a new world, one based on the Highest Good of all and living in harmony with the planet, can be born.

Everything that is built upon greed, and thus fear, must and will fall. We cannot 'shore up' our failing economy, or our failing so-called 'healthcare' system, or our failing educational system, or our failing political system. If we were allowed to do that, we would be preserving the very things that are destroying us.

We will watch the economy fail in totality. We will watch the educational system close its doors. We will watch the allopathic healthcare system crumble to the ground. We will watch the corporations disappear, taking their readily available and toxic consumer goods with them.

It can be no other way. The way we have been living is in direct contradiction to the pursuit of life, health, and happiness and must end.

Now is the time to prepare for the further challenges we will face as the old goes away *completely*. It is time for anything that does not exist to serve the Highest Good to fail and be replaced by a new creation which does.

We as a people are sick and dying. Our planet herself is sick and dying. And it is greed that has done this. Every single disease and disorder we suffer with is the result of deficiency and toxicity brought about by greed. The human body, and the planet Earth herself, are both immensely capable of total self-healing, provided they are given what they need in order to thrive. So everything that exists in contradiction to that has had its day and must now leave to make room for the new, harmonious replacements.

Perhaps keeping in mind WHY it all has to go away will make the letting go process a little easier.

Why will the grocery store shelves no longer be stocked and bulging? The so-called 'food' we eat is mostly chemicals altered to look and somewhat smell and taste like actual food, but it lacks the life-sustaining nutrients that actual food provides, and is replete with toxins that break down our bodies little by little, day by day. Even the utensils we cook and eat with are poisonous to us, and sometimes we know this but we continue to use them because we think we cannot afford to do otherwise.

Our stainless steel flatware has been found to be riddled with toxic heavy metals and radioactive waste, and we can all taste it, but we go on using it, go on eating our pseudo-food with it, because those who manufacture it exist to make money and they flood the marketplace with it and make no attempt to find healthy alternatives. The teflon cookware that we use because have been wrongly advised that fat is the cause of all the world's ills leaches into our bodies with every use and makes us sicker and sicker. The aluminum from our cheap pots and pans has been shown to be leaching neurotoxins into our bodies and brains, and yet we buy it because it's on sale and easy to come by.

The cleaning products we use to 'sanitize' our spaces, and the personal care products we use to 'care' for our bodies, are actually poisoning our bodies, our minds, and our world, but the companies who make them are earning their money and so they continue to flood the market with them and to produce mind-manipulating advertising that tells us we need them. The drugs we take to combat the illnesses we suffer from because of all these things make us even sicker, but we are constantly told there is no alternative, and so we swallow more poison, making the greedy pharmaceutical companies richer and richer, creating more and more false need for their 'help' as we just get sicker and sicker.

The very polyester we wear lowers our vibration and leaches toxic chemicals little by little into our bodies and environment, leading to immune deficiencies and depression, but it's cheap, it's plentiful, and it doesn't wrinkle, and the companies who produce it care, first and foremost, about the bottom line so they don't provide alternatives. And to cap it all off, the staggering array of convenience products, not to mention our fuel and utilities, are made from petroleum by-products that capitalize on the rape of the earth and the desecration of Her very life's blood, and erode the very atmosphere, soil, and water that keeps us alive.

All of this must and will end.

We are heading, at increasingly breakneck speed, into a world where our food is from the earth, organically grown, sustainably harvested, prepared in natural, healthy ways and eaten whole. Where that food fuels our bodies and returns our ability to heal ourselves and live disease-free. We are heading into a world where our food, our medicine, our cosmetics, our clothing, our shelter, and our cleaning products are all gifts from our planet, and serve to heal us as well as to fulfill our basic needs without toxifying or depleting Her. We are heading into a world where children and adults are educated to understand how to live in harmony with their planet, how to figure out what their true purpose is in the world, and how to step into their place serving it in a way that serves the Highest Good of all. We are heading into a world where because the number one intention of everyone is to serve the Highest Good, it is simple and even effortless and joyful to meet all of the needs of all of the people, and wealth and resources are distributed fairly and generously. We are heading into a world where transportation and communication, heat, light, and power all are provided for abundantly by our planet in a way that serves and sustains our health and Hers.

How will we make this huge, drastic shift?

Natural disasters, fuel shortages and prohibitively high fuel costs, the crash of the economy and the failure of the 'grid', that electronic world of information that rules and sustains us, will disconnect us from the old in a hurry. We will be dramatically and uncomfortably disconnected from the old utilities and transportation, from our daily modes of communication. We will totally abandon fossil fuels because we have no other choice, and it won't matter how inconvenient or slow or insufficient the alternatives are, we will build our lives around them. We will not be able to use 'plastic' to procure what we need and will return to cash and trade, and eventually replace cash with something even better. Public schools will close their doors, barring access to their conformist, soul-sucking institutionalized agendas and we will be pushed to figure out new, alternative ways to prepare our children to live independently in a very different world. We will lose access to drugs and doctors, and to that false security blanket, insurance, which enslaves us to them, and we will turn in desperation to the plants around us, only then learning what real healing looks, tastes, smells, and feels like. We will lose access to the attractive, convenient chemicals they now call 'food' and be forced to turn to the true, whole gifts of the earth in order to sustain ourselves. We will be forcibly disconnected from the world of 'jobs' and enter into a world of life's work and true purpose, of world service and community interdependence. Of joyfully doing what we were born to do, giving what we were born to give, in exchange for something from someone else who is doing the same.

This change is happening now. The economy will continue to fall apart until it is destroyed completely, around the world, making space for something totally new that is actually in the best interests of ALL the people, not just the super-rich. Companies will fail left and right, all around us, as everything built on greed suddenly finds itself totally without footing. Big corporations will fall so fast it will be like the Earth herself opened up and swallowed them whole, and small, home, and cottage businesses built by people following their true heart's desires with the intention of living their purpose and serving the Highest Good of all will take their place, totally transforming the way we meet our needs.

Now is not the time to try and preserve what is naturally dying. Now is the time to allow it all to fall. And NOW, not tomorrow, is the time to disengage from *everything* built on the foundations of fear and greed, and embrace new alternatives out of choice, rather than the inevitable necessity that is soon to come. Now is the time to prepare for the loss of access to everything that you now take for granted, from pure water to convenience 'foods', to 'health' care, to fossil fuel transporation, to cellphones, regular phones, television, radio, electric and gas heat, lights, and power. Now is the time to know where you can stock up on the things you will need to sustain yourself and your loved ones when the old world's toxic options are taken away, one by one, and you're living in the in-between time before the replacements are available.

Now is a very good time to learn. Learn what plants will sustain you nutritionally and will heal you naturally. Learn where and how to get them, and how to prepare and use them. Learn how to preserve and store them. Learn what natural resources are around you and who your neighbors are, and get ready to share what you have in abundance with them in exchange for what you may need that they have plenty of. NOW is the time to step back from anything that reeks of the old energy, the old attitudes, the old intentions. You don't want to be caught in the rubble when the sands suddenly shift and the tower comes crashing down without notice. Disengage from anything built on greed and fear, manipulation and exploitation. Cut your ties now, and simplify your needs so that the lack of access to goods doesn't catch you unaware. See anything around you that is faulty and feeding on lack as the temporary, insubstantial illusion it really is, and don't feed it your time, money, or attention anymore. Open your mind to what your life would be like if the stores were empty, the schools were closed, the doctors were gone, and your power was out. Open your mind to what your life would be like if suddenly you couldn't get petroleum products of *any* kind.

The intention of this message is NOT to scare you. It is to help you deal with what is, by reminding you of WHY it must be.

We have to lose it ALL in order to find our power again. And now *is* the time for that. Now is the time to recognize that there is one indispensable thing that we all need, and that we all have, in order to navigate this chaotic disintegration of our world. And that is our intuition. Only that, and nothing else, will be steadfast and powerful, no matter what challenge you face in the midst of this situation. It will tell you when it's time to stock up your pantry, and when it's time to pack up a suitcase and be ready to evacuate. It will tell you exactly when to quit your job, pull your investments out of the bank, and get your kids out of school. It will tell you what to carry with you and where to get it, and whom to trust when you can't make it alone. It and it alone will guide you where you need to go when the lights are out, the winds are blowing, and there's no heat or water. If you haven't tuned in already, it's time to prioritize that above all else. It is the one thing that will never change while everything else around you does.

If you haven't learned how to hear your intuition, start by listening to your heart. What does it most want to be doing right now? Our Guidance systems always begin by pulling us in the right direction with feelings of joyful anticipation, interest, curiosity, and excitement. And if we ignore it and instead choose obligation, responsibility, and guilt, or worse, fear, and go another direction, we are then motivated by suffering that does not end until we choose the right way. Period. We no longer have the choice of pursuing that which does not sustain everyone and serve the Highest Good of all. We WILL disengage from the old world. It can be no other way. My parting advice is to search your heart for how to do that NOW, rather than when it simply isn't there anymore.



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